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Interesting Stories॥ Only for Knowledge Gainers.

Hey, are you bored of reading or hearing stories with no interest?Why? I ask you Why? Why are you wasting your time then? Why not join me? Hey, there I am your new friend Aman Prakash Singh presented here with lots and lots of #Stories, #memories with #interests and some what we call it Spiceys

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The Lion Boy॥Must for Brave Guys.

Imagine If you’re on your way to school through a forest and a Lion comes in your way. You take it as your mind illusion and you’re in your world. But the lion is real and follows you. Suddenly you realise that it is a real Lion. How’ould be your reaction. This is my first podcast officially released. Help me improve my efficiency by providing feedback. Thanking you - Aman Prakash Singh


28 Aug 2020

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