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Diego's Tour!

Let's take a tour inside of Diego and what's he thinking about at the moment. You could also expect guests and random events that will not be expected!

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Ep. 4 | Is Halloween 2020 canceled? | Diego’s Tour!

We’re back in action! Thanks for listening after all this wait. In this episode, I discuss how people are going to celebrate Halloween in this time with the pandemic going on and other factors like the cleanliness of picking up candy and the overall Halloween experience!


18 Sep 2020

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What's up with Diego's Tour?

Quick Update for Listeners Thanks for supporting the podcast but unfortunately, it is being put on hold because of technical difficulties. Don't worry though since the podcast is only paused for now but will come back bigger and better! 

28 May 2020

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Ep. 3 | Whats the deal with Frank? | Diego's Tour

Diego talks to Jonathan W. about Frank, franks, and Frank's.  Thanks to Jonathan W. for letting me use his voices! Want to be on the show? Text (480) 788 - 0657 #DIEGOSTOUR #DEJOPRODUCTIONS #DEJORIVER #DiegoRivera ℗ 2020 DEJO PRODUCTIONS


24 Apr 2020

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Ep. 2 | Obama on the Show? | Diego's Tour!

Diego talks to Nathan about possible guests that might come onto the show and other stuff he has seen on the street. Thanks to Nathan for letting me use his voices!Want to be on the show? Text (480) 788 - 0657#DIEGOSTOUR #DEJOPRODUCTIONS #DEJORIVER #DiegoRivera℗ 2020 DEJO PRODUCTIONS


17 Apr 2020

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Ep.1 | How's quarantine going? | Diego's Tour

DUE TO TECHNICAL ERRORS AUDIO IS CUT OFF IN VARIOUS PARTS OF THE PODCAST Diego explores how others are affected by the quarantine and talks about other little things along the way. Thanks to Jonathan and Mariama for letting me use their voices! Want to be on the show? Text (480) 788 - 0657 DIEGOSTOUR #DEJOPRODUCTIONS #DEJORIVER #DiegoRivera ℗ 2020 DEJO PRODUCTIONS


15 Apr 2020

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What's Diego's Tour?

Find out what Diego's Tour is all about! Want to be on the show? Text (480) 788 - 0657


14 Apr 2020

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