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Masterful Life by Ayse Hogan, Leader in Transformation

Holistic Self Healing Podcast with Transformational Guru and Healing Catalyst, Ayse Hogan. www.thechakrahouseofhealing.com

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Magnificence and Mastery

In this podcast, I am going to give you a gift that you can execute immediately to change what you focus on in your life in an instant.  Are you ready?  And I am going to share my why...for giving you this gift.  Can't wait to see your comments, please follow and join my community here.  Look forward to sharing with you. If you listen to this and want some assistance, then use this link and let's chat with a  FREE Strategy Session...http://bit.ly/60MinFree


16 Mar 2020

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How to Understand that You are STUCK and How to break FREE

n this episode I am going to go over all the reasons you are feeling stuck. We are going to discuss and investigate those reasons and then move forward into how you can release yourself. We will go into a step by step process of understanding what being stuck is actually doing to your mind, body and energy on all levels and in ways that you may not even realize. Being stuck effects all aspects of your life including your family, your friendships, your romantic relationships, your work and your relationship with yourself. Connect with Dr. Ayse Hogan at: I invite you to a FREE No-Obligation Hero's Strategy Session with me by clicking here Website: thechakrahouseofhealing.com Instagram: @chakrahouseofhealing Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thechakrahouseofhealing LinkedIn: https://st.linkedin.com/in/thechakrahouseofhealing


24 Oct 2019

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Expectations & Obligations - How these always hurt you

We go through most of our lives in fear and it has become so inate in us we don't even know it.  We blame others. We expect others to understand what we need and want as well as obligate them to do for us.  The issue is we are going about this all wrong...listen and let me explain. Soul Guru Ayse Hogan at The Chakra House of Healing https://www.thechakrahouseofhealing.com


29 Aug 2018

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What is an Empath ? Are you an Empath

What is an Empath? So many of us are experiencing mood disorders and pain in our body and we think there is something wrong with us...SURPRISE.  You may be an Empath and if that is the case...well then we can put an end to what you are experiencing and focus on controlling your gift. This is great news!! Contact me at chakrahouseofhealing@gmail.com for more information

1hr 15mins

31 Mar 2019

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I am NOT responsible for.....

Today on Masterful Mornings...I would like to talk about our choices and decisions.  We blame others, they blame us, we blame our parents...who is responsible for your struggles and challenges.  How can you change it? Take a listen and if you want help with this, then I'd love to have a 1 hour online complimentary chat with you. Click Here and let's get to know each other


21 Feb 2020

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The Chakra House of Healing Presents Wild About Wellness with Simone Usselman Tod

Soul Guru Ayse Hogan and Simone Usselman-Tod speaking about Holistic Mentorship If you are interested in watching the episode, feel free to click here  Please note the phone number has changed since this recording to 519-800-5575...thank you


25 Nov 2018

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Are you on Empath? How knowing this can change your life forever.

How Empathic are you? Empathy can disguise itself as depression, panic attacks and even agoraphobia to name a few...let's ready to find out if you are an empath? Want help mastering your empathy?  Then definitely reach out to me for a complimentary 60 minute online chat.  Mastering this can change your life http://bit.ly/60MinFree


13 Feb 2020

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How to Move from Stuck to Freedom

7 Signs that you Know Your Are Stuck This a big deal and 95% of my clientele.  They can't get past their past.  They think they are living in the present, but they have suppressed so much, and become complacent and simply existing in their own life.   In this podcast, we are going to talk about 7 Signs that tell you that you are stuck and how to finally begin releasing yourself from that. I am including an opportunity for you to book a Free Complimentary Online Chat with me so that you can finally begin taking control of your life...I look forward to speaking with you. https://Thechakrahouseofhealingbooking.as.me/?appointmentType=5190456


16 Oct 2019

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How Belief Creates Our Reality - Part 1

This is the first part of a longer discussion outlining in detail how Belief Creates our Reality.  I discuss this not only spiritually but also scientifically and physically, in order to understand this on all levels. If you are enjoying my podcasts and would like to see them live, please join my FB Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/transformation4U And if I can help you on an a personal level get to where you want to go in this life...then check out my Website and  NEw Course Platform  www.thechakrahouseofhealing.com Enjoy!


