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The Secret is You with Chris Cicchinelli

A dynamic thought leader who relentlessly engineers growth and progress, Chris Cicchinelli is the President & CEO of Pure Romance, the world’s largest in-home party company specializing in intimacy and sexual health. On HIT, Chris shares real-world, no-nonsense advice on transforming your business through innovation, influence, and connection. Chris specializes in motivating business owners and entrepreneurs to crush their goals, love the hustle, and live life by design.More about Chris: Chris joined the Pure Romance team in 2000 and immediately took drastic measures for growth, taking the company from $3 million in revenue to well over $250 million with 30,000 active Consultants all over the world. Chris has been interviewed on Fox Business News, MSNBC, and featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, INC 5000, Smart Business, and Direct Selling News.

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HIT #51 Like a BOSS with Lindsay Wagoner: The daily struggle to succeed as business owner

From paycheck-to-paycheck to serving on the Pure Romance Senior Board of Directors, Lindsay Wagoner has seen and done it all. Chris and Lindsay crack the code on owning your own business—discussing the hardest obstacles you’ll face and the incredible heights you can reach if you’re willing to put in the work. Are you ready to get your hands dirty and do what you’ve gotta do to succeed?


29 Oct 2019

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HIT #36 Research is the new listening! How to manage the digital “You.”

First impressions start long before you meet in person. Thanks to social media, a new acquaintance likely has an idea about who you are before your very first hand shake. Chris asks Social Media Expert Erin Gargan King the big question—how do you leverage your social media for greater success? Erin also gets real about fake influencers, managing your followers, and digging deep about being shallow on Instagram. 


20 Aug 2019

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HIT #53 Trendspotting: riding the wave before you get beached!

Business trends are fickle, powerful, and might seem unpredictable, but to LPK’s Chief Insight & Innovation Officer, Valerie Jacobs, they’re too important to ignore! Chris and Valerie explore trend behaviors and trend cycles—why is innovation so important for businesses today, and what in next in our fast-paced, digitally-connected world?


12 Nov 2019

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HIT #50 Measuring happiness: tips for a better, more fulfilling life…today!

 It’s the big 5-0! Pure Romance SVP of Sales & Training Cheryl Force and sales guru Brian Parsley are back to talk about happiness: what it means, how to measure it, and how to grow it for yourself! When’s the last time you gave yourself a motivational talk to be the best you? Simple changes in your perspective can turn the tables when it comes to finding joy in your own life.


17 Oct 2019

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HIT #37 Service and selflessness: leadership from the top down with Cheryl Force

Pure Romance SVP of Sales & Training Cheryl Force is back to take on the trials and tribulations of leadership and team culture. Chris and Cheryl discuss the importance of clear direction and the impact of service and selflessness in the top roles of a company’s hierarchy.


23 Aug 2019

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HIT #40 The best skill you’ll ever learn: How to NOT give an F!

It’s the easiest and hardest skill you’ll ever learn—not giving an F! Executive Publicist Suzanne Murray meets with Chris to discuss how hard it is for CEOs to focus on the big picture when surrounded by tiny frustrating distractions. In this bite-sized episode, you’ll find out why the ability to just “not give an F” is one of the best skills you’ll ever master!


10 Sep 2019

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HIT #24 The foundation of success? Treating your body right!

Treating your body right is the foundation of success. Executive Publicist Suzanne Murray joins Chris to talk about the connection between health, happiness, and success. In mile-a-minute world where it’s so easy to neglect yourself, Chris and Suzanne talk about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the power of an accountability partner. How can you stay motivated to succeed when it’s so easy to give in to bad habits?


9 Jul 2019

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HIT #52 From frustration to financial freedom: The skills you need to “make it” with Brad Nelson

Financial consultant Brad Nelson knows what it’s like to start from the ground up. Brad’s own journey from overwhelming debt to financial independence is the foundation of his work as a personal finance coach. Chris and Brad discuss how you can battle financial obstacles (really!) and how you can develop the skills (and habits!) you need to be truly debt-free!


30 Oct 2019

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HIT #38 The GOYA Principle

Everyone’s a critic, but that won’t stop sales expert Brian Parsley! Brian and Chris take on the sources of criticism and explore the benefits of negative and positive feedback. On one hand, ignoring useless criticism is a good skill to have; on the other hand, good criticism can be a great motivator to G-O-Y-A (get off your ass) and get things done!


