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Ep11: Socrates II: Apology, Crito, Democracy and Principles.

Mike and Tones continue their discussion on Socrates in the Apology and the Crito, focusing on what philosophic ideas we can pull from these stories and why they are essential to even those who don’t study philosophy.  What does the tragic story of Socrates say about living according to principles?  What does it say about Democracy? Click here to Stream: ep11socratesII Click here if you prefer iTunes Bumper Music by Nightosaur off of their NEW album, SpaceAxers.  Check them out here: NIGHTOSAUR 

21 Jun 2012

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Ep.12: Marx, Communism, and Political Philosophy

Mike and Tones discuss Marx’s Communist Manifesto.  Are his views “good on paper, bad in practice,” a blueprint for tyranny, or a noble system?  Were the events in Cambodia the bastardization of Marxist ideals or the logical path set out by his Manifesto?  What role does philosophy have in judging political theory? Please note that Mike and Tones both give rather strong judgements on Marx and his political theory, which may drift a bit from our Prime Directive/Mission Statement.  As always, we do invite you to read the discussed work for yourself, think critically, and to make your own judgements.  As always, we also invite you to add to the discussion via email or the “comments” portion of this page. Click here to Stream: ep12marx Click here if you prefer iTunes Bumper Music by Tones.

25 Jul 2012

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Ep8: FreeWill, B.F. Skinner, and Aesthetics

A discussion of B.F. Skinner and Tones’s recent findings on Twitter take us deeper into the discussion of Freewill.  We also begin our discussion of Aesthetics, but merely as a teaser for Episode 9. Click here to Stream: Episode8 Click here if you prefer iTunes Bumper Music by Nightosaur off of their NEW album, SpaceAxers.  Check them out here: NIGHTOSAUR  or click here for a free download: THERE MAY BE DRAGONS

22 Apr 2012

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Ep5: Egalitarianism, Nietzsche, and SOP’s

Moving on to Politics, we discuss Egalitarianism.  We also discuss a few reading tips for the philosophy student, Tones gives an analogy that shows the need to avoid Pragmatism and to define your principles, and we close with our initial thoughts on Nietzsche (before discussing him further in Episode VI). Click here to Stream: philosurvivalguideep5 Click here if you prefer iTunes Bumper Music by Nightosaur (intro) and Hump! (outro)

5 Feb 2012

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Ep4: Kierkegaard, Ethics, Reason, and Free Will

We discuss a USA Today OpEd on Free Will, cleanup EpIII’s discussion on Epistemology, set up shop for future discussion on Ethics, and discuss Kierkegaard. Click here to Stream: philosurvivalguideep4 Click here if you prefer iTunes

20 Jan 2012

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Ep6: Nietzsche, Love, and Dichotomies!

We offer our take on Nietzsche, we discuss LOVE (happy Valentines Day), and the importance of recognizing false dichotomies. Click here to Stream: philosurvivalguideep6 Click here if you prefer iTunes Bumper Music by MPLS ‘s own, Small White: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Small-White/123935553680  (thanks, guys!)

28 Feb 2012

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Ep9: Aesthetics

Mike and Tones discuss philosophy’s role in Aesthetics and why anyone should care enough to think about art.  We also argue if Aesthetics should cover non-art within its definition.  This finally leads us to emphasize the role ideas and values play in artists’ creations and our subsequent appreciation of their works. Click here to Stream: philosurvivalguideep9 Click here if you prefer iTunes Bumper Music by Nightosaur off of their NEW album, SpaceAxers.  Check them out here: NIGHTOSAUR 

14 May 2012

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Ep7: The Presocratics and “Bull Crap”

Are the PreSocratics a bunch of goof balls with crazy ideas or are they worth studying?  Also, we discuss an article: “Philosophy: A Bunch of Bull Crap.”  Well, Is it? Click here to Stream: Ep7: Presocratics and “Bull Crap” Click here if you prefer iTunes Click here  to access the referenced Philosophy: A Bunch Of Bull Crap article by Jordan Roston Bumper music by Tones

29 Mar 2012

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Ep3: Epistemology, More Metaphysics, and Merry New Year!

We discuss New Years, continue our discussion on Metaphysics, and begin our Introduction To Epistemology. Click here to Stream: philosurvivalguideep3 Click here if you prefer iTunes

1 Jan 2012

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17: It Is What It Is! (metaphysics!)

We take the throwaway phrase, “It Is What It Is” and apply it to METAPHYSICS, which then takes us to practical applications in Business, Management, Banking at BB&T with John Allison’s 10 Values, Alcoholic’s Anonymous’s Serenity Prayer, and Stephen Hawking’s declaration that Philosophy is DEAD. It’s amazing how these are all connected! Seeing this practical application of Metaphysics, Tones says POPPYCOCK! It’s soooo alive! https://philosophysurvivalguide.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/ep17itiswhatitis2.mp3 Or here if you prefer iTunes: Here is a link to BB&T’s philosophy sell sheet that Tones quoted in the show.  Mike thought it was a good, interesting display of philosophy in action. http://itech.fgcu.edu/faculty/bhobbs/BB_T_Philosophy.pdf Music by BUSKERDROID from the FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE Like what you’ve been hearing?  Help us continue the podcast with a small donation to cover the costs of bandwidth and this domain.  Even a dollar will help this hobbyist podcast!  Thanks!

25 Jul 2013

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