12 Jun 2019

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Understanding the Field of Intention

Understanding the Power in the Field of Intention One of my favourite authors and mentors is Dr. Wayne Dyer and even though he has transitioned now, he has left behind amazing information to connect with. So in this podcast, I am going to speak to you about Power we have in the Field of Intention.  I am thrilled to bring you this and know you will grow with it.   #powerofintention #intention #holistichealth #healthanwellness #holisticcoaching


12 Apr 2019

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Understanding the Law of Attraction - Making it Relateable

Law of Attraction We all hear about the law of attraction but do we really know what it means and how it works.  We are told not to talk negatively but no one tells us why.  In this podcast, I am breaking down the law of attraction and how it works and why what we say matters. Want to know more and how I can help you on your journey Book a complimentary chat with me at  https://Thechakrahouseofhealingbooking.as.me/?appointmentType=5190456


4 Apr 2019

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Hope and Mind Power - Masterful Mornings

Today's podcast is about using our mind power in our favour rather than using it to disempower us, allowing us to feel stuck.  You are unstoppable and capable of greatness...join me for this episode of Masterful Mornings


2 Mar 2020

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What is Wellness Balancing

Barbara Ptak is a straight-talking mentor who helps chronic over-givers remember how to give to themselves. Like so many women, Barbara spent her life putting others first. That is, until a chance encounter with a tiny patch of ice resulted in a broken leg, and plenty of time to think about her future. Turns out her soul was calling her to dedicate that future to women who were desperately seeking to understand themselves, and figure out how to value and ask for their own needs. Barbara’s trademark big-hearted honest style blends deep metaphysical concepts with straight-up practical advice. Her down to earth approach to coaching and spirituality replaces the sort of hooty flooty fluff that doesn’t work for real people with ideas that work in the here and now. Barbara is a champion of anyone who’s struggling to value their own needs, desires, and dreams. Her superpower is helping women remember that they’re already their own best self – they just need to listen to their inner wisdom. Because she’s been through the maze of life and come out wearing a t shirt that says “been there, done that, and still smiling”, Barbara knows how to instil self-belief and deep self knowledge. And all delivered with a side of loving humor and a strong belief that it’s never too late to start again. Website: wellnessbalancing.com Email: barbara@wellnessbalancing.com


11 Nov 2019

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How to Clear Obstacles Using the Power of Intention

We all face obstacles...it is how we learn and how we grow.  How can we clear obstacles in our lives, learn from them and move forward?  Why do those obstacles even appear in the first place? Join my facebook group to watch these FB Lives https://www.facebook.com/groups/transformation4U/ Want some help clearing the obstacles, triggers and self limiting beliefs?  Book a Complimentary Online Consultation https://Thechakrahouseofhealingbooking.as.me/?appointmentType=5190456


17 May 2019

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Ayse Interviews Rich Guzzi on A Master's Practice

Step by step Lifestyle Success program designed so it is easy to follow and teaches you the skills that they don’t cover in schools with the end result being a happy, healthy and prosperous way of life. Rich Guzzi is the developer of the DTP program helping people in all walks of life get an amazingly fulfilling life. Born in Brooklyn NY and now living in Nashville TN, Rich uses his real word skills to show his client and audience members during stage potential to reach their full potential Using specially designed tools and techniques that he has accumulated over 4 decades, he shares his step by step process to those who are looking to be successful, healthy and prosperous in this simple plan. Contact information is: RichGuzzi.com


12 Nov 2019

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Be Rid of Anger Once and For All

In this interview with one of my clients we go through the steps we took in her healing her struggles with rage  If this sounds like you, then perhaps it is time to take the next step and be rid of your rage once and for all. Book Your Complimentary Online Chat https://Thechakrahouseofhealingbooking.as.me/?appointmentType=5190456 Facebook Group Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/transformation4U/


21 May 2019

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Healing Humanity Unity Meditation - Masterful Mornings

Today I did a meditation and prayer with the listeners for Healing Humanity and to begin to understand, to taste the power that we have.  Please feel free to listen and bring this meditation into your life...we need it now more than ever


11 Mar 2020

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Love Empowerment and The Virus

It is time to step into our power, there is no more time to sit on the sidelines and wait for others to make the decisions for our lives.  It is time to take our control and and step into our power. Join me today as I share my empowerment with you and for the upcoming mornings we will be joining in Prayer and Meditation and start using that power. If you want to take part on live video...see me at Ayse Hogan's Transformation 4 U, FB group


10 Mar 2020

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Believing vs. Knowing

There is a definite difference between the two.  Most of our beliefs were given to us by parents, teachers, mentors, religion, friends, loved ones etc...and most of these beliefs are untested.  Knowing is a completely different feeling that believing....listen and let's find out more. Please join my FB group - Ayse Hogan's Transformation 4 U https://www.facebook.com/groups/transformation4U Please check out my website and book a chat with me...I'd love to help you with your Depression, Panic, Trauma, PTSD, Sleep Disorders or locating the root cause of your Fibromyalgia -  https://www.thechakrahouseofhealing.com


26 Jun 2019

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Expansion is Power - Masterful Mornings

The opposite of expansion is depression...where are you on this scale and what if you could learn to stay on the side of expansion...join me on Masterful Mornings and I look forward to sharing with you. Need help clearing the blockages that stand in your way..then let's have a 60 minute online chat and share some strategies - http://bit.ly/60MinFree You are the most important thing you own..so let's get you running in the most empowering, inspiring and enthusiastic way.


17 Feb 2020

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