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POW! & Welcome, to Mashup Wreckaz Radio. We are from Planet Wreckmash across the Toucan-Galaxy near the Orion Galaxy. Our mission and what we're set to do, is to deliver the music that you've been wanting to hear! Too many commercials getting in the way? Calls coming in when you just missed the hook? We are a radio series on Itunes that is rewindable, retrackedable, & most importantly re-danceable. We, DJ BaddMixxRick, & The Toucan Bird JC Flores, invade Terrestial (FM) & (AM) Radio, Satelite Radio, & Internet Radio to deliver up-to-date music, mashups, remixes, interviews, news, and more! Follow us on twitter: @mwreckazradioEnjoy!

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"HSOF" Higher State of Fresh "2011 Unreleased Radio Mixshow by The Mashup Wreckaz

The Mashup Wreckaz are back! In this latest episode, The Mashup Wreckaz "Dj BaddmixxRick" compile one wicked hour of non stop mega mixing with all original "Mashup Wreckaz" mashups, edits, remixes, and transitions produced by Rick & JC. THat Damn Toucan hosts the first of this series "HSOF" which is the "Higher State of Fresh" We want to thank you all of you for subscribing and for your support! For dj's looking to purchase our edits log onto www.crack4djs.net/mashupwreckaz for more info.

1hr 13mins

29 Oct 2013

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Mashup Wreckaz Radio Episode #14 W/ Special Guest DJ Valid

The Mashup Wreckaz are back on this all new twerk to 808 to trap mixshow! We wanted to feature young upcoming remixer and producer DJ Valid. Definitely a talent that cannot go unseen. DJ Baddmixxrick follows up the mixshow on this edition with some sick trap and twerk remixes as well. Make sure to give us a like on facebook.com/themashupwreckaz or follow us on twitter: @mwreckazradioFor djs looking for some of our remixes, make sure to log onto: www.crooklynclan.net/mashupwreckaz


4 Nov 2014

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Higher State Of Fresh Vol. 2

The Mashup Wreckaz "DJ Baddmixxrick" is back at it again with 25 minutes of Non-Stop Mashup Wreckaz Edits, Remix, Transitions, cuts, and 2014's Hottest Tracks! Stay tuned for Part 2 of Higher State of Fresh Vol. 2 featuring. That Damn Toucan JC Flores!

1hr 12mins

19 Dec 2014

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Mashup Wreckaz Radio Episode #11 with special guest " DJ Latin Prince "

Pow!Mashup Wreckaz Radio Episode #10 is finally here! We invited DJ City's Regional Director and founder of Bumsquad Djz, "DJ Latin Prince" on this edition of Mashup Wreckaz Radio. Here's more info you can find on our invited guest DJ Latin Prince. Although, Latin Prince has many skills and a multi-faceted career, DJing and music remains his first love. He travels internationally to Europe, South East Asia, Latin America dazzling crowds with his unique formula of DJing. “A DJ has the ability to control your emotions and that is very powerful.” Says LP “To be able to put a smile on your face. To put on a song that’s gonna take you there or to play a song that tears you up is very powerful.” www.djcity.comwww.djlatinprince.comwww.facebook.com/DeeJayLatinPrincewww.twitter.com/latinprincehttps://soundcloud.com/djlatinprincewww.crooklynclan.net/mashupwreckazwww.jcfloresonline.comwww.soundcloud.com/themashupwreckazwww.soundcloud.com/ispeaktoucanwww.facebook.com/themashupwreckazwww.twitter.com/mwreckazradio


23 Mar 2014

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Mashup Wreckaz Radio Episode #12 with special guest " The Anthem Kingz"

We are excited to announce that our next episode will feature our homies from Crooklyn Clan and current top remixers on Crooklyn Clan "The Anthem Kingz". The first live mix that you will rock out to features my partner DJ Baddmixxrick and then followed by a live mix by "The Anthem Kingz".The Anthem Kingz were our guest on 96.9 Kiss Fm this past Saturday and we had to feature them on our podcast!For more info on the Anthem Kingz:@AnthemKingz on Twitterwww.crooklynclan.net/anthemkingz for remixes & exclusiveswww.anthemkingz.com (website)@mwreckazradio on Twitterwww.crooklynclan.net/mashupwreckaz for remixes & exclusiveswww.facebook.com/themashupwreckaz (Official Facebook page)


13 Apr 2014

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Mashup Wreckaz Radio Episode #10 with special guests "The Rockit Scientists"

