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S3 Ep24 - Answers

Damo take us back to the Barry Hall moment of last week and what’s happened since. And the boys want an answer from another media outlet.


5 Jul 2018

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S3 Ep29 - Own It

On The Sounding Board, Damo and Hutchy chat: Jarrod Lyle Day The Andrew Gaff hit: Adam Simpson v Basil Zempilas and Trevor Nisbett’s press conference Gold Coast Suns: The handling of Tom Lynch’s departure and Mark Evans’ outburst Troubles with the AFLW The Victorian Jockeys Association silencing its members Melbourne Victory’s announcement of Keisuke Honda Spin City – Hutchy tells Nisbett what he should’ve said Josh Jenkins’ honesty


6 Aug 2018

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S3 Ep45 - Top 5 Journos

Damo and Hutchy identify the best journo they've worked with. Find out who they regard as the best in the biz!


12 Dec 2018

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S3 Ep24 - Questions

Damo and Hutchy take your questions on The Sounding Board.


5 Jul 2018

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S4 Ep3 - Negotiated Outcomes

A footy rivalry is spilling from the playing field to the television arena, with two former stars set to duke it out on competing lifestyle shows. Find out who that involves on The Sounding Board.


11 Feb 2019

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S4 Ep3 - Questions

Damo and Hutchy answer your questions on The Sounding Board.


12 Feb 2019

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S4 Ep5 - Suppression

From reporting on rumours, suppression orders and to Zion Williamson's Nike shoe explosion, Damo and Hutchy tackle the big issues in the media.


26 Feb 2019

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S3 Ep26 - Questions

Question time on The Sounding Board with Damo and Hutchy


17 Jul 2018

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S4 Ep 40 - Integrated Content?. . . It's An Ad

Join Craig Hutchison and Damian Barrett for Ep 40 - Integrated Content?. . .It's An Ad To keep up to date with the show and submit a question like our Facebook Page or follow the podcast on Twitter.  TIME CODES .30 – Hutchy’s been in Japan but has a glint in his eye. The Warming of Brian as Channel 7 announces new travel show with BT – Mates on a Mission. An inspirational travel comedy series. 4.40 – Gerard Whateley target of poaching by Channel 7. Hutchy’s behind the scenes perspective on how deals like this might get done. 7.00 – Turbulent Times in Television.  Neroli Meadows axed by Fox due to budget. Tougher times for tv employees – audiences are shrinking.   9.30 - Fear in the marketplace about what lies ahead for next AFL rights deal.  Talent needs to move with the changing landscape too.   14.00 – Politicisation of Sport.  Trump’s Appearance at the World Series. The crowd chanted ‘Lock Him Up’. Was the crowd behaviour undignified or reasonable? 18.00 – Some elite athlete’s ie Tom Brady – walk between the raindrops 22.00 – Question of the Week for Social Status from Callan Date on Facebook regarding the death of Ashleigh Petrie the fiancé of Rodney Higgins whose relationship got widespread coverage in the media. What right to privacy does the average non-media person have? 30.00 – Racing and the response to animal cruelty coverage – did they act swiftly enough with pledging money towards better outcomes for retired horses. 35.00 – Bruce McAvaney is joining Gerard Whateley on 1116 SEN for Melbourne Cup Day. 36.00 – Front page of Herald Sun promoting Sydney Racing events.  Integrated content v advertising. Where are the boundaries? 42.00 – Hutchy’s week. . .England for Rugby, New Zealand then Japan for the races. 43.00– The launch of Apple TV – what it means for streaming services. 45.00 – Catch and Kill. Incredibly book about journalism by Ronan Farrow.  Send us your reviews on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #SoundingBoardCatchandKill


29 Oct 2019

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S4 Ep6 - Questions

Damo and Hutchy answer your questions on The Sounding Board.


5 Mar 2019

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S4 Ep10 - Break Ups

On The Sounding Board: - Break ups are hard - Damo losing his battle against St Kilda - AFL clubs stonewalling media access to players - Hutchy's radical AFLW schedule - The Herald Sun's dire circulation and digital figures - Plus Eddie McGuire and The Footy Show's ratings


1 Apr 2019

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S4 Ep 8 - Media Softening

Did Gillon McLachlan mislead the media? The pile-on effect of Eggboy, plus Hutchy's top 7 footy breakers.


