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Two friends talk the lore of Final Fantasy XIV in a (hopefully) accessible way to old and new players! Matthew is nothing more than a passionate fan who loves the story and world of FFXIV and Beth is a brand new player. As Beth progresses through the game we will discuss every smidgeon of lore we can find and figure out. 'Just Sort of Casual' sums up our approach to the game we love! We will also cover news, in game events and community projects, so give us a try as we try out podcasting for the first time!

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Episode 13: Just sort of casual - Just sort of hardcore! (raiding)

In a super fun episode Tibiant gets some HARDCORE PRO RAIDERS Tezca and Mairesu where we discuss the current raid tier! Tib is brand new to savage content in its current form so wants to ask the pros how once would go about getting into savage content with zero prior knowledge. What is a GCD again? Tezca streams her raid prog on www.twitch.tv/tezcatl1poc also find her on discord @Tezca for all of your raiding questions @Mairesu you can also find her on discord!

1hr 14mins

19 Feb 2022

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Episode 12: Just sort of casual - Knock Knock!

We take a break from our lore review of Endwalker and catch up with Beth! Beth's finally made some headway in Endwalker, but first we have to discuss the crystal tower! We also managed to get to finish the Binding Coils of Bahamut so we have that to discuss too!


11 Feb 2022

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Episode 11: Just sort of casual - sort of spoilers! Part 2

Due to scheduling issues we couldn't have Beth on the show this week, so Gareth kindly stepped in to continue or talk through of the Endwalker story! Please enjoy! 

1hr 33mins

5 Feb 2022

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Episode 10: Just sort of casual - sort of spoilers! Part 1

Another extra episode! This time Matthew invited Gareth (@DadTVGaming) to come and discuss his thoughts on the Endwalker expansion! Come and listen to our thoughts as we discuss the story in order. Spoilers for all of Endwalker. Obvs.

1hr 18mins

20 Jan 2022

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Episode 9: Just sort of casual - Sad Potato

Matthew and Beth are back with Episode 9 after a brief medical hiatus! Beth has finally finished ARR and we get to hear her reactions!


14 Jan 2022

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Episode 8: Just sort of casual - Tasty fingers

Just sort of casual is back for another episode and so is BETH! Matthew and Beth have a relaxing talk figuring out where Beth got up to the last time she was adventuring in Eorzea!


4 Dec 2021

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Episode 7: Just sort of casual - Daddy's Hungry

We are back with Episode 7 of Just Sort of Casual! Sadly Beth is unable to join us, as Matthew hosts some brilliant guests for our Endwalker early access pre-party (except it was delayed :-( ) Never mind though because we have the amazing Foxinn (@Foxinn, twitch.tv/foxinnplays), the wonderful Gareth (@DadTVgaming, twitch.tv/dadtvgaming) and one half of the legendary Moogle Go Round Radio, Chille! (@mgr_chille, twitch.tv/mooglegoroundradio)!We learn a little bit about our guests and what they bring to the final fantasy XIV community and discuss our favourite parts of XIV’s history and what we’re excited for in just over two weeks! (At the time of recording!!)

1hr 6mins

19 Nov 2021

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Episode 6.5: Just sort of casual - A break from the words

We are back with another smol episode as Matthew and Chloe round of the Tales from the calamity series with a couple of glasses of wine!  For your listening pleasure we present 'In Louisoix's wake'  This is the final episode for Chloe as she takes a small break while Beth catches up and we can go through the next collection of tales! 


7 Nov 2021

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Episode 6: Just sort of casual - Big daddy Titans crag

Our second live episode is in the bag! Through the wonders of modern technology (discord) Matthew and Beth get together and discuss Beths progress through FFXIV and Matthew then goes over some Beast tribe basics!  Too much time was also spent discussing the lord of crags!Events mentioned: Domini De Umbra, is having an All Saint’s Wake Extravaganza beginning this Saturday, October 30, 7pm PT/10pm ET/3am BST in the basement of Astra's Roof, Aether - Gilgamesh - Goblet, Ward 16, Plot 43 The judges are:@Flattus/Peter@susan_sprinkle @Chille@Icarus and very special guest: @EmiMORE DETAILS ----> https://twitter.com/domini_de_umbra/status/1449474045796360197?s=20Follow Tibs FIRST EVER raid prog over at twitch.tv/dadtvgamingSend any questions/feedback/ideas to justsortofcasual@gmail.com or join our discord https://discord.gg/93m4TAzZWN


29 Oct 2021

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Episode 5.5: Just sort of casual - full 'o' cold

This weeks smol podcast we are once again recovering from lurgies! Chloe is as always on form as we read to you another Tale from the calamity with The Walkers Path. Just sort of casuals discord is growing! Come say hi ----> discord.gg/93m4TAzZWN


21 Oct 2021

Rank #10