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Cycling’s odd couple is back with an informative, entertaining, and occasionally feisty new podcast. Longtime friends and former teammates Bobby Julich and Jens Voigt shared the agonies and ecstasies of World Tour racing, gaining an unrivaled understanding and appreciation for the sport. Every week, they bring insightful commentary and unique chemistry to conversations with the riders, coaches, and diverse new personalities shaping today’s scene. Tune in for revealing interviews about life at the front—and back—of the peloton, along with behind-the-scenes stories about emerging trends in training, gear, and coaching.

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PYSO episode 3: 2019 Tour of California, Stage Three

Coach Bobby Julich and Gus morton discuss what happened in the race and the Art & Science of Descending from the supertuck to the #pantanidangle. Superfan weighs in with a question about style as it relates to the topic of going downhill fast. Producer MFS shares his thoughts about slog vs slouge. Interviews with Alex Howes and Peter Stetina. Featuring original music by Taylor Phinney, a track called Sad Bang.


15 May 2019

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PYSO episode 5: 2019 Tour of California, Stage Five

Stage 5 Pismo Beach to VenturaFind out why George Hincapie named his son Enzo, jump into a heated debate over sock lengths, listen to Coach Bobby J break down today’s race and deep-dive into the subject of Riding On The Front. Special bonus, an off-the-air-on-the-air honest discussion of the Van Garderen decision; what could have happened, what should have happened. “Slip one under the carpet.” - Coach Bobby J


17 May 2019

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PYSO episode 4: 2019 Tour of California, Stage Four

Coach Bobby Julich does a deep dive into all things aero and wind related including but not limited to whether or not riding with your forearms on the tops and your hands dangling off the front in a mock TT position is good idea, Superfan's true identity is almost accidentally outed, Gus talks about playing Grand Theft Auto vs actually racing on the Speedway along with some very poignant thoughts on which side of the bike front and rear brakes should be mounted, and of course the team gets into yesterday’s crash and subsequent questionable "Van Garderen" ruling.


16 May 2019

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PYSO, ep. 50: Ineos boss David Brailsford

How is the biggest team in the world dealing with the global coronavirus lockdown? Well, they've been doing a few things - including pivoting to help distribute hand sanitizer to hospitals in conjunction with their sponsor Ineos.Ineos team boss David Brailsford comes on the show to talk about how the riders, the coaches, and the support staff have been collaborating, training, and racing over the internet — and helping create value in new ways.Ineos owner and chairman Jim Ratcliffe told Brailsford that he wanted to produce a million bottles of hand sanitizer a month and supply that to the frontline workers in hospitals, using the well-oiled logistics of the cycling team to handle some of the distribution."Everybody has been involved, and they've done a brilliant job and it's quite a satisfying thing to be involved in," Brailsford said.

1hr 9mins

5 May 2020

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PYSO, ep. 49: Former Giro boss on cycling's past, present, and future

Michele Acquarone ran the Giro d'Italia and RCS' other races for years, and pushed for revolutionary change such as teams sharing in TV revenue and all races having men's and women's events. On this episode of Put Your Socks On, Michele talks with Bobby and Gus about where the sport of cycling should be headed.Michele argues that all pro races should include women's and men's events."It's so easy to do combined events, that it's crazy that all the pro cycling movement is not doing that," he says. "It should be a must if you want to have a first level race. You have the TV production, you have the operations already in place. For the organizer, it's easy. You have the streets closed, you have the helicopters and the airplanes in the sky. Everything is in place. You just need to invest a little extra money to have a great show with the two races at the same time."And what about esports in cycling?"Esports are not the future but the present of the sport, and you cannot ignore it," Michele says.Before talking with Michele, Bobby shares some indoor training tricks from TrainingPeaks' guru Tim Cusick, such as the importance of investing in a quality trainer with a flywheel for mimicking inertia, using your own power meter if you have one instead of the power from the trainer, and cooling your environment as best you can. "At the end of these indoor rides, you often end up looking like a salt lick," Bobby says.

