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A podcast that focuses on conversation, passion and falling in love with the process through fitness, life and all pursuits.

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E9: DeeJay

DeeJay of Motiv8Krazee8 Enterprises joins me today to discuss our passion for fitness and the ever evolving project that passion carries. We reminisce on our athletic experiences, that pathways that led both of us into the fitness industry and how he approaches training. ⁣ ⁣This podcast illuminates the passion and energy DeeJay brings into training sessions and working with clients. The creation behind Motiv8Krazee8 Enterprise highlights those qualities with the mentality to "Build up an infinite passion and way to improve self”.⁣⁣Passion recognizes passion and creates an atmosphere of infectious energy that propels and drives you as a trainer or coach to improve. I had the pleasure of being part of that in this conversation and recognizing that energy. ⁣⁣Give it a listen and enjoy the conversation!⁣⁣Make sure you check out DeeJay's Instagram @_Krazee8fitness_ and all the great things the Dolo's Fitness Collective is doing! ⁣⁣@Dolosfitness⁣@Tattedup_nd_gifted⁣Dolosfitness.com


23 Nov 2021

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E8: Will Alli

I had the pleasure on sharing the screen with Will Alli on todays episode of Byproduct Performance Podcast. Will is the Athletic Performance Coach at Indiana University and the Founder of Invictus Health & Performance. Will has a very analytical, adaptable and sensible approach to training athletes that shines through in our conversation. We discuss the difference between training in a University setting and the online space and how he was able to navigate that through the emergence of Invictus HP. If you’re a coach, trainer or interested in the Strength and Conditioning field this episode is for you! We reminisce on training partners and Will shares some insight on how he approaches performance training, educating and inspiring athletes to take ownership of their workouts. I truly appreciated this conversation and look forward to having Will in the future. He’s doing in right in the S&C space! IG: Walli.sc  Founder: Invictus_hp Train-Invictus.com

1hr 10mins

13 Nov 2021

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E7: Sensible Sports Performance Seminar

Sam, Matt and I sit down to announce and discuss the Sensible Sports Performance Seminar at KC Strength and Conditioning on January 30th, 9am-5pm. ⁣ The Sensible Sports Performance Seminar was born from the need of coaches and trainers to cut through the noise of the strength and fitness industry and get to the root of what is going to make the biggest impact in the performance and well-being of their clients and athletes.  This seminar is designed to take the complex topics of biomechanics, sports performance, and pain risk management, and present them in an actionable and digestible way guaranteed to help you and your athletes reach the next level.  ⁣ ⁣ You will walk away from this seminar with a better understanding of the fundamentals of assessment of the shoulders, hips, and spine, as well as a firm grasp on the movement capabilities and prerequisites needed to confidently progress your athletes and clients as safely as possible.  ⁣ ⁣ This will also be a hands-on experience where you will be coached and guided through movement assessments, exercises, and drills, designed to give you a better understanding of how to progress, regress, and modify training to fit the goal you are looking to accomplish. Be prepared to train and get some work in and not just sit with a notebook all day.⁣ ⁣ The seminar will conclude with a Q&A and a cocktail/dinner where you can get all your questions answered and make connections with your fellow coaches, athletes, and trainers from the day.  ⁣ ⁣ This is going to be a jam packed seminar where we cut the BS and get down to what is important for you to implement with your clients, athletes, and teams in order to ensure they are mitigating the risk of injury while boosting performance on the field or court.⁣ ⁣ https://www.practicemovement.com/products/sensible-sports-performance-seminar-kcsc ⁣ One Day Seminar⁣ ⁣ Location:⁣ Kansas City Strength and Conditioning⁣ 2115 E Kansas City Rd, Olathe, KS 66061⁣ ⁣ When:  January 30th 9-5pm⁣  ⁣ Cost: $100⁣  ⁣ Discounts available for military/fire/nurses/police/first responders⁣ ⁣ Student and group discount available ⁣ ⁣ Email info@practicemovement.com for more information.


3 Nov 2021

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E6: Alicia Rancier

Today I'm joined by the one and only Alicia Rancier. A creative, trainer, sponsored athlete and all-around lover of superheroes.We dive into and nerd out on our shared love of comic books and impact the medium has had on our lives.The discussion transitions to the fitness industry and how Alicia has been able to navigate the space without losing sight of or compromising her values in a space that can be so aesthetically driven.It was an absolute pleasure to have Alicia on and I’m very thankful that she is a representation of the good in the fitness industry. As we say in the Midwest she’s good people!Please check out Alicia’s website, training app, fitness journey and all of her sponsor codes to support someone doing right in the space.Personal Website:https://www.aliciarancier.com/FIERCEFIT BY ALICIA Training App:https://marketplace.trainheroic.com/workout-plan/team/fiercefit-by-alicia?attrib=546342-ltMy Fitness Journey:https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Before-After-Muscle-Gain-46177887/ampSupplement SponsorshipRun Everything Labs “AR15”http://runeverythinglabs.com/?aff=12Apparel AffiliateIron Culture Society “ALICIA”https://ironculturesociety.com/?aff=9

