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Listen to me talk & share my thoughts from a 30-ish, older millennial gal’s perspective. #singleness #dating #realitytv #&moreCome have a listen 🙃👸🏻

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Ep. 20 - Date Talk with Hinge Match: Trey

So who doesn’t match on Hinge then meet for the first time to record a podcast episode? Well that’s exactly what Trey & I did for your listening enjoyment 😅 Take a listen as we discuss online dating & the differences in thinking between the sexes. It’s a doozie! Come join us!

1hr 26mins

1 Oct 2019

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Ep. 36 - Catch Up with Ebonee of “Fixing Single”

Take a listen in as Ebonee & I catch back up after our last episode together. This is an interesting episode as we discuss the latest in our dating lives, the good, bad & ugly. Hope y’all enjoy this girl chat!

1hr 7mins

2 Apr 2020

Rank #2

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Ep. 5 - Online Dating Adventures with Oneka

Listen to my second guest everrr, Oneka, share some of her hilarious experience on Tinder & Bumble currently. It’s a hoot!


15 Mar 2019

Rank #3

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Ep. 9 - Online Dating with Oneka: “Do you consider yourself dominant or submissive?”

Listen in as Oneka describes a couple interesting, shall we say, messaging encounters on Bumble. Come & have a laugh!


15 May 2019

Rank #4

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Ep. 3 - Safe Spaces at 30

Hear me with my first, AWESOME guest who I affectionately call LBG. We discuss the value of sisterhood & friendships at 30.


23 Feb 2019

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Ep. 29 - Talking Dating w/ Wesley

I have another guyyy on! This time a southern gent, Wes, who graciously speaks on dating online & answers my random questions from his perspective. Come, listen & stay awhile! Oh & Oneka makes a lovely guest appearance.


7 Dec 2019

Rank #6

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Ep. 32 - First Date Talk with Expert Katie Sir

This is a great episode with the one & only Katie Sir all the way from Bali while she’s traveling. We discuss first date tips & how important chemistry is when meeting a new someone! Please have a listen & enjoy 😊


7 Feb 2020

Rank #7

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Ep. 27 - Fat Girl Chronicles with Oneka

Hear ye, hear ye! Calling all my big girls, thick girls, juicy girls, chubby girls & hey, just plain ol’ fat girls! Listen in to this episode as Oneka & I discuss our having been fat-ter, in the olden days. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Enjoy some good laughs & lotsss of food talk 😋🤩😍


28 Nov 2019

Rank #8

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Ep. 28 - Dating as a Mom w/ Erica

This is a fun girl chat with the lady herself, Erica! Come & join us as we discuss Erica’s experience of dating as a single, 30-something mom. She discusses navigating her busy life with making time for dating & much more!


5 Dec 2019

Rank #9

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Ep. 4 - Cats & Nash

On this episode there’s a cat who won’t leave me alone 🙃 + I share a recap of my recent girls trip to TN.


2 Mar 2019

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Ep. 14 - My X-Files 💔

Listen in as Oneka interviews me & we discuss my not-so-pretty stories of exes from the past #turningthetables 😬😅 Hopefully it’ll make you feel less alone & know what NOT to do..

1hr 12mins

2 Aug 2019

Rank #11

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Ep. 7 - Bumble Tales ft. Oneka & Special Guest 🤩

Hear Oneka, myself & a Special Guest discuss their latest Bumbling-ness. Oneka gives updates on BunnyMan & new prospects. I sweat with excitement 😅 & my Special Guest shares on being new to the Bumble app. Enjoyyy!


15 Apr 2019

Rank #12

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Ep. 8 - How to Get A Hidden Job

Listen in as my guest, aka my Dad, discussed tips to discovering “hidden jobs,” instead of just scouring Indeed..👀🤗 You can contact harden@jfcsatl.org if you’re a job seeker in the Metro Atlanta area.


1 May 2019

Rank #13

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Ep. 13 - Oneka Dating Adventures: Date #3

Join in as Oneka gives the deets on date #3 with the SAME GUY #unheardof 😅 come have a listen & some laughs!


15 Jul 2019

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Ep. 19 - Red Flags in Dating with Bre

Come join Bre, me & a little bit of Oneka as we discuss red flags as it relates to get to know someone new to date. Be ready for some real, raw truths from Bre! Have a listen!


28 Sep 2019

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Ep. 34 - Mommy Dating Updates with Erica

Hi y’all! Come join the Lady E herself, Erica, as she returns to discuss updates on her dating life while also juggling her mommy duties. She has a current man dilemma that we unpack. Hope you enjoy!


28 Feb 2020

Rank #16

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Ep. 35 - Dating Update with Trey

Welcome back, welcome back Trey from Episode 20! He comes on to discuss the latest in his dating life & offer advice to me as well as you listeners. It's a great time as usual, come & have a listen!

1hr 2mins

15 Mar 2020

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Ep. 26 - The Evolution of Dating with Rob

#thisis30 has ANOTHER guy on y’all! Can you believe it?! Come have a listen as Rhonda, Rob & myself discuss dating online from back in the day when it first came out to current day. Matching your values with dating online can be tough but someone has to do it..Hope you all enjoy this one!


1 Nov 2019

Rank #18

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Ep. 25 - The Quiet Storm: Bumble Talk with T

Listen in as Travis joins me to discuss a guy’s perspective of being online & dating using Plenty of Fish (POF), Tinder then eventually Bumble 🐝 come join!


31 Oct 2019

Rank #19

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Ep. 30 - Fat Girl Chronicles II with Jerryca

Happy New Year’s Eve y’all! Come & join me as I laugh with fellow fat-minded friend of mine, Jerryca. She was my first guest & now she’s my last guest of the year! She gives me a hard time about Mac n’ Cheese & describes her love for walnut brownies plus much more. Have a listen!


31 Dec 2019

Rank #20