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Sharing simple & effective ways to find more calm and inner confidence. Featuring a combination of guided meditations, relaxation audios & interviews with inspiring people around the globe, sharing their calm mind and confident living tips. Designed to help you manage stress, relax your mind and gain more self-belief. With host and founder of Value Your Mind, Nathalie KealyNew episode posted every month. Join the podcast community where we continue the conversation around bringing more calm and confidence into our lives - https://www.facebook.com/groups/calmmindconfidentlife/ To have a look at how Nathalie can work with you and the support VYM offers head to www.valueyourmind.com

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Ep. 24 Clear Your Mind Meditation: Calm Mind Confident Life

Clear your mind meditation:The importance of taking some alone time to clear out the mind.This week Nathalie shares with you her experience on striking the balance between keeping busy and spending time alone, why alone time is needed in order to really allow tricky thoughts and emotions to pass, as well as leading you through her powerful 'clear the mind' meditation.This meditation will help bring you clarity, peace of mind and relaxation. Please rate and review if you like what you've heard and if you would like to chat about this meditation or anything on the topic, head over to the podcast community group www.facebook.com/groups/calmmindconfidentlife


9 Sep 2018

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Ep 20. Deeply Calming Lake Meditation: Calm Mind Confident Life

Today Nathalie shares with you one of her favourite meditation exercises. Research shows water has incredibly calming effects on our minds but it's not always easy to get to water. This meditation is a super quick way to give yourself a deeply calming boost, as if you had just spent sometime lying by the sea or a lake. Particularly good for these summer months when the element of fire is high.... Balance it out by introducing a sense of cool calm water into the mind and body. Please take a couple of seconds to rate and review this podcast. It helps us share with as many people who need more calm in their lives as possible. Thank you! x


8 Jul 2018

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Ep. 35 Earth Meditation For Calm, Clarity and Stability: Calm Mind Confident Life

Ep. 35 An Earth Element Meditation for Calm, Clarity and Stability. This week Nathalie shares a meditation which will help bring a sense of calm and stability into your mind and body. Today is world earth day and so this episode offers you a brief guide on why considering the earth is important for mental wellbeing and you can use the earth element to balance the mind. Top tip- If you can find somewhere outside to listen to this then do. This will help maximise on the calming elements of this podcast. However Nathalie also recorded this outside so you can hear nature no matter where you are. Please leave a review if you like what you hear and don’t forget you can join the community on the facebook group Calm Mind Confident Life https://www.facebook.com/groups/calmmindconfidentlife/


22 Apr 2019

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Ep 8. The Importance Of What You Tell Yourself with Yogi Zaz - Calm Mind Confident Life

This week I talk to London Yoga Teacher, Zaz Zarouhi Grumbar (www.yogawithzaz.com) about how to maintain calm and confidence by talking to yourself with respect. We chat about the power words have and how to use them to overcome obstacles & bring more self-belief and positivity your way. I hope you find this as discussion as inspiring as I did! Takeaways:Get yourself some affirmation cardsTalk to yourself how you would a friendUse affirmations or mantras to boost your self-belief


31 Mar 2018

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EP. 30 Boost your Self-Compassion (part one): Calm Mind Confident Life

Boost your self-compassion (part one)The majority of us are pretty good at criticising ourselves and spend far too much time listening to that inner critic, which in turn effects our self-esteem, our energy levels and general happiness. By cultivating more self-compassion we can ensure a more positive environment for our minds and relationships (with ourselves and others) to flourish. Using her training in Compassion Focused Therapy, Nathalie will be sharing an overview of how to cultivate a more compassionate mind, including compassionate mind exercises which you can start using right away. This week Nathalie introduces two fundamental components of creating a compassionate mind; acceptance of the human brain and self-soothing exercises. This includes a simple 5 minute exercise which is perfect way to calm the mind over the busy Christmas period.


