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Our vision is to host heaven. "Thy Kingdom come...on earth as in Heaven." Worship to God is our number one priority. Worship Church is a Spirit-empowered, multi-campus church in the North East Region. Worship to God is our number one priority. Our services are passionate and authentic and many are healed and restored during our services. Teaching is solid, substantive and Christ centered. We are a family church and offer ministry to the entire family both on weekends and during the week.

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As humans we were created to be relational. It’s in our DNA! We’re always desiring relations with those around us and our relationship with the Godhead is supposed to be the same. We have no problem having relationship with the Holy Spirit (Our comforter). We don’t have a problem having a relationship with Jesus (Our Savior). However, we sometimes have a problem having relationship with the Father because we don’t feel He can be relational; but the very essence of His name “Yahweh” speaks of a Father who’s Relational! Listen as Pastor Patrick speaks from the title “Yahweh!”


10 Mar 2019

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