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As a resilience champion and owner of a wellness business, I created this show to help you create your Resilience Reflex™ in any area of your life. Resilience is not about toughing it out, it’s the ability to get unstuck from a problem and keep functioning. It’s about going through adversity and feeling uncomfortable, but knowing that you will come through with new learnings and opportunities. Resilience is about finding creative solutions! Join me in making resilience your first reflex.

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Ep 54: 6 Things to Remember When Going Through Major Life Transitions

You’ve no doubt heard of the phases of grief, but did you know that there are also phases that people go through when they encounter major life transitions? It doesn’t seem to matter what the life transition is - we each go through the same stages that led us to wholeness once again. We can trust in this process so that even when we feel set adrift, we know that things will indeed get better again. For the first 6 minutes, Zaheen explains the stages of transition: Loss, Uncertainty, Discomfort, Insight, Understanding and Integration http://ZaheenNanji.com/til/54 In the next half of this episode, she explains the 6 things to remember when going through these life transitions.


4 May 2019

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Episode 53: 5 Ways to Develop a Flexible Leadership Mindset

So, why should we care if we have a flexible mindset or not? As it turns out, there are a great many advantages to flexible thinking. It is not just about how you approach problems; it is even how you form relationships and set goals. Like changing any other set of behaviours or beliefs, embracing a flexible mindset requires practice, using lots of different strategies, and probably lots of setbacks, as well.


25 Mar 2019

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Episode 52: Thrive in Life - Going from Zero to Hero

Andrew Haley has had his share of ups and downs. As a child Andrew had cancer twice and each time was given a 35% chance to survive. Even though he lost part of his right leg and part of his left lung, Andrew never let it dictate his life. He is a living reminder that no matter what negative things may happen in your life, you can always try and turn it into something positive. Andrew truly believes that each and every one of us has the power to be AMAZING. Andrew is an ambassador with the Canadian Paralympic Committee and is a motivational speaker who enjoys sharing his story of resilience and hope with others. Timestamps on this episode: 2:15 - Andrew explains his challenges in childhood after being diagnosed with cancer twice. 6:20 - How he got into swimming, a sport that helped him thrive. 8:00 - Andrew's definition of disability 8:20 - Andrew explains his biggest strength 9:40 - Andrew's advice on bouncing back 12:40 - His fondest memory during his Hall of Fame swimming career. 14:15 - Going from swimming to speaking 15:45 - Andrew shares tips on overcoming obstacles 19:10 - Andrew's goals for 2019


11 Feb 2019

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Episode 51: Thrive in Life - Holistic Living

Dr. Alan Simberg has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. He believes that thriving in life involves a holistic approach. Alan has offered a free gift - A MindPT Session here: https://www.mindpt.co/DiscoverYourDre... He can be reached at: http://www.alansimberg.com and http://www.lifemasterywithalan.com Time stamps: 2:50 - Why Alan decided to become a therapist? 8:00 - Can we treat mental and physical health? 9:40 - Some tips to keep your balance 11:30 - What does thriving mean? 12:40 - What does eating healthy mean? 14:13 - Zaheen recaps tips and strategies 15:00 - How does Alan bring in spiritual aspect in his therapy


11 Jan 2019

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Episode 50: Thrive in Life - Truly Living or Just Surviving?

Sharmine Massey is a passionate motivational speaker and a certified life coach. Self-love is what she practices and loves talking about. She delivers a powerful message that drives home the value of loving and respecting yourself. She published her first book called “Truly Living? Or Just Surviving? Her philosophy is that “life is beautiful” but it is short. So do what makes you happy, take risks, get out of your comfort zone and open up to the possibilities and opportunities life has to offer. Here are the time stamps of the episode and what we discussed: 2:05 – Why Shar picked the title Truly Living or Just Surviving? 3:30 – How she felt when she was living life without her own choices 5:20 – what did she see in herself when she hit rock bottom 9:15 – 3 classic steps Shar used to bounce forward 12:20 – Why she wrote the book for women 16:20 – Shar shows the front cover of her book 17:00 – Shar shares 3 tips to Thrive in Life


13 Dec 2018

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Episode 49: Thrive in Life - Intuition to Fruition