16 Dec 2018

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Ep. 32 Planning, Self-doubt & Motivating Yourself- With Sophie Watkiss: Calm Mind Confident Life

Ep. 32 Planning, Self-doubt and Motivating Yourself with Sophie WatkissAn honest conversation with Sophie Watkiss about her struggles through depression & how she used planning to re-motivate herself. Nathalie and Sophie chat about how to schedule your day, positive manifestation and managing those negative thoughts of self-doubt. Sophie is the creator of a great motivational journal, called the Witches Planner. Sophie’s top 3 tips:Take self-care daysMorning positive rituals & routinesBe humble and be yourself Links:Instagram @thewitchesplannerhttps://thewitchesplanner.com/


10 Feb 2019

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Ep. 31 Intention Setting To Get The Most From Yourself: Calm Mind Confident Life

INTENTION SETTING TO GET THE MOST FROM YOURSELFWe are back with the first episode of 2019 where Nathalie talks you through the importance of setting your intention for the year. She guides you through how to set intentions that help you create a positive mindset, that helps you let go of old negative mind habits and supports you in getting the most from each moment. Intentions can be an extremely powerful yet simple tool for helping you connect back to your inner strength and feel like you are behaving and being in the world in a way that feels authentic to you. As always there are lots of tips shared, including a very quick, easy way to get you started in finding and setting your intention. And as alway, the episode ends with a super relaxing meditation to help you identify any deeper intentions that you might want to work with. Please rate and review if you like what you hear. The more 5 star reviews we get the more this podcast will be found by people who need it the most. Facebook community group - www.facebook.com/calmmindconfidentlife


20 Jan 2019

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Why Meditation Is Healing: The Science Behind it & 10 Min Guided Healing Meditation [E39]

Why Meditation is Healing: The science behind it & 10 min guided healing meditation.Decembers episode is about taking time to heal and recover from the year, how the holiday season is a great time to do this and how you can use meditation to help you in this process. Nathalie highlights the top reasons research shows mediation to have powerful impact on healing our body and mind and a 10 minute guided healing meditation that you can use as a simple tool to help you process and heal. For more in depth discussion around this, including links to research conducted, head to the blog http://www.valueyourmind.com/2019/12/17/why-meditation-is-healing-the-science/Note from Nat: I’d love to know if you’re going to start practising meditation over the Christmas holidays, let me know your joining in by sharing on insta and tagging @value_your_mind


17 Dec 2019

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Ep 13. Keeping Connected To Your Inner Calm When Life Is Difficult - Calm Mind Confident Life

Finding calm when life is difficultToday I talk about my four go to tools that I use to help find an inner sense of calm.We all have difficult times in our lives and it's in these times that we can loose ourselves. We can end up getting caught up in the negativity and peace feels like an impossible feeling to achieve. These tools I share can help us reconnect to that inner calm that we all hold within us. I talk about how to use distraction techniques, how to breathe to find instant calm, how to get grounded and the importance of creating rituals. Other mentions:Sign up for your free 14 days to calm you e-course here - https://mailchi.mp/a24aa964e7f8/opt-in-giftCheck out Timber Hawkeye (an inspirational gratitude teacher)


6 May 2018

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Ep. 21 Finding Happiness with the Happyologist - Calm Mind Confident Life

What actually is happiness? We're all searching for it but are we searching in the right places?In this podcast Nathalie talks to the Happyologist, Susanna Halonen about how we need to shift our mind set with happiness, how the 'how to' guides will never work, knowing it's the small steps that matter and the importance of finding ways of putting yourself first. Big takeaway - Research shows those external desires we have such as the job, the house, marriage, where you live....only influence 10% of your happiness. The other 90% is about how you view and approach the world! Susannna's amazing top tips:1. Gratitude exercise - Write down 3 specific things you are proud of each day2. Journaling - Every week ask yourself these three questions: 1 achievement proud of, 1 learning from this week, 1 beautiful moment3. Listen to your intuition - Quieten the outside noise. Listen to what your heart saysBooks:Screw finding your passion - By SusannaHappiness is here - By SusannaHappiness Advantage - Sean AchorWhere to find Susanna:https://happyologist.co.uk/ http://instagram.com/TheHappyologistp.s If you liked this episode please hit 5 star :) and leave a review saying why you like it! This helps get this free information out to those who need and helps Nathalie know what content you guys are enjoying!


