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Black Girl Buddha: A Podcast for The Insanely Woke, is a new audio series from your beloved pseudo-therapist, Lindsay Renee. A platform inspired by her practice of Buddhism and both her elements and experiences of being a Black woman. A pillow for the conscious, Black Girl Buddha is also a reminder of where we are .. where we want to be .. and just tryin’ to figure out how the hell we gon’ get there! Tune in for a new episode every week to hear hilarious insight and necessary truth telling on topics like personal growth, pop culture, race, finance, relationships, and much more.

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Episode 6: Quarantine

Season 2 is finally here!! Host, Lindsay Renee weighs in on the Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of both productivity and bumming during quarantine. She also explains how lack of motivation, depression, and sheer laziness led to a temporary absence with podcasting; but a reminder to understanding the necessity of self-care and mental wellness.For more information, resources, and the BGB store visit the website at www.blackgirlbuddha.comThank you so much for tuning in and don’t forget to please rate , review, and share the podcast.To join the conversation on social media, follow me on Instagram (@blackgirlbuddha) and use the #blackgirlbuddhapod under your posts.If you have any questions or inquiries, email us at blackgirlbuddha@gmail.comMusic Credit: Lakey Inspired


28 Mar 2020

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