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Episode 5: What makes the Oasis of Hope Hospital treatment different from other treatments?

WE DON'T MAKE YOU SICK TO GET YOU WELL!The first thing one notices is that when you visit the hospital at lunch time, there are some pretty enthusiastic stage 4 patients sitting around the lunch tables chatting away like they were having high tea in London. This contrast is pretty large if you visit a traditional chemotherapy or radiation type hospital treatment center. There, you see people who can't get out of bed, have lost their hair, and are so nauseous they can't eat anything. We think you should lose the cancer, not your hair!


17 Sep 2012

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Episode 6: What Makes Oasis of Hope Different?

WHAT MAKES THE OASIS OF HOPE DIFFERENT? With Daniel Kennedy, CEOWhat makes the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana different from all the other alternative treatment centers?CEO, Daniel Kennedy tackles this issue. Back in the 70s, there were really only two main centers for alternative care in Mexico; The Oasis of Hope clinic and the Gerson Diet Center.Today, after over 50 years, there are over a dozen centers with several in the United States including our own in Irvine, CA.While we are extremely happy that the work Dr. Contreras started so long ago has spread, it makes the decision difficult for a cancer patient.The success of the Oasis of Hope Hospital has spawned dozens of other centers that are trying to copy the Contreras method. Have they succeeded?Daniel Kennedy uses real data to show that not only was the Oasis of Hope Hospital one of the first centers, it remains the most successful!


24 Sep 2012

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Episode 7: Resetting you Life

Rick Hill was treated at Oasis of Hope hospital in October of 1974. He had been diagnosed with stage three, high-grade embryonal cell carcinoma at the Mayo Clinic. There, Hill underwent almost ten hours of surgeries and chemo was ordered. When Rick heard about Oasis, he left Mayo before taking the chemo and at Oasis recovered beautifully and had maintained that health for over 38 years!In this challenging and heart-wrenching podcast, Hill takes about a giant decision every cancer patient must make: Is my life worth saving? Some would rather die than give up smoking, stop drinking, or change their diet. Rick estimates that as many as 80% of the patients that come to Oasis are off their organic diet and lifestyle in less than 90 days. Why is that?Hill is convinced these patients need to RESET their life, make some monumental decisions so that their life is worth saving.Don't miss this podcast because this content could mean life or death.


8 Oct 2012

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Episode 4- The 50th Anniversary of Oasis--What tomorrow holds!

This podcast features Daniel Kennedy, the CEO of Oasis of Hope, discussing the 50th Anniversary for the Oasis of Hope hospital. This was the birth place of what is now known as alternative cancer treatment pioneered by Dr. Ernesto Contreras. It was the Contreras family that fought all the early battles with regulators, public opinion, and an entire medical community that was resistant to change both in the United States and Mexico. Today, The Oasis of Hope hospital is a modern hospital located in the beautiful beach area of Tijuana equipped with surgical facilities, diagnostic labs, and capable of treating up to 100 patients on a daily basis.What's ahead? Excitement!The "New Oasis of Hope," rolled out in the next 12 months, will reflect a new commitment to patient care long after they leave Oasis for treatment. Several programs are being developed that will provide every patient with Life-Time Support: 1. The Cancer Support Show-- A weekly podcast program interviewing doctors and patients with ideas on how to navigate a new way of living.2.Cooking with the Doctor Show-- A weekly video introducing nutritional cooking, recipe ideas, and important nutritional information about foods. 3.Boot Camp: A weekly program, live at the hospital, with a step by step program for long-term success. 4.The Ambassador program--Giving patients a practical roadmap for introducing new people to the Oasis way of Life. 5.Oasis of Hope Annual Convention--Held in beautiful San Diego, the will be an annual event featuring top doctors, patient testimonials, and vendors with the latest in alternative/integrative care.


10 Sep 2012

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Episode 3: How to Eat Healthy and Shop Right

HERE IS THE SHOW WE PROMISED! It is the Mother of all topics for alternative care patients. It is the Big Kahuna of topics. Yep, we are talking about FOOD in this Podcast. It's easier to be brave and heroic if it's a single event. But with food, most people get hungry three times or more a day. We are constantly bombarded with TV commercials asking us if "We want it our way?" (fried and sugar filled). Listen to this timely and informative podcast on how to view the world of nutritious foods in your quest to obtain vibrant and long-lasting health!


3 Sep 2012

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