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Safer Internet Day 2014

You wouldn't leave your house or car unlocked, so why not take just as much care with your data and identity? Are you or the kids on Facebook? Do you use DropBox to synch your work? Have you received an email from your bank that looked so plausible you almost clicked a dodgy link or sent "them" some of your details? Is it difficult to remember all those passwords? Do you work with other people's personal information? Do you check your email on the train? Or shop online when relaxing in the coffee shop? Answer "yes" to any of these and you may be interested to know we can help you start to find the tools and techniques to protect yourself, your work and your family online. Be safe and secure online - come and learn from Oxford University's information security specialists.

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Equality and Diversity Unit: Harassment Advisory Service

Caroline Kennedy, Equality and Diversity Unit, University of Oxford - a briefing about how staff and students access this support and how a Harassment Advisor can help individuals.


18 Feb 2014

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