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A seasonal gardening podcast for non-experts. Hosted by Tess (who knows nothing) and Alyce (who knows some things), each episode Tess and Alyce will pick a topic to discuss and finish up looking at the effort-reward ratio of the topic by asking, is the juice worth the squeeze?Instagram - @rootingforyoupodEmail - rootingforyou@alycealexandra.com Keen for more from Alyce - @alycealexandraxo @alycesediblegarden

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ANYTIME - should I get a beehive? (an in-depth look into the pros and cons of getting a beehive)

S2E6 Tess and Alyce chat about all the things you should consider before you get a beehive. Beehives are not just for big rural properties but, like caring for any living creature, it is a pretty big commitment so make sure that you consider all of the pros and cons before you dive in. Plus a tangent into why bees need our help and what we can do in our day to day lives to #savethebees.  


21 Jul 2021

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WINTER - planting fruit trees (everything you need to know about planting a bare rooted fruit tree)

S2E5 - Tess and Alyce chat about planting fruit tress, exactly how (and where) to plant a bare rooted fruit tree. Plus a tangent into fruit tree pollination and actually why it's important to know when you're picking your tree, how and why to check your soil drainage and finally...buckets.  


14 Jul 2021

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WINTER - slugs and snails (how to beat slugs and snails in the garden)

S2E4 Tess and Alyce chat about slugs and snails and the best ways to tackle these garden foes. Did you know that there some varieties of slugs and snails that can breed without a mate?!  Listen out for Alyce's plethora of options to control slugs and snails and protect your seedlings from decimation.  Don't forget, if you see the early signs of slugs and snails in your garden you need to act fast!  Definitely have your slugs and snails solution in the shed or cupboard ready to go!  


7 Jul 2021

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WINTER - growing raspberries (delicious but expensive, why not grow your own!)

S2E3 Tess and Alyce chat about raspberries. Did you know there are, generally speaking, two types of raspberry varieties, ones you harvest in Spring and ones you harvest in Autumn, raspberries in Autumn?! Whichever you choose, Winter is the time to get them in the ground.  


30 Jun 2021

Rank #4

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ANYTIME* - growing radishes (one of the best beginner crops)

S2E2 Tess and Alyce chat about radishes. Did you know you can harvest radishes in as little as four weeks!? They are a fabulous crop for beginners, have so many different varieties and can be grown Autumn through Spring.  Listen out for Alyce’s excellent tip about pickling your radishes.  ps. Alyce's suggested 'Easter Egg' mix of radish seeds is c/o @theseedcollection*Anytime, except not Summer.


23 Jun 2021

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WINTER - what to do in the garden this winter

S2E1 Tess and Alyce discuss all the activities that might be keeping you busy in the garden this winter - from easy tasks like planting bare rooted fruit trees to the more advanced activities like pruning. Spotted a good looking plant and want to know how to grow genetically identical plants?  We discuss growing from cuttings and dividing plants.  As Alyce says, there is heaps to plant in Winter so no excuse for an empty garden bed!


16 Jun 2021

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BONUS - Intro to Tess & Alyce

S1E10 Something a little different this week, Tess and Alyce cap off Season 1 by (finally) introducing themselves! They chat about how they got started, why they love gardening, their recommendations for first crops and their number one tip for people starting out.  


2 Jun 2021

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ANYTIME - growing indoor plants

S1E9 Tess and Alyce chat about everything you need to know to get started growing plants indoors - how to choose the right plants and pots, where to put them and how to keep your indoor plant-babies alive.  Do you know which are the easiest indoor plant varieties to get started with?  Listen out for Alyce’s pick for indoor plant pots for beginners!


26 May 2021

Rank #8

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AUTUMN - making the most of Autumn leaves in the garden

S1E8 Tess and Alyce chat about all things Autumn leaves - what to do with them, why they're such an underrated garden resource and how Alyce uses them everywhere, from the garden beds to the compost and the chicken coop. Tess flags her potential public embarrassment about collecting them off the nature strip, while Alyce assures her she'll be a local hero. Are you making the most of this free garden resource? Find out this episode!


19 May 2021

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ANYTIME - Tess' composting adventures

S1E7 Tess and Alyce catch up on Tess’ composting adventures and all of Tess’ burning composting questions, like, what is a worm’s favourite food?  Did you know the bigger the pile the faster it will compost?!  Listen out for Tess and Alyce’s essential tip for buying live worms.


12 May 2021

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