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How to Avoid Teacher Burnout? (feat: Aurora)

The irony of working in a system that simultaneously works against your motives can be exhausting. This podcast talks about the irony of teaching standardized tests and achieving the high state-mandated test scores, pushing scholars to pass the Regents, LEAP, SAT, and still not finding HAPPINESS in this wonderful job we call education. How to Avoid Teacher Burnout?Stay healthy.Indulge in personal time.Talk to your colleagues.Recognize what you do well.Prepare ahead of schedule.Leave schoolwork at school.Make yourself a priority.I hope you enjoy this episode with my sista Aurora!Nellum 


25 Sep 2021

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Csdt.org (Culturally Situated Design Tools) ( feat: Madison Allen and Andrew Hunn)

WE BACK!! Csdt.org aka Culturally Situated Design Tools is a website that combines culture and math and helps bring IDENTITY to Math, Science, and STEM classes. Scholars will be able to do math and science while also seeing themselves in the work they create. When you go to the website, you will find a text that reads..." The elitist myths of "savages" and "white trash" led to today's bigotry. Here you can counter those stereotypes with African fractals, Appalachian quilting algorithms, and more. From Native beadwork to urban graffiti, students can find the “heritage algorithms” of their interest, learn their connection to STEM principles, and develop designs of their own creation. Learn, create, and share your work with Culturally Situated Design Tools!! "Madison and Andrews are a part of the creative team that introduced me to Csdt.org. I hope you all enjoy this one! Peace!!Nellum 


9 Sep 2021

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The Father of African Fractal Dr. Ron Eglash: Afro-Futurist Greenhouse

WELCOME BACK!I should I say welcome HOME! I met Dr.Ron Eglash last summer after my first conversation with the brotherman. I felt at home! Dr.Ron Eglash is the Father and author of African Fractals. He has a world-famous TED Talk, "The fractals at the heart of African Design,"  which is pure stunning due to its fusion of African cultures and science, technology, engineering, and math. He starred in Samuel L. Jackson's mini-doc series  Enslaved.Ron is currently working on building an African inspire greenhouse in the city of Detroit! Ron and his team first introduced me to csdt.org,  Culturally Situated Design Tools, a free online platform for teachers and parents that provides a comprehensive STEM learning experience mixed with culture from African and Indigenous populations! Real revolutionary work! Enjoy!PeaceNellum 


5 Aug 2021

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The White Savior Complex ( feat: Alex Buwalda, Evan Sawyer, and Ricky Harzula)

"With the recent widespread of protests for black civil rights and against racism across the Western world, the topic of white prejudice has risen to the center of public attention, of which one manifestation is the so-called ‘White Saviour Syndrome’.  Whether it is Ed Sheeran posing for ‘Comic Relief’ with a number of black children (Hinsliff, 2019), Madonna adopting children from Malawi (Hinsliff, 2019), or students going on adventures advertised for ‘young philanthropists’ within a multi-million dollar gap-year industry (Bandyopadhyay, 2019), numerous cases of altruistic acts of ‘White Saviours’ can be found throughout popular culture in the global North. Whereas these practices follow an altruistic narrative, they are commonly criticized as serving to satisfy a ‘White Saviour Syndrome’, the phenomenon in which a white person “guides people of color from the margins to the mainstream with his or her own initiative and benevolence” which tends to render the people of color “incapable of helping themselves” and disposes them of historical agency (Cammarota, 2011: 243-244). "- Felix WilluweitThe White Savior Complex! Let's talk about it! This is my family y'all! I'm excited! ✌️


24 Jul 2021

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WorldWide Educator (Feat: Adrienne Waller)

Link to podcast: What up doe!! This week's podcast features the @worldwideeducator the @5footspeaker I’m so blessed to have met Adrienne! She’s a real leader in education “WorldWide” and she blessed the podcast with her knowledge and wisdom! We did this in person in Detroit! What up doe! I love it! Dropping tonight! See ya!


16 Jul 2021

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Education vs. Schooling (Feat: Tomorrow Today)

Tomorrow Today is my clubhouse family: Adrienne Waller, Jae Ricks, Erica Pitts, and James Skinner. We were going strong on Clubhouse, hosting thought-provoking education rooms every week...Now we are a podcast!!  We Back!! This time it’s a podcast!! TeachSimple Presents: Tomorrow Today Education vs Schooling! This is the family! So we had to come back together! This time it’s a podcast 🔥🔥🔥 School vs. Education clubhouse room was our best room, the title itself took up hours!! This was our favorite conversation, so here the podcast and the notes. School:-The same, homogeneous, happens within the walls of a school-A place you go-Stifling, a formalized setting-Often not seen-Structured and limiting-Schools = institutions Institutions and bureaucracy Education: -Allowed me to develop myself, permits a person to grow three-dimensionally-Can be through anyone -Limitless-Self-directed-Having your educational needs met, going beyond the textbook -Tailoring and empowering-Education = learningEnjoy,Nellum


2 Jul 2021

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Discovery Lane: A Path to Independence (feat: Shante Tamerat)

Alice Lane & Shante Lane Tamerat are Co-Owners and Co-Founders of Discovery Lane. The idea for Discovery Lane came in the summer of 2014. They were compelled to open an educational program tailored to the needs of the community to enrich the lives of families. Discovery Lane was established with the firm belief that students are remarkable when you give them a path to trail. The school is Reggio Emilia inspired with a core focus on children being active participants in the curriculum.Shante blessed the podcast with her grace, leadership, and wisdom!! Super excited to have the sister on the podcast!Enjoy Nellum!#education #educational #educationiskey #educationforall #educationfirst #educationmatters #schoolleaders 


25 Jun 2021

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Motor City MakeOver ( feat: Detroit Deputy Manager Karla Williamson)

Link to podcast: Karla Williamson Deputy District 1 Manager for The City of Detroit blessed the podcast with her Detroit PRIDE and EXPERTISE. Detroit’s 1 is making major strides in community development, blight, and pushing their new initiative, “ Motor City of Make Over.” Karla is spearheading this initiative and is very passionate about her work in the City of Detroit. We talked about block club management and learning how to effectively engage the community. Please enjoy! Nellum  #District1 #DeputyManager #Detroit #detroitvseverybody#mayor #mayoristas #mayoral #community #communityfirst #communityovercompetition #communitymanager #CommunityService #communityofwriters #communityofpoets #communitymanagement #CommunityGarden #communityevent #CommunityBuilding #communitylove 


25 Jun 2021

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The Burning House: Educating Black Boys In Modern America ( feat: Desmond Williams)

Link to Book: https://www.nylinka.org/productsThe house is ablaze! What are we going to do? This is the question posed by award-winning educator and former principal, Desmond Williams. His first book, The Burning House: Educating Black Boys in Modern America is a manifesto on the issues confronting Black boys in today's schools.Brother Desmond is a teacher, principal, parent, and concerned citizen, Williams confronts issues on Black boys with a fresh perspective. He tackles disengagement, anti-intellectualism, the relevance gap, the school-to-prison pipeline, relationship building, special education referrals, and whiteness as individual houses on fire within a house. Williams offers a divergent framework for viewing these problems and provides workable solutions to extinguish the flames.This was a fruitful conversation!Enjoy!#community #education #nonprofit #schools #nonprofit #school #volunteering #families #autism #mentalhealth #building #pipeline #children 


10 Jun 2021

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Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man by Emmanuel Acho Book Review Part 1


9 Jun 2021

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