1hr 7mins

23 Apr 2020

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PYSO, ep. 48: The Business of Cycling Now

Steve Maxwell and Spencer Martin of The Outer Line join the show to talk about what the sport of cycling could like in a post-coronavirus world from a business perspective. Will there be fewer teams and fewer events? Possibly.Along with the rest of the world, the cycling industry is now scrambling to figure out what it can do to stay afloat and what the waters will look like once the storm subsides.“Clearly we can’t really imagine at this point in time, what the overall impact of COVID is going to be on the sport, just just like we can’t really imagine what the impact is going to be on society in general, when we come out of the other side of this whole thing,” Maxwell says. “But I think there are a few things that are starting to be apparent. We’re not going back to the same old normal. Some things will probably change permanently as a result of this whole calamity.”In this special VeloNews collaboration of PYSO and The Outer Line, the gents on the pod dig into a laundry list of possible effects of the coronavirus shutdown: How does it affect the teams, the managers, the events, the regulators, and the UCI?“Each one of these stakeholders is going to come out of this thing on the other side a little bit different than the way we went in,” Maxwell says.


16 Apr 2020

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PYSO episode 9: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Nine

STAGE 9 BASTILLE DAYSt Etienne - Brioude 170.5kmThe cast talks nutrition on today’s stage: team chefs, soggy baguettes, and heaps of Nutella. Special shout out to ROAD ID employee of the month, Becky. You go, Becky. Turns out, Gus knows more about Zombies than anyone expected. And, we have our sprinter predictions for Stage 10 from Saint-Flour to Albi on the fastest growing sports podcast in the world, PYSO! Bonus: Coach Bobby J promises to take the whole crew to Sizzler after the Tour! We’ve put our socks on. Have you?


14 Jul 2019

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PYSO episode 7: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Seven

Today on PYSO Gus and Bobby examine the science around preparation and recovery. Skratch Labs founder Dr. Allen Lim joins the fun to address everything you want to know about cycling, from nutrition to new technology. Does Lim talk about Cryotanks? Yes. What about ice vests? You bet. It's all here. We even bring back Spinaci bar extensions, because we think they are cool. Be prepared: this is PYSO.


12 Jul 2019

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PYSO episode 5: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Five

Toms! Toms! Toms! Bobby goes down memory lane but doesn't like it much. Superfan suggests that Sagan’s interview “form” is also back! Phillipe Gilbert shares some very interesting insights into today’s theme: Tactics. Are cartoons really better than Rosetta Stone, does 75% of tactical riding come down to nature or nurture, why did Gus’s coach tell him to climb into a ditch and take his shoes off, and which annual event in Belgium is guaranteed to get you a Pro Contract? Find out all this and more!

1hr 1min

10 Jul 2019

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PYSO episode 4: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Four

Stage 4 was sleepy in spots but PYSO is not! On today’s show, Bobby Julich and Gus Morton discuss failed nature-break ploys, getting jiggy with it, France vs. Italy on the subject of “legal usage” of champagne, high-speed praying mantes and more. Plus, EF Education First assistant sports director Tom Southam calls in to share some thoughts about being a director and the importance of analog technology.


10 Jul 2019

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PYSO episode 3: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Three

Find out what happened and why! Do you want a World Tour contract to show up in your mailbox? Here’s how. Listen to legend Juan Antonio Flecha talk about one of the greatest upsets of his racing career. Then learn about the cracks, clips, cats and chalkboards that REALLY matter. #managainstpeloton #supertuckshaves20percent


9 Jul 2019

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PYSO episode 2: 2019 Tour de France, Stage Two

Brussels - Brussels, 27.6, TTTIn today’s show Bobby and Gus dive into Stage 2 and all things Aero. Is the yellow jersey a powerful motivator? What’s Rule Number One for a TT specialist? Did Jan Ulrich need team to win a TTT? Is your dad’s skinsuit the same as today’s skinsuit. What does Bobby mean when he says—“Don't overthink it.” And is tomorrow’s finish packed with enough snacks? Find out all this and more! Put Your Socks On.“That’s how the cookie crumbles!” - Coach Bobby.


