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Episode 49 - The One With Lost Mojo

Did we follow up one of our favorite episodes with an episode where we feel sleep deprived and generally "out of it?" -- You bet we did! 

1hr 3mins

30 Jul 2019

Rank #1

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Episode 48 - The One With Stranger Things

We have a tight window (for us) to break down Season 3 of Stranger Things. We talk about our favorite people, our favorite moments and all the things that weren't so great as well. Disclaimer: We spoil everything. 


11 Jul 2019

Rank #2

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Episode 47 - The One On Independence Day

Stranger Things Season 3, Will Smith, Aliens, Randy Quaid, Jeff Goldblum, and other memorable pop culture events that were sparked by recording on the 4th of July.


4 Jul 2019

Rank #3

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Episode 46 - The One Where The Truth Is Out There

We discuss UFOs and the latest documentary to hit Netflix about Bob Lazar, single use plastics, becoming a professional fighter and whether or not indoor rock climbing is the new cross-fit. At the end of the podcast we dive into NBA Free Agency, but give you a heads up about that one for those of you that couldn't care less. 

1hr 2mins

1 Jul 2019

Rank #4

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Episode 45 - The One With Too Many Comebacks

We're back... again? We're hoping to maintain it more. Any issues we ran into, just take into account we're rusty. If we're no longer interesting... well that would be pretty devastating! 

1hr 2mins

28 Jun 2019

Rank #5

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Episode 44 - The One Where Life Happens, Hombre

We play catch up and then dive up on a few of the topics from the last week, including Serena Williams, Nike's new ad campaign, Kanye with Lil Pump, and the sudden passing of Mac Miller

1hr 10mins

12 Sep 2018

Rank #6

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Episode 43 - The One With Borrowing Money

Is it a good idea to borrow money from your friends? Do you have a good (but probably bad) story that involves money and friends? Day for Night's founder Omar Afra is going through some sexual assault allegations on social media, so we give our thoughts on that. We also talk Kanye on Jimmy, candy at Walgreens, and fast food greetings.

1hr 4mins

15 Aug 2018

Rank #7

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Episode 42 - The One With Asbestos

Asbestos is cool again! We've now officially visited Astroworld and give our thoughts, and kids can't tell time anymore. It's 2018. baby.


10 Aug 2018

Rank #8

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Episode 41 - The One With Structure?

Apple's worth a trillion, Amazon is slaughtering everyone, Travis Scott relives Astro-World, and we do some self reflection on how dumb each previous "version" of ourselves has been. We took a week off after hammering 2-3 of these out every week since we started and we feel rejuvenated and we're pumped on improving the podcast as best we can.


3 Aug 2018

Rank #9

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Episode 40 - The One With A Time To Kill

With some crazy stories in our local news, we ask ourselves what it would take to send us to a crazy place. Could either of us go full Samuel L. Jackson? There's no way to word this episode without sounding crazy, so just give it a listen.

1hr 8mins

27 Jul 2018

Rank #10