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With the wonder of magic, a critical eye... and a cauldron of craft brew on the side, All The Things ~ Harry Potter is a refreshing new podcast with friends, getting together over drinks and re-reading the Harry Potter books chapter by chapter. Join us for a Quidditch style deep dive into the books we all remember so well!

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40 - COS Ch.13 - The Not So Secretive Diary

Most people upon finding a 50 year old journal wouldn't give it much thought beyond an appreciation for a good vintage find. Harry isn't able to stop thinking about it though, despite warnings from Ron and the fact that it came out of a toilet. Luckily for him, this diary is not worried about keeping its secrets safe. Join Nate and Jade as they dive into Chapter 13 of the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


23 Dec 2019

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14 - SS Ch.11 - Anxiety Poops

Trying something new can make you nervous! Maybe it's a new food, learning to drive, or maybe playing a dangerous sport 100 feet in the air ~ in front of the whole school! In this episode we discuss Quidditch, broomstick f***ery, and how Hagrid managed to get a three headed dog!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt

1hr 6mins

10 Jun 2019

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35 - COS Ch.9 - Fingered

Everybody loves a good who-dun-it mystery. If you've listened to our game night episodes you know that's how we feel about it anyways! In this episode we talk about whether it's worse to be wrongly accused, or the victim. Join Jade, Nate and Shantell as we discuss Chapter 9 - The Writing's On The Wall!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


18 Nov 2019

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26 - COS Ch.1 - The M Word

Growing up as kids there were always words that you weren't allowed to say. In Harry's case that word is Magic. Join Jade, Nate, Shantell and James as they (finally) get into chapter 1 of the second book of the Harry Potter series; Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


16 Sep 2019

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33 - COS Ch.7 - Belching Slugs

Sticking up for your friends is always considered a good thing, but sometimes it can have serious consequences! Join Jade, Nate and after a while James, as they get into chapter 7 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! No Slugs were harmed in the recording of this podcast...Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


4 Nov 2019

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22 - No Contact (Movie Night)

A lot of people like to say that the book is always better than the movie. Other people just don't think it's worth the time. In this episode Nate, Jade, James and Shantell get together for a post netflix and chill podcast, and discuss our favorite scenes from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt

1hr 32mins

5 Aug 2019

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5 - SS Ch.4 - Coat Cake

Do you normally bring snacks with you when you travel? Well instead of trail mix, one particular person brings an entire cake! Don't mind if it's a little crushed. We're back at it agan discussing one of our favorite characters ~ Hagrid!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


8 Apr 2019

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3 - SS Ch.2 - Magic Dynamite

What would you do if you found out that you could talk to snakes? Would your first thoughts be of revenge? We're back again to talk about Chapter 2 The Vanishing Glass!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


30 Mar 2019

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16 - SS Ch.13 - Milking With Magic

Do you have a friend who can't keep a secret? Apparently we do! See who spills the beans this episode as we get into Chapter 13 Nicholas Flamel! p.s. it's not him...Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt

1hr 4mins

24 Jun 2019

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15 - SS Ch.12 - The Big D

What do you want most in the whole world? Jade, Nate, James and Shantell talk about Christmas time at Hogwarts, the advantages of invisibility cloaks, and what you might see if you looked into the Mirror of Erised.Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt

1hr 3mins

17 Jun 2019

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41 - COS Ch.14 - Luscious Lucius

There are times in life when you are faced with a conversation you don't want to have. In this weeks chapter our heroes try to avoid having just that kind of conversation with Hagrid, but when one of the trio is attacked they are forced to confront him. Join Nate, Jade, Shantell and James as we get into Chapter 14 of Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


6 Jan 2020

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37 - Dark Deck (Game Night)

It's game night! And in this episode the WHOLE crew came out to play! Jade, Nate, James, Shantell and Aaron, along with some craft beer, throw down to see who becomes the new game night champion!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt

1hr 33mins

2 Dec 2019

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23 - SS Wrap Up - Cheers

We all like having a reason to celebrate, and today is as good a day as any! Today we close the cover on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. We cover topics that we felt needed some closure, as well as a few new topics that came to mind after watching the movie. Thank you for following along with us! Stay subscribed so you'll know when we get into the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


12 Aug 2019

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21 - SS Ch.17 - Harry Potter: SVQ

Most of our favorite books have an insane plot twist that we never saw coming. So it makes total sense that in the last chapter of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone we get just that. You know the drill by now, right? Grab a drink, crack that book and listen on as Nate, Jade, James and Shantell dig extra deep into this weeks episode Chapter 17 The Man With Two Faces.Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt

1hr 21mins

29 Jul 2019

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20 - SS Ch.16 - Hero Mode

Escape rooms have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. Who doesn't like a good puzzle? Well, how would you like it if the stakes were fatal? Join us this week as we discuss giant chess sets, poison puzzles and All The Things that lie underneath Chapter 16 Through The Trap Door!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


22 Jul 2019

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19 - Sudden Death (Game Night)

The final installment of Harry Potter Trivia Night is here at last! Jade, Nate, James and Shantell go head to head in this, the ultimate showdown of knowledge for the title of WIZARDING WORLD CHAMPION! ... Or at least some bragging rights or whatever...Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


15 Jul 2019

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18 - SS Ch.15 - Welcome To The Woods, Motherf***er

There aren't many good reasons to be walking in the woods after dark. Especially if you were told it was forbidden. But no, it'll be fine... right? Join Jade, Nate, James and Shantell as they discuss Chapter 15 The Forbidden Forest, and find out what's going bump in the night!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


8 Jul 2019

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7 - Riddikulus (Game Night)

We decided to take a break from our regular recording, and spent the night playing Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit! We had such a good time doing this that we are FOR SURE doing this again. Listen on to see how much you really know, and who gets to walk away with a W!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


22 Apr 2019

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6 - SS Ch.5 - The F***ing One

You now possess a key to the universe... What will you do with it? That's alot of pressure for an 11 year old kid. In this episode we discuss everything you need to buy before heading off to Hogwarts, including his wand!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


15 Apr 2019

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4 - SS Ch.3 - Potter Points

The devil really is in the details! James explains how he got a massive amount of PP's from his wife, Shantell. Easy now, we mean Potter Points! Join us as we jump into Chapter 3 The Letters From No One!Facebook.com/podcastattInstagram.com/podcastattTwitter.com/podcast_attPatreon.com/podcastatt


1 Apr 2019

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