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Welcome to The Executive Shaman Podcast. Here, Executive Shaman Dr. Krystal White and other Thought Leaders chat for 30-minute about all things related to transformational leadership.Listen in to be entertained, educated and engaged by the real-life (often imperfect) application of leadership models, evidence-based research, and innovative ideas.This is a time in human history that demands more of us. We need to bring more of our true selves into every aspect of our lives. In particular, our professions need our souls present. We’re on a journey, and invite you along.

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Episode 16: What's your Story

Thought leaders transform their teams by transforming their stories---individually and communally. Your competitive advantage often involves being aware of, mastering and then choosing your story. Tune into to be inspired, challenged and guided to choose your narrative. Is your story serving or derailing you and your relationships?


10 Apr 2019

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Episode 24: Passion Isn't PRETTY

It's contagious. Following your passion. And it isn't always rainbows and unicorns. Figuring it out doesn't often happen in a light-bulb moment, and often it requires support from others along the way. Entreprenuer Jeff Bradford of Beer Wine and Spirits and I converse about the sacrifice and pleasure passion entails. And encourage you to live out yours in how you lead your life. From 20 years in the US Army to traveling around the world learning working with brewers, wine makers, distillers, and telling their stories, Jeff follows his passion.


6 Jun 2019

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Episode 39: Inspirational Leadership

Inspired followers are the force behind fulfilling, effective and self-sustaining results. And yet, the skill of inspiring others is perhaps the most elusive to develop.  Leaders naturally struggle to learn this skill, or re-employ it in new cultures, new organizational seasons, or in new working relationships. COL Drew and Krystal discuss some foundational behaviors that are necessary for authentically inspiring others. Leaders who hone this skill shape culture.


31 Oct 2019

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Episode 56: Start to Stand Up for Something

We can create wellness and growth in this season of a LOT OF CHAOS! Our thoughts are just as contagious as our germs are...and so are the beliefs of what we stand for. Where do you want to see change the most right now? What needs to be dismantled, re-modeled, or re-committed to?  We all will be reactive and stressed in the upcoming weeks. That's ok. After we react, we can move toward honesty and integrity, ask for compassion and forgiveness, and step up for what we stand for. WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR? There is more light here than we may see. Consciousness, kindness, service is being amplified. From this place, responsible action is more efficient. We are ready and capable to rise together---create the places, programs, politics, people and ways of being that are aligned with our own heartful, intentional visions. What do you stand for? Where can you learn to consciously stand for it? How can you help support innovators, unsung heroes, community leaders, and those with inspiring skills into positions of power?


20 Mar 2020

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Episode 22: Emotional Exhaustion

We've all had days when we've left work exhausted. We still feel good, though, when we feel like our efforts are worthy, productive and beneficial. Too often, there's just too much taking our energy and not enough inputs. Dr. Maiysha Clairborne, of StressFree MD, empowers the full health of her clients. Today we discuss why emotional exhaustion is so common in our professional experience these days and how to work in a way that fuels you.  


23 May 2019

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Episode 44: High Performing Teams

HIgh performing teams don't happen naturally. Like gardening, they require the correct soil (culture) and the correct gardening (leadership). Sometimes they need good fertilization as well. Which is where consultation comes in. Having a group of talented, successful individuals is not sufficient any longer to obtain clear goals, much less the complex ones modern organizations and teams tackle. High performing teams don’t happen naturally, and require both conscious investment, group training,  and a sustained “maintenance” schedule. Too often, executive leaders and chief leaders aren’t adequately prepared, genuinely aware, or properly resourced to perform together as a team. Michael and Krystal continue the conversation this week, pointing out conceptual and behavioral signs of a high performing team.


5 Dec 2019

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Episode 48: Leadership Ego

We all have “egos,” or our standard self operating system. We often go about our tasks so quickly, or when want something to work so much, that we fail to see ourselves fully. We interact without having awareness of the impact we have on others---both beneficial and unhelpful. COL (retired) Laterza and Krystal discuss the imperative of leaders to understand and manage their egos, and for senior leaders to help those they lead improve their self awareness. His leadership philosophy underscores this principle. Leadership = character X competence. We all could use training and coaching for us to match our ideal character with our external presence. Today’s podcast offers guidance on what this looks like in realistically at work.


26 Dec 2019

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Episode 50: (Only a Few) Lessons from Season 1

50 episodes in a year. While there are too many individuals to name here, each cohost contributed insight, heart, meaning and partnership to this work. Tune into hear a few highlights, lessons, and reflections from the first season of Season 1. Bekah (awesome ESP editor) you are the best. This unedited, sloppy and noisy episode simply magnifies how much of a positive impact you've made. I am deeply humble and more ready and willing than I ever was. 


31 Dec 2019

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Episode 34: Just Say No

In a time of "yes" saying "no" often is a courageous step in the direction of productivity, energy management, and conscious growth. Today Julie and Krystal talk about how to say no in a way that inspires team optimization and how to handle a no in a way that manages your own ego. 