22 Jul 2018

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Ep. 34 Facing Fears & Embracing Failure With Entrepreneur Sapphire Bates: Calm Mind Confident Life

Facing fears and embracing failure for inner confidence. This week, Nathalie has entrepreneur and business start-up guru, Sapphire Bates on the show. Despite suffering from anxiety, at only 25 Sapphire has already built two successful businesses. Nathalie talks with Sapphire about how she's found the inner confidence to do this and overcome that fear factor that always prevents us from taking the plunge into the unknown. They chat about the power of embracing failures and how you can use this as a tool to really empower yourself.Top tips:- Take a negative fear and flip it on it's head, asking yourself 'what if this works.'- Don't be afraid to fail. Failures are how we grow.- Love your whole self, 'bad bits' and all. (Self-compassion)Links:https://thecovengirlgang.com/Instagram @thecovengirlgang


25 Mar 2019

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Ep 18. Stress Release Breathing - Calm Mind Confident Life

Ep 18 Stress Release BreathingThis is such a simple exercise guys! A way of bringing yourself back into your body, calming the nervous system and letting go of stress in just 10 minutes. Nathalie recorded it a few weeks ago when she was having a rather stressful week and wanted to share with you all how she was getting through the chaos of it. Now she's away hosting retreats where the theme is all about stress release. This technique has been shared with the guests, among many more, and they love it. So, she hopes you all do too. Remember take a pause, check in with yourself and breathe deeply.If you're interested in what we are up to on the retreats, head over to our instagram page where you can see all our wonderful guests connecting to their inner calm in the most peaceful surroundings -https://www.instagram.com/value_your_mind/


10 Jun 2018

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Ep 17. How To Feel At Home Within Yourself; with Nicky Clinch: Calm Mind Confident Life

How to feel at home within yourself. An interview with transformational coach, Nicky Clinch. If you have times when you feel disconnected to who you authentically are, then this is the episode for you. Nicky has worked with many women through coaching, workshops and retreats; helping them connect back to themselves and re-harness their self-belief. Nathalie and Nicky chat about her journey through addiction, the importance of compassion for yourself and how to re-connect back to your true self.Also you heard it hear first, Nicky has just released a brand new coaching program, ‘home coming.’ All about re-writing your old self-defeating and limiting story, and helping you break free of destructive habits and thoughts. If you found any of what she chats about in the podcast helpful then, definitely head to her website and check it out! Nicky’s top tips:Use journaling / write down how you’re feelingTalk to someone who you know is a good listenerUse cooking as your meditative healing toolDaily meditationWhere you can find Nicky:http://www.nickyclinch.com http://www.instagram.com/nickyclinch http://nickyclinch.com/homecoming-program/Don't forget to head to the facebook community where you can leave questions for Nicky. http://www.facebook.com/groups/calmmindconfidentlife


2 Jun 2018

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Ep 9. Boost your Self-belief Meditation - Calm Mind Confident Life

This week we are back to another guided meditation. Listen to this at the beginning of the day to start your day with a boost of inner confidence and self-belief. Counteract that negative voice in your mind by spending just 5 minutes a day on positive affirmations. It can make a world of difference to our confidence.If you're interested in having some more support around self-belief drop Nathalie an email to hello@valueyourmind.com to see how she can help you in this journey.


7 Apr 2018

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CBD Oil to Calm the Mind: Why We Should All Try It as a Holistic Supplement for Mind & Body[E38]

Episode 38: CBD Oil to Calm the MindNathalie chats with co-founder of Kloris (https://www.kloriscbd.com/). A premium CBD brand operating in the wellness and beauty world. Kim explains why CBD oil is a great supplement for our general wellbeing but specifically how it can help in reducing stress in the mind and body. Kim also shares some helpful tips on how to choose the right cbd oil for you and knowing how to choose good quality cbd products.Links:CBD study mentioned -https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3079847/CBD for anxiety -https://www.kloriscbd.com/blogs/cbd-information/cannabidiol-cbd-reduces-the-anxiety-induced-by-simulated-public-speakingKim's Top Calm Confident Mind Tips:- Manage your social media right. Anything that makes you feel bad when you look at it, ditch it.- If life allows, be of service to others - And of course, take CBD oil


