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Rounding First

The 2nd podcast under the Red Beard Entertainment umbrella - Join Co-Hosts Kerry Getz and Josh Simms as we talk all things baseball. Tired of the heads talking about WAR and OPS+? Hit that subscribe button as we try to Make Baseball Great Again.

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Pretender vs Contender

Simms and Kevin chat about the last month of baseball. Yankees and Mets stink, Red Sox are on fire, and we discuss pretenders vs contenders. Head over and follow us @Rounding_First on twitter & let us know what you think!


6 May 2021

Rank #1

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Rounding First - The Pilot

Tired of the normal baseball content available to you? Tired of hearing guys talk about WAR and OPS+? Then, boy, do we have the podcast for you! Listen to two fat guys in little coats talk all things baseball in an effort to Make Baseball Great Again (Thanks for that, Bryce!) Join us as we discuss key off-season acquisitions, and take a dinger-sized swat at some Post Season predictions. We'll try to not let our bias of the Pittsburgh Pirates or the New York Yankees show too much, but hey... It's our podcast and we make the rules.  Follow us on twitter @Rounding_First. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and drop a comment!  This Podcast is driven by co-hosts Kerry Getz and Josh Simms  This Podcast is a Red Beard Entertainment, LLC production

1hr 22mins

4 Apr 2021

Rank #2