15 Aug 2019

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Episode 36: The Energy behind Your Relationship with Money

This is a podcast for adults who are financially secure, and yet continue to have thoughts, emotions and feelings about "money" that aren't helpful (maybe 80% of us???). Although we know that the most rewarding things about life can't be bought, we still often equate "success" with how much "we earn." Anne and I are called to move beyond seeing money as a mere transaction, or a validated stamp of worthiness. Our convo today will help you gain insight and some simple techniques that can transform how you "use" money (and not let it use you!). 


28 Aug 2019

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Episode 15: When Helping is Unhelpful

We've all experienced a time where someone helped us and it caused us more stress. I myself have unconsciously "rescued" others in ways that made me feel better about myself, but didn't lead to a boost in the other person's growth or long-term well being. Social worker,  entrepreneur and self-actualizing friend Stacey and I tackle this frequent occurence and give tips on how to manage our "ego issues."


5 Apr 2019

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Episode 43: Leading with your Best Brain

Reflecting on the last month, name the percentage of time that you performed at your best at work? in your personal life? How good do we feel day in and day out? In the last decade, prominent evidence has emerged indicating that our brains operate in different “states.” A useful simplification of the findings: your brain performs on a continuum from “survival” mode to “growth/evolution” mode.  Michael and Krystal explain science based models of performance that inform leadership effectiveness. Individual leadership performance has the largest impact on the functioning of a team. Training your brain and body to perform optimally, and then helping others do the same, is a thought leaders core responsibility. Tune in to discover what these states look like, and how to shift into your best brain, and lead others to do the same.


26 Nov 2019

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Episode 26: How a H Works

If you read the book or take The Letter Code test, you'll learn why you love the way you love. Most of also want to love our work, and Hs are no different. Hs want to be self-reliant, independent thinkers and also fundamentally connected to the mission of their profession. Tune in today to discuss how they balance needs for natural self-stability with needs for contribution. And Tune into Episode 2 (Ys) and 18 (Ws)for more insights. You'll definitely discover yourself or colleagues in some of the descriptions!


20 Jun 2019

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Episode 29: Acting/Resting, Giving/Taking, Speaking/Listening

Two ends of a spectrum. Ying and Yang. These forces are known as POLARITY, and we all express them. We all want balance. The first step is to be aware of where you're off balance. The easiest way to do it is to quickly assess your own tendency to lean, and implement realtionships, daily routines and frequent habits to motivate you to adopt another way. Intuitive coach Amiel and I light-heartedly discuss three main areas where polarity shows up in people and offer guidance in the name of balance.


11 Jul 2019

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Episode 27: Chaos!

All of us experience moments of uncertainty, stress, and chaos. Most of us have a season that are characteristically "chaotic." If you're a leader where you are faced with "dramas on the daily" developing skills to RESPOND in the moment that leads to growth rather than survival. Today we discuss the 3 reactions to chaos, and provide 3 key ways to start learning responsive habits. 


24 Jun 2019

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Episode 54: Stop Trying to Balance it All

The myth that we can “achieve balance” leads to burn out, inauthentic posturing and perfectionistic individualism. Leaders, especially senior and executive leaders, must stop passing along the message that staff need to “balance their work with their lives.” Given that many people willfully and happily devote their significant contribution to “work”, this message just doesn’t “add” up. Why don’t we make healthy organizations instead of forcing staff to “balance” it all? Setting priorities, honoring boundaries and asking for help must replace this over simplistic, and covertly dangerous, message.


19 Feb 2020

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Episode 41: What kind of followers are you leading?

High performing leaders are conscious followers. COL Newland and Krystal discuss a simple model to understand how much support leaders provide when giving a task/project/order. It sets clear and energy saving expectations for the leader to be aware of what the follower needs. And it provides a clear developmental pathway that aims for more confidence, independence and competence for the relationship and not just the individuals involved.


14 Nov 2019

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Episode 19: Expectations in Relationships

Expectations. We all have them, and yet we often don’t explicitly identify and/or consciously question them. Very few of us concretely, explicitly and completely verbalize them with others. Shaun and Krystal discuss how to do just that. Shaun is the leader and host of The Love Drive. He believes that communication and emotional intimacy are essential to a more loving relationship with yourself and those around you. 


2 May 2019

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Episode 11: Conscious Transitions

Change is always possible.  Sustainable change needs an internal transition of some sort. We all know people who say they are “done” or have “moved on” but haven’t truly disengaged with a previous season of their life. Amiel and I chat here about conscious transitions and share insights and tips.


26 Mar 2019

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Episode 52: Getting Rid of Gossip

Many of us like to interact and exchange. We like to give and receive. Information (typically in the form of words or images) is the main thing we exchange at work. Often, teams and individuals meet their needs for exchange in unhelpful ways through slander or gossip. COL Farrell and Krystal discuss how leaders can increase their personal awareness of this tendency and also influence others to reduce these destructive tendencies.  


29 Dec 2019

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