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Summer of Fun

In this episode the crew talk about gateway games and answer important pizza questions.Who's Who (00:01:02)JillTimEricClayWhat we've been playing (00:02:24)NemesisQ.E.The King is DeadL.L.A.M.A.RenatureTulip BubbleSymphony No. 9Mini RailsCard RailsCapstone Corner (00:35:16) - Anyone have any spare shipping containers? Discussion (00:46:12) - Move over Merriam-Webster, we're defining Gateway Games.Ask Capstone (01:26:26)More Splotter? (01:26:45)Pizza toppings and Dream (Game) Date (01:29:39)

1hr 43mins

5 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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Only Capstone Fans

In this episode, the Capstone crew talks about shipping delays and low player count games.Who's Who (00:02:00)TimJillianEricClayWhat we've been playing (00:04:40)Clay - BrassTim - Pax Viking, Pax Everything, The King is DeadEric - Gloomhaven, Tulip BubbleJillian - Watergate, The Vote, A Mending,Capstone Corner (00:50:00) - The upcoming Summer releases ... if we can find a boatAsk Capstone (01:01:27)Solo and 2 player games

1hr 48mins

7 Jun 2021

Rank #2

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In this episode, the Capstone crew talks about the early days of the company.Who's Who (00:00:50)JillianTimJustinClayWhat we've been playing (00:01:38)Justin - Shobu, Star Realms, Tellstones, StilichoTim - Three Kingdoms Redux, War of Whispers, Clay - My City, Traxx, Diceland, Riftforce, Bayonets & TomahawksJillian - Myrmes, Oath, GloomhavenCapstone Corner (00:48:41)WatergateNew York ZooCooper IslandJuicy FruitsCoffee TradersPipelineRorschachCapstone is Born (00:55:28) - Each member discusses their start with the company and how it formed the Capstone we know today.Ask Capstone (01:32:14)Socks?Freaky Deaky Tipichikis?Insta-buy?

1hr 58mins

3 May 2021

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of Beyond the Table, the official podcast of Capstone Games. In this episode, Jillian, Tim. Clay, and Josh talk about what they've been playing, what's coming up from Capstone, their gaming friends, and answer some of your burning questions.Who we are (00:01:35)Clay RossJosh DenmeadeTimJillianWhat we've been playing (00:03:09)Clay - Reign of Witches [Editor's Note: A few weeks after this episode was recorded, the designer of Reign of Witches announced that she had changed her name to Amabel. We will make sure to refer to her as such moving forward.]Josh - Petrichor, GoJillian - Curious Cargo, Dungeons & DragonsTim - Court of the Dead: Mourner's CallCapstone Corner (00:25:25)WatergateNew York ZooCoffee TradersCapstone Family - Juicy Fruits, RorschachGaming Friends (00:33:19)ScytheBIOS: Megafauna 2nd EditionThree Kingdoms ReduxNationsAsk Capstone (00:51:14)Which is the best MCU film? (00:52:03)Which are your favorite Capstone Games? Which are your favorite non-Capstone games? (00:59:28) - Arkwright, Indonesia, Terra Mystica, Three Kingdoms Redux, Star Realms, Homeworlds, Curious Cargo, Orleans, Spirit Island, Gloomhaven, BIOS: Megafauna 2nd Edition, GoGet out of here, Craig! (01:28:59)

1hr 29mins

5 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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