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Fire and Grain

Modern brewers, distillers and barbecue pitmasters celebrate the mastery of fire and grain as building blocks of human survival, modern culture and creative expression. We sit down for drinks with these masters to talk about their stories, philosophies, and the art of handcrafting fire and grain.

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EP25: It's Hip to be Square (Trendiness in BBQ)

The guys are addressing 2021 BBQ trends such as: Grilled Veggies and pandemic gardens Weird, fancy spices and chef shows Live fire grilling in the backyard Mixed-method grilling and sous vide Technology in the grill Burgers - smashburgers vs bigmouth burgers and more!

1hr 22mins

9 Jun 2021

Rank #1

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EP24: Spring Cleaning, Smothered, Covered and Grease-Fired (a mailbag episode)

The guys work thru recent mailbag questions such as: Spring cleaning tips for pits and grills Is it important to clean your pit? Reseasoning? Is it a thing? Why? Charcoal types: What’s the difference?  What is creosote and why is it bad? What to do with all that grease!? Must-have nearby items when cooking. Marinate vs rub vs injection vs baste Sauce - when to use, when not to When to use direct heat and when to use indirect

1hr 45mins

2 Jun 2021

Rank #2

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EP23: Sausage is My Safe Word (with special guests Craig the Butcher, Adam Green, and Donny Teel)

On this star-studded episode, we talk about: Sausage Brothers Meat & Deli and the history of Craig the Butcher New adventures in business Mac's Mayfest - the huge summer kickoff party Adam Green of Mac's BBQ is planning Donny Teel, one of the winningest folks in KCBS, tells us stories of competition BBQ. 

1hr 56mins

5 Apr 2021

Rank #3

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EP22: Tending the Backyard Fires (with guest Wes Fallis)

On this episode Nick and Wes talk about learning backyard BBQ and what it takes to start a new hobby. They talk pits, meat, processes and fire. Justin also joins remotely and walks us thru cooking on his 1000 gallon pit and prepping for food truck service.

1hr 45mins

31 Mar 2021

Rank #4

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EP21: The Killer Wail (with guest Oliver Larrabee of Killer Wail BBQ

On their first video-podcast ever, the guys talk with BBQ biz owner Oliver Larrabee of Killer Wail BBQ about flavor, technique, and cooking in negative-degree temps. They also passionately discuss jam vs jelly, how to make the best grits, and why Nick shouldn't ice his scotch (they're wrong). 

1hr 48mins

9 Mar 2021

Rank #5

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EP20: The Queen Carnivore and The Great SuperBowl Snack Debate of 2021 (with guest Jess Pryles of Hardcore Carnivore)

The guys and Jess talk about: History of Hardcare Carnivore Just Keep Flipping #JKF method Meat Science School Best SuperBowl snacks by location Valentine's lobster tails


4 Feb 2021

Rank #6

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EP19: 1 Bourbon, 1 Scotch, 10 Beers with the Real-World Ron Swanson (actually, Wes Alexander)

Nick and Wes talk about: Marshall Brewing The beer making process and history Parallels of beer and BBQ Fermenting and home brewing Crafting art like woodworking Scotch Family histories

2hr 14mins

19 Jan 2021

Rank #7

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EP18: The Epic Christmas (Hanukkah!) Epsiode

On this most epic of Christmas episodes, our many guests share some stories, read their worst yelp reviews, pour some creative cocktails, recount 2020 highlights, and generally just yell and sing at each other. We wish you a Merry Christmas (and Hanukkah!)! (with guests Chris West, Adam Green, Ben Kilgore, and Hunter Gambill)

3hr 19mins

18 Dec 2020

Rank #8

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EP17: Recipe for Making Love (with guest Ben Kilgore)

This episode we're joined by musician, foodie, and home-cook extraordinaire Ben Kilgore. We discuss: 1907's crazy Thanksgiving and future Christmas plans Ben's backstory and music career His love of cooking, grilling and Hasty Bake The marriage of music and food for artists Restaurant hot takes and home cooking creativity Ben sings for us...cuz that's what he does.

2hr 46mins

9 Dec 2020

Rank #9

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EP16: Days of Whiskey and Marigolds (with guest Eric Bringaze)

Sadly missing co-host Justin, Nick chats with spirits expert and field sales manager for a major spirits company, Eric Bringaze. They touch on tons of super interesting topics from the spirits world, including: The distillation process How allocation works How does distribution happen Are we in a bourbon boom? Shortages and hoarders The Bourbon Secondary Market Price fixing and gouging Barrel picks Tips and tricks for purchasing

2hr 12mins

2 Dec 2020

Rank #10