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Brook Hollis is your host on this fun ride into the mind's and topics that she finds interesting. Warning - this mom cusses and talks about a lot more than just her kids. Her friend Whitney is along for the ride now too!! Come be friends with us!

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04 - Put Something Creamy On It - Nutrition & Whole 30

This week the girls sit down to talk nutrition and Whole 30 with Tarah Chieffi & Mallory Froman.  Mallory explains what the Whole 30 movement is all about and Tarah gives us great tips on healthy snacks.  Whether you need a complete reset or just tips and trick...this episode is helpful.  


19 Jun 2018

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29 - PA for Today & Dip Spit

Brook sits down to talk hoarders, gross garages, and all things organizing with Sally Scott from PA for Today!  She's a fiery redhead and Brook has a cold...great for podcasts!


23 Apr 2019

Rank #2

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06 - The Mesa Team!

Bailey and Brook sit down with Bobby & Ysha Bass - the awesome couple behind Mesa in downtown New Albany, IN.  Bobby and Ysha take us through how they started their amazing collaborative kitchen and the plans for the future of Mesa - MESA KIDS!  Ysha reveals some secrets to their working and personal successes together.


3 Jul 2018

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27 - Cisa with Sew Fitting for President

Brook sits down with Cisa from Sew Fitting to discuss work, life, cliques, and Buffalo Bill.  Normal everyday conversations right?  We might also talk about the weirdest sewing requests Sew Fitting has received.

1hr 16mins

9 Apr 2019

Rank #4

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26 - Elderberry Witch

Brook and Whitney sit down with Jenny Watson from The Elderberry Co.  She's turned a need into a hobby...into a growing business.  She's super impressive and a chica on the rise!  As usual there are sprinkles of Justin Bieber, Netflix, and a round of Good Shit!


4 Apr 2019

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03 - Set Infertility Boundaries for A-Holes!

Brook and Bailey chat with licensed therapist, Nicki Williamson, about dealing with infertility, a-holes who are rude about getting pregnant, and keeping that sexy mojo alive with your spouse when you're scheduling intercourse.  They also start their WOULD YOU RATHERS!


12 Jun 2018

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30 - Lost Boy Andrew Nicholson and Fun Events

Finding the fun in work is HARD at times.  When anything becomes work it might lose its luster...Andrew Nicholson talks about long boarding everywhere he goes, throwing fun events, and his bucket list events.  Wanna go to an adult food fight...yeah me too!


30 Apr 2019

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05 - Country Slut Decor - Funny Bad Mom Moments

Our first minisode since its a crazy Summer and we're traveling, working like crazy people, and Bailey is lost in Disney.  Brook flies solo and brings you a handful of funny bad mom moments from her personal life, you the listeners, and from the world wide web.  Get yourself some quick ha ha's.


26 Jun 2018

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28 - Diana, Mane Alley, Horny Bells

Brook sits down with Diana with Mane Alley - southern IN's top natural beaded row (NBR) provider.  We talk NBR, beauty, taboos, and horny bells.


16 Apr 2019

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The girls sit and chat about keeping, making, and dealing with friendships as adults.  Tips on making new friends and an invitation to BE OUR FRIEND!!!!


22 Mar 2019

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24 - Hooters to Eye Hoods with Makeup Artist Marie Fulkerson

The girls sit down to talk MAKEUP with one of the best makeup artists around town - Marie Fulkerson.  Marie talks about the risky jump she made (with her hubby) to follow her passion.  From Hooters to eye hoods and tips on a great face.

1hr 9mins

14 Mar 2019

Rank #11

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23 - Her Exchange - girl crush

The girls sit down to chat with Her Exchange founder Sarah Lynn about why she started her community of women who are making things happen, sharing how they did it, their lessons learned and supporting each other along the way.  The girls talk about Sarah's journey from six figures, to Starbucks, and finally to what makes you light up.  They throw down about Instagram and how to utilize it to serve your purpose in life and business.  

1hr 10mins

7 Mar 2019

Rank #12

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22 - School Threats, Jan, and Sharts

Brook and Whitney have so many topics this week and just not enough time!  Recent school threats, Momo, a cold, and the incredible Abducted in Plain Sight have the girls pulling their hair out.  Come talk Jan and sharting with us.


1 Mar 2019

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Brook and Whitney chat with Kelly and Beth from New Albany Social about all things New Albany Indiana!  Great restaurants, shops, and the new things coming to our booming city.  We also get to hear about the start of New Albany Social.  There's also talk of old lady breast tissue.


21 Feb 2019

Rank #14

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20 - Coach Betsy - Our new guru!

Betsy Smith, Certified Life Coach, mother of two teens, creator, writer, speaker and self-proclaimed comedienne - joins the girls for some real talk.  Dropping knowledge on our frontal lobes, teens and tech, what are tweens and teens are experiencing, and how to better parent in this digital world.  Have a listen and learn!  

1hr 21mins

14 Feb 2019

Rank #15