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Voice of Indian Song - for iPad/Mac/PC

Traditional Indian singing is intoxicating - but what is it about singing, and listening to others sing, that makes it so significant? In this album, Sudokshina Chatterjee breaks down the unique Indian style, and explains the emotions and meaning behind the songs of her culture. This material is drawn from The Open University course AA317 Words and music.

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Voice of Indian Song

A short introduction to this album

8 Mar 2010

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Becoming a Singer

Sudokshina Chatterjee explains why she started to sing, and her journey from the first singing lesson to now.


31 Mar 2009

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The Voice

Sudokshina Chatterjee discusses the voice, looking at how vocalists are trained, the different ways to use the voice, and the difference between gender.


31 Mar 2009

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Khyal Performance

Sudokshina performs a Khyal song, accompanied by Subrata Manna on the tabla


31 Mar 2009

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Sudokshina explains the meaning behind Khyal, the most popular genre of Indian music, focusing on two songs.


31 Mar 2009

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