5 Nov 2019

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Ep. 33 Boosting Your Self-Compassion (Part 2) - Calm Mind Confident Life

Boosting Your Self-Compassion (Part 2)Check back to episode 30 for part one on how to form a more compassionate mind. In Part 2 Nathalie shares the next fundamental step in bringing more kindness and self-compassion into your life; how to turn your attention away from negative thoughts and towards more positive, kind thoughts about yourself. As a compassionate focused therapist, Nathalie is passionate about how operating from a more compassionate place in your mind can help boost your confidence, allow you to feel more relaxed within yourself and generally feel happier within your life. These are easy tools which you can start using straight away and as always there is a guided meditation to finish which is incredibly simple yet extremely effective in quickly giving you a big boost of self-compassion.


2 Mar 2019

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Ep 12. Food & The Mood. Keeping a happy belly for a happy mind: Calm Mind Confident Life

Ep 12. Food & The Mood. Two friends chatting about food & the mood. Listen in as I talk to my good friend, Steph Lowe. A chef, baker and owner of Gingernut Goodies, a company specialising in ‘free-from’ savoury & sweet treats. Like all good friends, we cram a lot of chat in to this half an hour. From the importance of gut health on serotonin levels and happiness, to the Ayurvedic diet and the importance of knowing your body type. I think you’ll really enjoy this honest and upbeat discussion; as Steph shares her own experiencesand fresh approach to food. Key takeaway - It isn’t about cutting stuff out or listening to fads. It’s about listening to your body, understanding we are all different and having a calm mindset towards it all. Steph created her business based on her own personal struggles with food, including intolerances to gluten and diary. As a chef with these intolerances, Steph became interested in the link between what she was eating, how it was effecting her body and in turn how it was effecting her emotional wellbeing.Find Steph:Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/gingernut_goodies/Website - https://www.gingernutgoodies.co.ukSteph’s top three tips:Mantra/ reminder - ‘You’re only human and are doing the best you can do.’Spending time outsideGood night sleep. (Check out the dosh questionnaire to see what sleeping hours Ayurveda suggests for your body type)Suggested links:For mood food recipes - www.valueyourmind.com/healthy-kitchenAyurveda Dosha quiz - http://www.mapi.com/doshas/dosha-test/index.html


28 Apr 2018

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Ep 16. Tension Releasing Meditation

Tension Releasing MeditationThis week meditation is super simple and easy for anyone to try but is the perfect tonic for healing a full mind and helping you re-connect back to your body. Our body is what anchors ourself to this moment and a sense of peace and calm. Sometimes without knowing we spend too much of our time living in our heads and loose that connection with our physical body. In just 10 minutes you will get out of your head, back into your body and will feel a sense of relaxation in your muscles and mind. Don’t forget to join our community facebook group to delve deeper into this calm mind confident life vibe- https://www.facebook.com/groups/calmmindconfidentlife/


27 May 2018

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Ep 11. Get the Most Out of This Moment - Calm Mind Confident Life

Bring yourself back to this moment by practising these simple mindfulness techniques. They can be practise anywhere and are very effective in helping you relax, let go of worries and get completely present. The present moment is a place with no stress, no what if's, no judgement. It is a place of pure gratitude. By practising being present through mindfulness techniques for just 10 minutes a day we can find a much calmer and more confident place in our minds. Check out www.valueyourmind.com/blog for detailed show notes


22 Apr 2018

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Ep 14. A journey through anxiety with Lauren Barber - Calm Mind Confident Life

This episode I chat to Lauren Barber, meditation and yoga teacher, among lots of other things. Lauren chats honestly and openly about navigating her way through anxiety and panic attacks and the gratitude she has for her past experiences for leading her to where she is now. We talk about how coming from a place of control can effect your life, the importance of acceptance and gratitude, and how seemingly negative experiences can shape your life. Oh and the impact of intuitive dance on the mood!Laurens Top three tips:Moving your body in a way that's intuitiveRepeating - I am breathing in I am breathing outThe mantra - Everything is taken care ofFind Lauren:www.laurenbarber.co www.instagram.com/laurenbarber.co


13 May 2018

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