Pow! Mashup Wreckaz Radio Episode #10 is finally here! We thought on this particular episode we would mix it up a bit and what better way to do that then to ask our homies "The Rockit Scientists" to come through and bless us with their wicked remixing and sick mashups! Dj Solarz & DJ Guzie of the Rockit Scientists tear it up with new remixes, original compositions and unique Mashups. Help us welcome our special guests, on Episode #10, "The Rockit Scientist." For more info on The Rockit Scientists you can find them here!www.facebook.com/rockitscientistswww.twitter.com/rockitscientistwww.therockitscientists.com For more info on The Mashup Wreckaz check us out here: www.facebook.com/themashupwreckazwww.twitter.com/mwreckazradiowww.crooklynclan.net/mashupwreckaz

1hr 17mins

18 Mar 2014

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MashupWreckaz Radio Episode #13 W Special Guest DJ Tek One

The Mashup Wreckaz would like to welcome from Chicago on this episode of Mashup Wreckaz Radio, "DJ TEK ONE"www.facebook.com/djtekonetwitter.com/djtekoneFor more Mashup Wreckaz Remixes, Edits, party breaks, transition, club elements or radio dj tools packages, log onto www.crooklynclan.net/mashupwreckaz www.facebook.com/themashupwreckazwww.twitter.com/mwreckazradiowww.themashupwreckaz.comwww.thefuture.fm/mashupwreckazradio


3 May 2014

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Mashup Wreckaz Episode #6 Hosted by DJ Skribble & Chris Reeder

POW!!!! Yes we are back, and thank you for remaining patient with us!! We would like to first off thank all of you for staying on top of our podcasts, as well as your continued support for our podcasts and letting your friends know about the show!! Imagine all of today's hottest music mashed up for one incredible feast of music? Yes we did it again! Also brand new exclusive freestyle take-over from Campaign Music's @killadro210 & @swiffa We were able to get in touch with Skam Artists DJ "DJ Skribble" and his artist "Chris Reeder" where we are debuting the single "cut the lights" exclusively on Mashup Wreckaz Radio and for you jamming out to this podcast!!!Drop us a line via twitter: @mwreckazradio and let us know what kinda music are you looking to get mashed up? and we will take your request for our next episode. In the meantime, enjoy the new mashups, transitions, as this will be one wicked show, and a huge workout if your working out to the podcast. POW!!!!Follow us on twitter: @mwreckazradio, @thatdamntoucan, @djskribble, @chrisreeder @cmsc_ @skamartistwebsite: www.podomatic.com/mashupwreckazradio www.helloswiffa.com www.jcfloresonline.com Stay tuned for our next podcast, and thank you again for subscribing to our podcast and your continued support for our show!!! Also for all dj's looking for new party breaks, intros, mashups, and transitions hit up our catalogue on www.crack4djs.net "the mashup wreckaz"POW!

1hr 10mins

15 Jun 2011

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Mashup Wreckaz Hip Hop Throwdown Edition Vol. 1

We want to thank all of our subscribers, fans, and those that have been downloading our podcasts. This is actually a MASHUP WRECKAZ EXCLUSIVE project. You have been asking for more hip hop so we want to give it to you. This is our first Hip Hop Mashup Wreckaz Radio Mixtape, and we decided to throw in a few surprises in mashups, party breaks, and transitions. Also we went ahead and decided to do less talk, more MUSIC! Thank you again to all of you from Dj BaddMixxRick & myself That Damn Toucan J.C. Flores, and stay tuned to Episode 7! Follow us on twitter: @mwreckazradio & @thatdamntoucan or visit: www.crack4djs.net www.jcfloresonline.com Pow!

1hr 6mins

21 Aug 2011

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Episode 9 Mashup Wreckaz Radio Present: "The Latinos are in the Building!"

Happy New Year to all of you and belated Happy Holidays! lol. On behalf of Baddmixxrick and myself That Damn Toucan JC Flores we would like to thank you all for subscribing, listening and downloading our podcasts. We will be working diligently to provide more content for our music and music for you to dance, work out, and party to! By popular demand, we decided to dedicate our next podcast to all the Latinos in all over the world that have requested for a Latin Radio Mixshow! Here you go and we hope that you enjoy! Be sure to catch us on Saturdays on 96.9 Kiss Fm or by logging onto www.kissfm969.com You can like us on facebook: The Mashup Wreckaz or follow us on Twitter: @mwreckazradio


5 Jan 2014

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