7 Jul 2019

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PYSO episode 1: 2019 Tour de France, Stage One

Early aggression, TV attacks—you know you’re in the TDF. Mike Teunissen calls the audible of all audibles. Micro breaks, #bubbleboys, Bobby pushes back on the expression “meat sack”, the boys deep-dive into the intricacies and nuances of Team Selection, and it’s only Day 1 but some of our predictions are already out the window. It’s time to Put Your Socks On.


6 Jul 2019

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PYSO episode 6: 2019 Tour of California, Stage Six

PYSO episode 6: 2019 Tour of California, Stage Six by VeloNews


30 May 2019

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PYSO episode 7: 2019 Tour of California, Stage Seven

STAGE 7 Santa Clarita to Pasadena: Bobby and Gus dive into the last day of the TOC then get into today’s theme; the race after the race aka "packing up the carnival." An interview with Team Sho-Air Twenty20’s General Manager, Nicola Cranmer. A brief but illuminating discussion of the infamous Rose Bowl Crit and two National Team Fan Club Highlights; Sam and Travis.


30 May 2019

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Tom Pidcock

Bobby Julich and Jens Voigt catch up with cycling's Swiss army knife Tom Pidcock. Hear what Tom thinks his best discipline is, what he learned from his first senior road World Championships, what he has planned for the year ahead and why he's not intimidated by his rivals. This episode is a Velonews production in association with Shocked Giraffe, it was produced by Mark Payne and edited by Kirk Warner.


2 Apr 2021

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Juan Antonio Flecha

Bobby and Jens rumble over the cobbles with classics legend Juan Antonio Flecha covering his life from his early years in Argentina to surfing his way through retirement via his incredible career. Strap in and learn how Juan Antonio inadvertently won Paris-Nice for Bobby and why Jens was left out of his perfect breakaway! This episode is a Velonews production in association with Shocked Giraffe it was produced by Mark Payne and edited by Kirk Warner.To get your activepass discount visit velonews.com/activepass and enter the code bobbyjens25 


19 Mar 2021

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Mari Holden

Bobby Julich and Jens Voigt's cycling companion this week is Olympic silver medalist and 2000 TT world champion Mari Holden. Mari opens up to Bobby and Jens about dealing with disappointment, building an online cycling community, gravel riding and why her Olympic medal isn't in a frame. This podcast is a Velonews production in association with Shocked Giraffe, the episode was produced by Mark Payne and edited by Kirk Warner. To gain access to our Activepass offer head to velonews.com/activepass and enter the code bobbyjens25


12 Mar 2021

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Taylor Phinney

This week Bobby Julich and Jens Voigt catch up with Taylor Phinney. As the son of two Olympic medal-winning cyclists, Taylor always faced more expectation than most. In this revealing and honest chat with Bobby and Jens, he tells his story from his childhood in Boulder and Italy; his own pursuit of Olympic hardware and his professional career on the road. They also catch up with what Taylor has been up to since retiring including how he keeps himself entertained - plus there are a few cameos from Taylor's girlfriend and fellow pro, Kasia Niewiadoma!Plus find out which rider has absolutely buried themselves for the cause as Bobby and Jens dish out their #shutuplegs rider of the week! Don't forget to nominate yours for next week by using the hashtag #shutuplegs on Twitter or Instagram.Bobby and Jens is a VeloNews production in association with Shocked Giraffe. This episode was produced by Mark Payne and edited by Kirk Warner.Remember you can take advantage of our special discount code by entering bobbyjens25 at checkout at velonews.com/activepass


5 Mar 2021

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PYSO episode 2: 2019 Tour of California, Stage Two

Stage 2 of the Tour of California: Rancho Cordova to South Lake Tahoe."It’s one of the few stages that I’m actually scared of in cycling. It’s not very often that you go from sea level to 2,500-2,800 metres without ever having a break in the pedals. It’s virtually uphill for 110km, and for those power geeks out there you’re average power is exactly the same with or without zero, because you are always on the pedals.” - Nathan Haas.On course shaped like a ramp into the sky, today's show is all about power.


14 May 2019

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