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Hosts Brian Mehmen, Bryan Martin and Brad Dana and the crew at Rolling Bones Outfitters are ready to help you expand your hunting horizons. Hunt the World was created to show you that it is possible to create those outdoor adventure memories that will last a lifetime. If it’s a North American hunt, Africa, Alaska or the world, we are a team with more than a century of experience ready to help to inform, inspire and answer the questions that will allow you to become a safer, more skilled and seasoned hunter, wherever you choose to go. Your next adventure awaits!

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HTW-Ep 62 Nightmare Hunts

Taking inspiration from one of our members the Rolling Bones team shares stories of hunts that didn’t go quite to plan. When you spend as much time in the field as these guys vetting hunts you’re bound to face challenges. And you learn a lot along the way. As Brian Mehmen likes to say “activity is your greatest teacher.” The guys have three things you should do to deal with tough hunting situations. Enjoy what wasn’t so humorous at the time, but looking back are lessons happily learned. Maybe you can relate, with or without the whale blubber.


3 Jun 2021

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HTW-Ep 61 Looking Out for the Outfitters

Today’s special guest on Rolling Bones' Hunt the World is Jesse Ryder who founded a unique business called Outfitter Protection Services (OPS). Jesse occupies a unique space as both an attorney and a hunting guide having guided in Alaska. He has first-hand experience with what outfitters need to run their businesses in a way that protects both them and the hunters they guide. He provides them with legal advice from his very unique perspective. Jesse has worked closely with Bryan Martin for several years and recently spent a few days in the Bone Cave with the Rolling Bones team as OPS and RBO begin a working relationship. In this episode you can get a behind the scenes look at what an outfitter faces on a day-to-day basis and things as a hunter that you can be aware of as you head out into the field. At RBO we take seriously our relationships with outfitters to make sure you have the best field experience available - and Jesse will help us do that.


27 May 2021

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HTW-Episode-60 Inside our Corporate Shooting School

The Rolling Bones crew is just back from a corporate shooting school they hosted in St. George, Utah. In this episode Brian and Brad give you your own virtual spot on the range with an inside look at the school to show you how it works and what they do to organize and execute a corporate event. You’ll hear a few stories about the participants and the teachers and learn the importance of having the necessary training to become to become an expert marksman. We’ll also touch on a few things that you can do today to stay in shape during the “off season.” Oh, and Brad resurrects the old Rolling Bones unofficial theme song…. 


20 May 2021

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HTW-Ep 59 Going From Novice to World-class Hunter

On today’s episode we welcome a special guest, Rolling Bones member Jonathan Angner. Jonathan is a successful businessman in the southeastern United States but he wasn’t always a successful hunter. Although no one in his family were hunters he started small and continually improved his skills and he has now hunted on nearly every continent and has had major success. Jonathan now mentors younger hunters. In this episode he tells his story to hosts Brian Mehmen and Brad Dana. Join us for tales of expeditions and meet some of the adventure seekers he’s met along the way. 


13 May 2021

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HTW-Ep 58 Why You Should Consider Hunting Asia Now

We have had a tremendous amount of people calling us asking about hunting Central Asia and Russia. With all the borders closed on the continent options are still wide option in many areas of the world. And here’s the thing - your trip to hunt big game species in Russia or Tajikistan (for example) are more affordable that you may think. In this episode Brian, Brad and Bryan tackle the three questions we get asked most often: how affordable is it, how accessible is it and is it safe. Think about this… you could hunt Ibex for about the cost of a mule deer. And most of Asia sees no local hunting pressure since it is too expensive for locals to hunt these species. The RBO teams dives into these topics and wraps with a discussion of species that Asia presents. And if you have any further questions feel free to reach out to us at Rolling Bones Outdoors.  


6 May 2021

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HTW-Episode 57 Practice Shooting Without Ammo

In this episode of Hunt the World Brian, Brad and Bryan outline ways to keep your shooting skills sharp during our current ammo shortage. Also in this episode we’ll explain the method of “dry firing” and how useful that can be in making the shot. And of course, whenever we get into an episode involving rifles and ballistics Brad and Bryan seem to get a bit side tracked. But no bulls, pigs or roosters were harmed in the making of this podcast.


29 Apr 2021

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HTW-Ep 56 Wildcat Cartridges

With our current ammo shortage our Rolling Bones ballistic pros Brad Dana and Bryan Martin have been busy experimenting and testing wildcat cartridges. In this episode we’ll learn more about this latest trend in ammunition. These bullets give you a larger range of operating velocity and distance. Brad lets you in on what he’s been working on and the results. Buckle up and get ready to geek out with our connoisseurs of the cartridge, our barons of ballistics, our sultans of shot, Brad and Bryan.


22 Apr 2021

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HTW-Ep 55 Alaska Fishing - Opportunities, Expectations and Cost

We shift gears a bit in this episode of Hunt the World as Brian, Bryan and Brad take up fishing. Actually they take you along fishing in the great state of Alaska - arguably the best fishery in North America. They’ll cover opportunities, expectations and cost. If you’ve ever considered this, you’ll want to listen to this episode for some insight and advice as the Rolling Bones teams has vetted numerous world-class fishing opportunities in our 49th state. The guys talk about the various salmon, char, and halibut fishing along with one of the best “chicken holes” they’ve ever visited. 


15 Apr 2021

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HTW-Ep 54 Canada is Still Closed - But Hunt the USA This Year

No one knows for sure if the Canadian border will be open to non-resident hunters in 2021. So far in the spring of 2021 it is not. However, the USA is open for hunting and on today’s episode Brian, Bryan and Brad have been busy in the Bone Cave mapping out some strategies for you to put your 2021 hunting adventures back on track. We'll cover some of the hunting opportunities that are available - this year - in 2021 and beyond. From Idaho to Texas we’ll walk through a few practical scenarios that may perk your interest as we cover bear, turkey, aoudad, black deer, javelina, prairie dogs and more. Plus we’ll talk cost and hunt payment plan options. Check out our RBO memberships that cost less than 3 cappuccinos a month at Starbucks but save you big bucks on hunts while providing exclusive discounts on gear.


8 Apr 2021

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HTW-Ep 53 Horseback Hunting in British Columbia

No April-foolin' around. If you haven’t put a multi-species British Columbia horseback hunt on your bucket list you really should. On today’s episode the Rolling Bones team invites Aaron, a (rather colorful) RBO signature guide/outfitter partner from B.C. to give you a virtual guided tour of a Canadian hunt on horseback for up to three of the following: moose, elk, mountain goat, wolf, caribou or black bear. The guys recount their adventures hunting with Aaron and get real about expectations with a horseback hunt and some good advice working with an outfitter. As we record this episode in the Spring of 2021, the Canadian border is closed to non-resident hunters and Aaron gives his opinion on the reopening. One thing we know for sure, it won’t be closed forever and now is the time to consider and book one of these especially memorable hunts for 2022 and beyond.  


1 Apr 2021

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