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This is a podcast series that will cover not only race action but will also take you behind the scenes of an elite professional cycling team that explores the world. We will take you on an audio journey that experiences the different cultures of the countries we race in. Speaking with local fans, journalists, riders and people visiting the countries we’ll build a cultural tapestry of the places we have the opportunity to travel to as we explore the world.

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EP7: Never Give Up

This episode of The EF Dispatch takes you behind the scenes of a team that came together in some of the most challenging times, and displayed an amazing example of what teamwork can achieve when no-one is prepared to give up. It tells the tale of a story of rising each morning and going out there side-by-side, preparing to put everything on the line for one another, time and time again. Cycling is rarely filled with fairy tales, but on stage 18 of the Vuelta a España, everything they were dreaming and hoping would happen, eventually did. Subscribe today to catch all of The EF Dispatch episodes. To learn more about EF Education First Pro Cycling, visit efprocycling.com.  


17 Sep 2019

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EP 6: Creating moments to treasure at the Tour de France

The EF Dispatch podcast is back with episode six and it delves deep into why the Tour de France has such a tight grip on people’s hearts. From race director, Christian Prudhomme who is on his 21st Tour de France, to first timer, Mike Woods, who races with EF Education First Pro Cycling, we try to understand why this race is so captivating and keeps people coming back year after year.  It's a look at the race through many lenses of the people who work on the largest annual sporting event in the world.  Subscribe today to catch all of The EF Dispatch episodes. To learn more about EF Education First Pro Cycling, visit efprocycling.com.  


31 Jul 2019

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EP5: An interview with Jonathan Vaughters

EF Pro Cycling's CEO, Jonathan Vaughters, was just 19 years old when his dream of becoming a pro cyclist came true, but it didn’t happen the way he thought it would. Instead of racing internationally on an American team, Jonathan (or JV for short) was offered a spot on a Spanish team. In this episode, JV tells us how he took a leap into the unknown to follow his dream, and how the personal and professional challenges he faced abroad made him into the person he is today. This episode was first published in June 2018 on the EF Outbound podcast.  Subscribe today to catch all of The EF Dispatch episodes. To learn more about EF Pro Cycling, visit efprocycling.com. We used and manipulated sounds from freesound.org users sergiograndamoreano, kojkibass, felix.blume, and susiq12. 


18 Jun 2019

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EP4: A Giro Rookie

Welcome to our Giro d’Italia rookie podcast with Nate Brown and Sean Bennett for The EF Dispatch podcast. A couple days before the Giro d’Italia was about to kick off, I pulled Nate Brown to one side and suggested the idea of him and Sean recording a rookie diary during the race, would he be up for it? Thankfully he agreed to it and to getting Sean Bennett on board. And so their audio Giro d’Italia journey began, from their days of hitting rock bottom, to going for glory in the break to making sure their Mums knew they were thinking about them. So buckle up and tune in to their “Down and Out” podcast, their naming not mine, by rookie, Sean Bennett and experienced hand, Nate Brown. Enjoy! Thanks to producer, Tom Whalley and EF Education First. For more information about studying with EF visit ef.com


7 Jun 2019

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Ep3: When Italy Unites

This episode we are at the first three-week Grand Tour of the year, the Giro d’Italia. We find out what this race means to the Italian people, what it’s like to race it as a rider and cover it as a journalist, how the common language of this country isn’t necessarily Italian, and how one book, il Garibaldi, is the lifeline to everyone over these three weeks, and how it received its nickname. Benvenuto in Italia


1 Jun 2019

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