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All things marketing with Gary Bembridge. 30+ years global marketing experience packed into every episode. European Podcast Award Winner 2010 + 2011. http://www.MarketingMixMan.com

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57: Big Ideas and why do so few brand have them?

David Ogilvy wrote in 1983 only 1 in 100 ads had a big idea. Has anything changed?


2 Oct 2012

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56: Competitive Point of Difference

CEO of Sainsbury's Supermarket says many brands lack a real competitive point of difference. I explore how you identify one.


19 Sep 2012

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55: Paralympics 2012 - inspired marketing

Paralympics London 2012 is a casebook masterclass in the power of great marketing positioning and execution. Find out why and what you can learn from it.


11 Sep 2012

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54: Prince Harry and Las Vegas

How some brands used the Prince Harry naked photo episode in Las Vegas to effect


28 Aug 2012

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53: Naked Footballers

What naked footballers in ads can teach us all about successful communication


21 Aug 2012

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52: Interrogation As An Innovation Tool

Anything "new" to the consumer is new. Why you should see product interrogation a key innovation tool


15 Aug 2012

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51: Olympic Gold vs Bronze Medal

In London 2012, Rebecca Adlington won Bronze swimming faster than her Gold in Beijing. What can we learn from this?


6 Aug 2012

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50: Is Marketing Strategy Dead?

The CEO of Saatchi says strategy and marketing is dead. What I think it means and you need to do based on what he had to say


18 Jul 2012

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49: Is product placement on TV good for brands?

Product Placement is allowed, but is it a good thing for brands to do?


4 Jul 2012

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48: Is story telling important for brands

Steve Jobs was a master story teller. Should you be too?


24 Jun 2012

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