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Unlocking Accountable Care

The healthcare industry is undergoing a rapid and radical transition to value-based care. Learn how innovative Medicaid ACOs in Massachusetts are overcoming difficult challenges and forging best practices.

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Impacting Patients' Lives Through Case Management w/ Becky Williams, Stephanie Gabriel, and Kim Kang (EP. 8)

Interdisciplinary case management can not only lower total cost of care, but also improve patients' lives. Our own Sarah Matousek sits down with a case management team to learn about how the MassHealth Medicaid program is allowing them to use meaningful interventions.


28 Jan 2019

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Why Housing is a Smart Healthcare Investment w/ Dr. Thea James (Ep. 5)

As an ER physician, Dr. Thea James has long been a leading voice advocating for hospitals to invest in addressing the root causes of health that drive people to show up in her ER. In this episode, we will hear about the powerful programs that Dr. James and Boston Medical Center have invested in to improve social determinants of health for patients they serve in Boston.


4 Oct 2018

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Creating Value Through Financing Models w/ Dr. Liz Seeley (Ep. 6)

The financial incentives and alternative paymentmodel details play a key role in determining the impact and success ofAccountable Care Organizations. Sarah and Dr. Seeley discuss the currentfinancial structures and what trends we are likely to see.


12 Dec 2018

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Creating a Culture of Collaboration w/ Mike Nickey (Ep. 2)

Insurers and providers often see each other as adversaries, but ACO arrangements offer a unique opportunity to align interests and bring them onto the same team. Sarah sits down with Mike Nickey of Fallon Health to discuss how insurers and providers are being more collaborative than ever to implement value-based care.


12 Sep 2018

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Why We Are Failing At Addiction and How We Can Succeed w/ Dr. Corey Waller (EP.9)

Hear Dr. Corey Waller, a national addiction expert, discuss what the health care system can be doing better to treat substance use disorders, why ACOs should be focusing on addiction, and how addiction can be successfully treated  as a chronic disease.


28 Jan 2019

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