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Nutrition is a young science, it's complicated, and it's personal. This podcast tackles import social conversations around Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, food and health access, and why "health" isn't one-size-fits-all. This podcast isn't about truth (science isn't built on facts--it's an exploration of the world and living organisms that inhabit it), it's about nuance-- embracing the gray; asking questions; interpreting the research from a neutral place; and finding what "health" means for us along the way. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/learnedheardstirred/support

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Ep 5 Postpartum Body Image

Postpartum is an equally exciting and scary time for a new mom. You've carried a growing baby for nine months and by week 40 of pregnancy - or past the due date, as many first-time moms experience - you are pretty good with the whole pregnancy thing and ready to issue an eviction notice.Bringing a new baby into the world presents new challenges without the added pressure of "getting our bod(ies) back." In this episode, I explore the hormonal impacts of pregnancy and postpartum, my personal experience and the experiences of a few other moms, and talk about ways to invite healthy habits, self care, and self-kindness into your life during the postpartum period and beyond.Information about Postpartum Anxiety and Depression: http://americanpregnancy.org/first-year-of-life/forms-of-postpartum-depression/Postpartum Thyroiditis: https://www.chop.edu/conditions-diseases/postpartum-thyroiditis https://www.thyroid.org/wp-content/uploads/patients/brochures/Postpartum_Thyroiditis_brochure.pdfPostpartum Hormone Research:https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/86/10/4933/2849260 https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/96/1/E40/2833636 https://www.sciencealert.com/pregnancy-changes-a-woman-s-brain-structure-for-at-least-2-years-after-giving-birthQuestions, topic ideas, or to find out how you can work with me for one-on-one coaching, email: fitfabwellbychanel@gmail.com10 Minute Taco Bowl with Black Bean DipINGREDIENTS" 2 CUPS COOKED QUINOA" 1 LB GRASS-FED GROUND BEEF" 2 TEASPOONS ONION POWDER" 1 TEASPOON CUMIN" 1 TEASPOON CAYENNE" 1 TEASPOON GARLIC POWDER" 2-4 CUPS ROMAINE LETTUCE" 1 AVOCADO, SLICED" 1 BAG OF HARVEST SNAPS BLACK BEAN SNAPS" BLACK BEAN DIP:" 1 CAN BLACK BEANS (ORGANIC AND NO SALT ADDED IF POSSIBLE)" 1 TEASPOON GARLIC POWDER" ½ TABLESPOON AVOCADO OIL" SALT & PEPPER TO TASTEDIRECTIONS1. In a large pan, add a little avocado oil and turn onto medium heat2. Mix together spices in a small bowl then add to pan (or skillet) with the beef (use a spatula or utensil to break up the beef in the pan so it is crumbles3. Pour spices onto the beef and mix well4. Cook the beef for about 8 minutes or until it is cooked through5. While beef cooks, add the black bean dip ingredients to a food processor and pulse until combined and creamy (but thick)6. Once ready, assemble your taco bowls by adding romaine, avocado, Harvest Snaps, cooked beef and the black bean dip7. Salsa and other veggies would also be great in this8. *Black bean dip will stay good for about 5 days in fridge--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/learnedheardstirred/support


10 Nov 2018

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