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Brazen, Conscious & Contagious with Jennie Powell

Jennie is a California native who grew up in the San Gabriel Valley. She was raised by her two parents who both worked in the medical field- her father was a Physical Therapist/ Acupuncturist and her mother was a nurse/ writer and musician. Jennie’s love of working with the human body in a holistic medium started at the early age of 18- just after graduating from high school in 1993, she went on to become a certified massage therapist. At 43, she continues to work as a massage therapist as well as a yoga/bellydance teacher, health coach and currently teaches workshops for people who live with chronic pain and illness. She is an advocate for all humans to have the freedom to think outside the box in regard to wellness and to create an “unstuck” life and a more compassionate relationship with themselves and the bodies they live in. Her vision for this world is to spread kindness and self acceptance as a contagion people continue to pass on for lifetimes.

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