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Human trafficking can be a dark topic but this podcast shines a light on the reality that healing is possible. Not only for trafficking victims but for all of us. Overcoming difficult situations is possible. Winning in every area of life is possible. Be ready to learn, shed a tear, laugh, be challenged, and motivated to "go and do" (take action), all while you increase your belief in the power of hope. Amazing things are happening to help people thrive in life and this podcast delivers those stories of hope.

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The Violent Nature of Trafficking

On this week's episode, after the tragic death of Milwaukee local, Sierra Robinson, who was a victim of human trafficking, and her 2 year old daughter Noelani, Jarrett and Melania discuss the Violent Reality of Human Trafficking. Because this topic is raw for all of us, this episode was recorded as a Facebook live video so that questions could be addressed in real time. This is a heavy topic. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at contact@exploitnomore.org. Support the show (https://www.exploitnomore.org/donate.html)


22 Mar 2019

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