18 Mar 2019

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S4 Ep13 - Access Denied

Traditional media access is a thing of the past, says Damian Barrett in the aftermath of his spat with Luke Hodge. And could Hutchy be the new chairman of a popular Melbourne sporting franchise?


22 Apr 2019

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S4 Ep7 - Bitten The Dust

Does the AFL elite earn enough? Damo doesn't think so. Plus, we have our say on the night Grand Final and could Usain Bolt have been the Mariners' white knight? And another podcast has bitten the dust.


12 Mar 2019

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S3 Ep27 - Questions

Damo and Hutchy tackle your questions on The Sounding Board.


27 Jul 2018

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Hutchy And Damo Discuss The Melbourne United Deal

The Crocmedia family has opened its doors to club ownership in the form of capturing a 25% stake of reigning NBL champions Melbourne United. 


16 Jul 2018

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S4 Ep8 - Questions

Damo and Hutchy answer your questions on The Sounding Board.


19 Mar 2019

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S4 Ep19 - Two Down, Two More To Go

Following the departures of Brad Scott and Brendon Bolton, Damo and Hutchy identify the coaches feeling the pressure to hold their positions. TIMECODE 0.00 – Damo breaking the Brendon Bolton story 1 – Other coaches under pressure 5.30 – Is Don Pyke in trouble? 8.30 – New twist in the Alen Stajcic saga 14.30 – Rhyce Shaw can’t be appointed senior coach of North Melbourne, could he? 16 – Melbourne United chasing some of the NBA’s biggest stars 19 – The fallout from Dale Thomas’s boozey night out 22 – Dan Hannebery makes his footy return in the VFL 33.30 – The Sounding Board survey 26.30 – Spin city 32 – The Adam Goodes documentary 33 – AFL score review system 34.20 – Richmond fan suspended for three games following “green maggot” comment


3 Jun 2019

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S4 Ep 33 - It Hits Hard

Join Damian Barrett and Craig Hutchison as they pay tribute to Danny 'Spud' Frawley  who died on Monday.  This Saturday Triple M & 1116 SEN Unite In Tribute To Danny Frawley Spud Frawley’s great radio mates will reunite this Saturday afternoon with Triple M and 1116 SEN to simulcast a special edition of The Saturday Rub in a tribute to the life of the St Kilda champion and larger-than-life media figure. For 10 years, Frawley, alongside Brian Taylor, James Brayshaw, Garry Lyon and Damian Barrett formed the ultra-successful Triple M Saturday Rub team, entertaining the public with a unique brand of humour and footy analysis. In recent years, Taylor, Brayshaw and Barrett have remained core members of The Saturday Rub team, while Lyon and Frawley made the move to SEN to be key players in the station’s football coverage. From 12pm this Saturday, they will come together once more in a tribute to their great mate. Head of Triple M Mike Fitzpatrick said, “This idea, dreamt up by Garry, James, Damo and Rub producer Luke Tunnecliffe, to honour their dear friend, is a fitting tribute to a beautiful man who was larger than life. All rivalries are put aside so we can celebratea great man. There won’t be a dry eye.” Pacific Star Network Managing Director Craig Hutchison said Frawley would love the idea. “No-one told a yarn better than Danny so the idea of getting his mates together toreflect and share some of Spud’s great moments and stories will be really movingand promises plenty of laughs”, he said. “Spud was everyone’s mate and news of his passing has had a huge impact on us all. We look forward to honouring him in this way.” The simulcast will be heard in Melbourne on Saturday at midday (EST) on 105.1 Triple M and 1116 SEN, 104.7 Triple M and 1629 SEN SA in Adelaide, as well as Triple M Hobart, Albury, Bendigo, Shepparton, Mildura, Mt Gambier, Griffith, and 3BA Ballarat, 5RM and Gold, 3CS, 3HA, 2QN and 3SH on the ACE Radio Network. 


11 Sep 2019

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S4 Ep11 - The Talent Conundrum

S4 Ep11 - The Talent Conundrum Love them or hate them - they're the only two options to be a ratings success. Plus, Melbourne's mean tweets campaign and 2009 tanking saga.


8 Apr 2019

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