27 Aug 2019

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HIT #25 Clear out the clutter: curating your life, environment, and goals

In a world where social media influencers post about their “lavish” lifestyles every single day, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important in our own lives. It comes down to what Chris calls “curating”—focusing on the most important aspects of life and making those the centerpiece of your goals. Chris also explains the difference between the lives we curate for ourselves, and the social media “lives” people curate for others. Guess which one’s gonna stress you out?


12 Jul 2019

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HIT #48 Being successful with 10 things that require ZERO TALENT

From body language to work ethic, Chris turns the tables with 10 business tips that don’t need “talent.” With more than 20 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, Chris nails down some of the biggest life-changers that anyone can start doing—right now! The real question is, what are you waiting for?


7 Oct 2019

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HIT # 29 Break through barriers with performance coach Sarah Klein

High-Performance Coach Sarah Klein outlines the powerful benefits of life coaching. Sharing her courageous journey as a sexual abuse victim, Sarah speaks out about the importance of self-worth in life, business, and beyond. Chris and Sarah also explore how performance coaching can truly change your life.


26 Jul 2019

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HIT #59 What the tech?! Tech-forward strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners

For over 25 years, Sound Concepts CEO McKinley Oswald has been moving businesses into the fast lane by improving their technology strategy. Chris and McKinley break down the importance of forward-thinking implementation and deployment, and the strategies that could make or break your business!


24 Dec 2019

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HIT #26 Time management: How entrepreneurs maximize every single day

Time management is one of the toughest skills for entrepreneurs to master! Don’t drown in your dayplanner—Brian Parsley is back to help you plan, prioritize, and persevere. Brian and Chris share their experiences with their own businesses and schedules, while breaking down the old idea of being chained to the calendar.


16 Jul 2019

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HIT #39 Happiness found? How you’re getting in the way of your own goals.

When’s the last time you told yourself “I’ll be happy when…”? It’s all too easy to slide into negative thinking and focus on where we “should” be in life. Chris explores the unhealthy cycle of “shoulds” that drag you down and rob you of your potential, then shares his powerful perspective on why taking time for gratitude is essential for the entrepreneur's goal-setting process.


6 Sep 2019

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HIT #45 Today’s going to be a good day—because you’re going to live 15% longer!

Chris has awesome news: a new Harvard study says that optimists—people who tend to approach life with a “glass half full” outlook—live 15% longer! (Spoiler alert: that means YOU can, too!) Ready for the sunny side of life? Find out what you can do today to start living your life with optimism and positivity.


27 Sep 2019

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HIT #49 Where will you be 5 years from today?

Let’s talk strategy! It’s all about the power of perspective—Chris gets in-depth on Dan Zadra’s  guide for more focused living, “The 5 Book: Where Will You Be Five Years From Today?” Have you thought about your next 5 years? That’s only 1,825 short days! Chris also talks about visualizing success, because life’s too short for regrets. A good mindset might be the only thing you need to turn your “what if” into “what IS!” 


15 Oct 2019

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HIT #32 Dave Lorenzo and the incredible power of service-oriented business

Chris meets with Dave Lorenzo, a master sales consultant and author of “The 60-Second Sale” to find out how anyone can, as Dave says, “make a great living and make a great life!” Chris and Dave take on the dying dialing-for-dollars business culture and open up about the power of a service-oriented approach to sales. Which is more important: what you do or why you do it?


6 Aug 2019

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HIT #60 The art of leading leaders with Tony Munafo

There’s a reason ProLink Staffing was named one of the best places to work in Cincinnati; It’s Tony Munafo, its Founder and CEO. Tony’s commitment to empowering his employees with training and mentorship is evident by the growing success of the company. Entrepreneurs— take note!


30 Dec 2019

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HIT #41 Change? Handled. Why you shouldn’t let change steer your business off-course.

It’s a triple-threat episode! The new year is getting closer, so Chris leads a crash course on change with Executive Publicist Suzanne Murray and Sales Expert Brian Parsley. Together, this expert panel examines why people fear change, and why top entrepreneurs should ride the wave of change instead of running from it! 


13 Sep 2019

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