1hr 27mins

7 Sep 2021

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E5: James Macintosh - Training Environments

Today the one and only James Macintosh joins Byproduct Performance Podcast to reminisce on training environments, training partners and the "cult"ure that comes with a strength gyms.  We discuss subtleties and nuances that surround strength environments and the undiscussed traits and values that manifest.  This one brought up a lot of memories, a ton of laughs and an appreciation for shared suffering. Strap up, pack your knives, turn up your violent music and have your smelling salts on the ready to let this one fill your ear holes! @CoachJamesMac PerformanceProgramming.net  Talking Strength Podcast 

1hr 11mins

3 Aug 2021

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E4: Jordan Jiunta - Pre-Script

Number 4 in the episode count, number 1 in our hearts. The man, the myth, the legend, Mr. RedwiteandJordan himself Jordan Jiunta. We discuss Jordan's wrestling background and a couple shared experiences we had that came through those challenges. We talk about how the mentality developed in wrestling sets a trajectory forward in life and the confidence in capabilities established at an early age reinforce those. Even today there is an appreciation of discomfort and a willingness to engage in challenges that require discomfort. All this sets up a deep dive into Jordan's passion for weightlifting as a coach and athlete. The reward that comes from coaching, the challenges that it offers, the mentality needed and the rewarding nature of it. Jordan I appreciate the laughs, the stories and mentality this conversation facilitated.  Favorite Quotes:  "It's not a sport you go and play, it's a lifestyle you live" "Kill or be killed" @Redwiteandjordan @Thefunctionalchiro @Pre_Script @Rxdradio www.pre-script.com

1hr 4mins

27 Jul 2021

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E3: Ian McKay - RefleXion Studio

Ian McKay makes his grand appearance on Byproduct Performance Podcast in what is guaranteed to be an episode you'll listen to again.  Today we discuss passion and how it fuels the work we do. We touch on how we approach and adapt a mentality of "Burn the Boats" while understanding and knowing the difference between forward for now, but never loosing the understanding of how to build the boats. It's less about burning it down and more about signifying a trust in yourself to move forward, to accomplish a goal and know at the end of the day you're putting yourself in a situation that you'll figure it out.  I hope you enjoy this discussion as much as I did. This is a helpful reminder to seek out conversations that challenge the depth and understanding in yourself and others. Find your passion, make a difference, recharge your battery, laugh a lot and don't be afraid to shit the bed every now and again. Go forth and do good! As per requested by Ian here is the passage I so elegantly stumbled my way through during the podcast. "He stood on the precipice of the world and wept. Not for the wonder that stood before him, not for the extravagance of sights on his journey. He wept for the loss of adventure. In that moment he knew his unparalleled pursuit had become his demise." @Ian.Mckay_ @Reflexion_Studioff https://linktr.ee/ian.mckay  *Art used by Rado Javor -Cuded Art & Design

1hr 8mins

20 Jul 2021

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E2: Sam Brown - EliteFTS

Oh hello there. Welcome back to the Byproduct Performance Podcast where we don’t have introductions, we have conversations. Or at least save the introductions for the episode description. This episode features Sam Brown the Director of Performance at EliteFTS, owner of Practice Movement and Recovery, a McGill Method Practitioner and a very good friend. We talk about how Sam became the Director of Performance at EliteFTS. Here’s a hint, it didn’t happen overnight. We discuss how essential it is to SHOW UP. It takes no skill or talent to simply show up. It also doesn’t guarantee success, you’re not owed anything, but it does show a level of commitment and investment of your time, energy, money and personal development. You never know the conversations you’ll have and the opportunities it’ll create by simply showing up to a workshop, seminar conference or other event. Be intentional in your approach and seek out those opportunities! Huge thank you to Sam! I really enjoyed this conversation and look forward to the next Midwest Meet Up! Make sure you follow Sam and all the great things he’s doing. @Sambrownstrength @Practice_movement @Elitefts Linktr.ee/sambrownstrength

1hr 8mins

13 Jul 2021

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E1: Matt Vincent - HVIII Brand Goods

Matt Vincent joins the podcast today where we discuss creating self exposure for personal development, the importance of showing up in person and the value it holds. We also discuss fitness, education, drugs, and utilizing the tools available to us as we navigate life. I am very thankful for Matt's time, energy, training at Dope Studio and the conversations!⁣ ⁣ Leaving thoughts from this podcast, seek out people and discussions that recharge your battery, have adventures, and always be an active participant in your own life.⁣ ⁣ Make sure you follow Matt, his companies and the Umso podcast. ⁣ ⁣  @ihviiimattvincent ⁣  @hviiibrandgoods ⁣ @umso_podcast ⁣  @habitcoffeeco  www.hviiibrandgoods.com

1hr 17mins

6 Jul 2021

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Byproduct Performance Podcast Introduction

Fall in love with the process and results will be a byproduct.  @ByproductPerformance @thayer2513 www.ByproductPerformance.com 


6 Jul 2021

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