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Drawing on a decade-plus friendship whose roots stretch back to their film-obsessed student days, Gali and Devlin cast an eye backwards to the movies that kickstarted their love of film. In their Throwback series, each will take turns picking a title that they consider seminal to their youth, and watch again to determine whether they wasted their precious childhoods sitting in the dark with these VHS tapes, or if their movie touchstones still hold up today. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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Volcano (1997) - Episode 10 BARGAIN BIN

GITOUTTATHERE! The Rewind team are taking their first dip in to the Bargain Bin – a new series that takes a break from the Throwbacks to focus on the ubiquitous trash that we’ve passively watched a hundred times and subjecting them to a level of scrutiny that they almost certainly don’t deserve.First up is VOLCANO, a film that confronts the ridiculously implausible idea that 28-year-old Anne Heche would swoon for the granite-hewn furrowed brow that is Tommy Lee Jones. And the almost as implausible idea that a volcano would bubble up in downtown LA.Prepare to get lavabombed with fake science and heavy-handed messages about racism, as the action flows thick and slow, just like the gelatinous lava which is sweeping down Wilshere Blvd. Gali and Devlin jump in with both feet (R.I.P. Stan) and invite you to revel in a good old fashioned ‘90s disaster, in more sense than one.If you have any questions, comments or ideas for future episodes you can contact us on Twitter @rewindmoviecast, @galithegreek (Gali) and @QuillLicker (Devlin and @PatrickWaggett (Patrick).Check out the website rewindmoviecast.com/ for more information about the podcast and written reviews.If you liked the episode, please rate, share and review on whichever platform you are using to help us grow the podcast.Thank you for listening and Merry Christmas. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 32mins

20 Dec 2018

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