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The Strength For Endurance Podcast explores the wins, challenges and lessons experienced in the pursuit of successful endurance performance. Each episode your host and well respected strength coach Kriss Hendy will discuss what it takes to truly reach your potential, whether your sights are set on your first 10km or the professional stage. Kriss will be regularly joined by inspiring guests, from sport and training to business and academia. Ultimately we'll look to answer the question 'Is it possible to achieve long-term successful performance whilst maintaining optimal health and lifestyle-balance?'.... To find out more about training with Kriss, head over to www.strengthforendurance.com

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Bridging The Gap From Injury Rehab To Racing

If you're in a position where you are coming back from a recent injury or you are building up your training volume and intensity for a particular race, we need to see this as a journey you're about to embark on. What is vital during this journey, to ensure we get to your desired goal, is making sure that several things are taken into consideration accordingly. As your rehab or your training builds to bigger loads, longer efforts or higher intensities things like your recovery and nutrition need to change to support the physical demands that keep evolving.


23 Jul 2021

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Strength Training the Ultra Distance Athlete

Completing an Ultra-Distance race is no mean feat. Whether it's your first or fiftieth event ensuring that you are prepared for what you are about to do will be the key to success (or failure). In this episode, Kriss looks at our strength training approach when it comes to working with ultra-distance athletes. What are the physical, mental and psychological requirements needed and how do we achieve this through a great strength and conditioning program. So if you've got your sights set on your next adventure, let us help you lay the foundations to get off to a great start and avoid those unnecessary mishaps along the way.


16 Jul 2021

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Kim Collison: Ultra-Running Record Breaker & Master of the Munroes

Today we are joined by Kim Collison an elite level ultra-distance runner and running coach who lives in the Lake District. Kim boasts one of the most impressive running CV’s out there, claiming a number of ultra-distance records and titles across the UK and overseas. In more recent years this included the Lakeland 24 hour Fell Record and in 2021 the Paddy Buckley round in Wales in a time of 16 hours 20 minutes and 40 seconds. Since recording our chat Kim recently went on to break the 24 hour munro record in the Cairngorms, Scotland - scaling 33 Munro’s, 160 km distance and over 9000m of elevation. We’re going to be deep-diving into what makes him so successful as both an athlete and coach and hopefully you’ll get some great takeaways from our conversation.


9 Jul 2021

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Andy Blow - Precision Hydration: Getting things right (and wrong!) on race day.

Andy Blow is a Sports Scientist and the founder of Precision Hydration. Andy was formerly an elite-level triathlete who can count a couple of top-10 IRONMAN finishes and an Xterra Age-Group World title to his name. It was during his racing career that he discovered how individualised fluid and electrolyte replacement can make such a big difference to performance, and this led to him setting up precisionhydration.com - a company that specialises in sweat, dehydration, cramping, electrolyte replenishment, and helping athletes better understand their own hydration needs. We've known Andy for a few years and have enjoyed watching the growth of PH in that time. We discuss the science behind optimal hydration, what those athletes at the top of their sport are doing and getting things right (and wrong) on race day. Andy has a BSc (Hons) degree in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Bath, UK. He currently lives in Christchurch, Dorset in the UK with his wife Lucy and their 2 young children Bobby and Bethany.


2 Jul 2021

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Laura Siddall - Training, Racing & Rehab across the hemispheres

This week we’re joined by 5 x Iron distance Champion, Professional Triathlete Laura Siddall. Born and raised in the UK Laura has since experienced life as an athlete in many countries, from Australia to San Francisco, New Zealand and now her current base of Girona, Spain. But as a self-confessed ‘nomadic' athlete it's not all perfect weather, enviable training environments and learning languages over a good coffee (although these are a few perks). The life of a travelling professional brings its challenges and even more so for Laura over the past few years experiencing two significant injuries and the world coming to a halt with a global pandemic. Aside from her impressive performances and upcoming races, we discuss her pre-triathlon life as an Engineer, her ‘British’ food habits, new pillows and the awkward question of what life might look like after triathlon. Laura is a generous mentor, an active ambassador and an inspiring role model to many in and out of the sport, and it’s clear she has absorbed the knowledge and experience she’s been exposed to along her journey so far. She’s open, honest and hardworking - a great listen!

1hr 9mins

25 Jun 2021

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Solving problems with strength training

Strength & Conditioning isn’t just a nice addition to an athletes training plan. It’s so much more than the '1% gain’ that you often hear it being referred to. It is fundamental to your success, whether it’s preventing you from getting into trouble or helping you get out. In today's episode Kriss explains how we use strength training as a vehicle to overcome many common issues that you might face, or have faced already, as an athlete; Injury, Optimal Weight Management (both reduction and restoration), Bone Stress Injuries & Under-performing. A great strength training will provide you with a safe, controlled and insightful ‘road-map’ through these obstacles and out the other side. So if you’re yet to make it a staple in your training approach have a listen to today's episode and you might just find it’s the answer to one or two problems you may be experiencing.


18 Jun 2021

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Dr Ruth Wilde - Integrative Medicine & 'treating' you as an individual

This week Kriss is joined by friend, client and professional, Dr Ruth Wilde.  Ruth is an Integrative Medicine Doctor with a background in Emergency Medicine and General Practice, with 17 years service in the military.  Through her own experience of injury and then struggle with chronic pain, she has come to understand more about the factors that underpin our individual experiences of health and wellness: genetics, lifestyle habits, energy imbalance, and the link between gut and brain to name a few.  A very insightful episode and one we hope you enjoy!

1hr 22mins

11 Jun 2021

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Are you doing the right strength training for your sport?

With the abundance and variety of training options we have access to these days, it can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting to try everything. But is this smart if you have specific goals you want to achieve?  In today's episode, Kriss discusses what to consider when choosing your strength train modality, how to filter your options and set yourself up for the best possible chance of success.


4 Jun 2021

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How to cope when faced with a setback

Whether it's injury, a health problem or a life-changing event, being told you can't participate in your sport for any length of time is a tough thing to hear and process rationally. But others have come through it and so will you. What you need now are some key action steps that you can put in place to reset, reframe and rebuild in a way that means you not only come back, but that you come back a stronger and smarter athlete than before. In this episode, Kriss takes you through a key framework that will help you flip your mindset and make the best out of a negative situation.


28 May 2021

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Can you train strength and endurance effectively at the same time?

For most endurance athletes time is a precious commodity. Regularly clients approach us who are training upwards of 15-20 hours a week, whilst also trying to hold down a full-time job and spend time with their families. Often this leads to corners being cut or sessions being squeezed in throughout the week, without much benefit. Today's episode asks the question of concurrent training and whether we can both strength train and complete our endurance sessions (run, bike, swim etc) at the same time; whether this is the same training phase, the same day or the same hour. If you're struggling to get the most out of every session or you just can't see where on earth you'd fit another strength session in, then this is a perfect listen for you. We hope you enjoy!


21 May 2021

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