Leanne Bourgeois is a passionate artist. Some of her talents include being a vocalist, keyboard and harmonica player, painter, and actress. She is also a newly published author (Intuition To Fruition From My Inside To My Outside). She recently performed back-up vocals for a Newfoundland artist, Doug Hawco. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre from Dalhousie University. She is new to the public speaking world and is working towards her dream of participating in a TED Talk. She has lived with Fibromyalgia for over ten years. In this episode we discuss her book and what thriving means to her. Here are the time stamps for the episode: 2:20 – Why Leanne decided to share her personal story in a book? 4:40 – What’s the Message for the reader? 5:30 – What happens faced with trauma and what helped her 9:44 – 3 things that helped Leanne bounce forward 11:45 – 2 things readers will learn from Leanne’s story 13:11 – The 2 P’s to Fruition 14:27 – one strategy to bounce forward 15:45 – Zaheen gives a name to that strategy


11 Nov 2018

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Episode 48: Thrive in Life - Rebound Forward

Randy Brown is a national author, keynote speaker, and coach. He is considered a national expert on the topics of adversity, networking, leadership, and team building. In his coaching career, he reached the highest level in men's college basketball at the NCAA level. His rise in the coaching world was matched by his dramatic plunge to the depths of depression, children deaths, prison, and a career lost forever. His book, Rebound Forward, highlights his rise in the college coaching world as well as failure, adversity, and tragedy. He is a role model for resilience in the face of life’s most devastating circumstances. We discussed his journey and the time stamps for the episode are as follows: 3:20 – Why Randy wrote the book, Rebound Forward. 7:35 – What was it like for Randy losing his first child 9:00 – What happened after losing his first daughter 10:20 – Being a basketball coach, how he viewed his decisions (I found this piece intriguing) 14:10 – What happened after he lost his second child 16:23 – Randy shares 3 tips to rebound forward 23:00 – Zaheen recaps his 3 tips Randy can be reached here: http://randybrown.coach/


4 Nov 2018

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Episode 47: Thrive in Life - Light At the End of the Tunnel

As a German trained conventional as well as naturopathic physician, Doc Christine, is now a Certified Health and Brain Health Coach. With over 30 years of experience in the Healthcare field, she offers a unique and unified perspective of conventional, alternative, naturopathic, functional and integrative healthcare. Through her own journey through the abyss of physical and mental illness she discovered the principles of getting and staying healthy and well that she now shares with her clients and listeners worldwide in English and German. She is a radio and podcast host, published author and speaker. In this 20-minute episode, we discussed the following: How she ended up in Nova Scotia from Germany? How she improved her mental health? 3 things she'd tell your 15-year old self? And she shares more tips!


23 Oct 2018

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Episode 46: Thrive in Life - Defying The Odds Again and Again

Rich Bontrager "The Trigger", is a motivational speaker, sportscaster and Pastor on a mission to empower leaders and communicators. He has spent 25 years as a professional speaker, storyteller. is the Co- Creator and Talk Show Host of “Brad & The Trigger” and 2017 Liver transplant recipient. Since birth Rich has faced many medical issues, and near death experiences.  Not only that, he has also worked through his stutter! Through it all he has learned valuable life lessons and principles to always press on, bounce back and live a great adventure. In this episode, Rich discusses: From all his medical challenges, what has been his greatest struggle to overcome? How he overcame his speech impediment and became a professional speaker? How he had to deal with the fact that someone had to die in order for him to live? Advice and tips to help you defy the odds Rich can be reached through his website and YouTube Channel: http://www.richbontrager.com https://www.youtube.com/c/RichBontrager


17 Oct 2018

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Episode 45: Thrive in Life - How to Reduce Conflict, Win Any Argument and Persuade Effortlessly

Reframing is about stepping back from what's being said or done and consider looking at the situation from an alternative lens by effectively stating, "Let's look at it another way." This is about challenging one's belief systems around the situation. This episode is only 15 minutes long! Highlights You Won't Want to Miss in This Episode: What's reframing is and why you do it? - first 3 minutes What's Agreement Frame - 5:00 2 words you want to avoid when persuading - 9:00 Examples of using Agreement Frame - 9:43 Practice 3 scenarios - 13:07


14 Sep 2018

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