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G. Steven Simons is the founder and senior leader of Triumph In Truth in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Triumph In Truth is a Messiah-centered, Spirit-filled fellowship of believers that embraces the Torah as the foundation of all Scripture and believes that all of the Bible is true and applicable to every believer today. We are also a global family of believers, uniting as the One New Man and walking in the ways of Messiah.

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What Did Paul Really Mean? // Part Three

Did Paul really say the Torah is a curse? Paul's letter to the Galatians has been debated and misunderstood by many for centuries. In this video we reveal the KEY to properly interpreting Galatians. Paul's issue was NOT with obedience to the Torah, but with trying to achieve "JUSTIFICATION" by Torah-keeping apart from belief in Yeshua Messiah. Once you grasp this key, Galatians unfolds with clarity!


11 Mar 2017

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To Believe IS To Obey

Many in modern Christianity say that we simply must believe (mentally ascend) in "Jesus" to be saved and that's ALL that's required of the believer. They say if you have a desire to obey the Scripture you have fallen from grace and are into "law-keeping." The question is if you are NOT a law-keeper what are you! Lawless! In this video we reveal through a mountain of Scriptural evidence that to believe IS TO OBEY! You cannot separate the two. Believing IS obeying! This video teaching destroys the doctrine of personal irresponsibility and points the believer back to what the Scripture says about bearing fruit of repentance.

1hr 2mins

17 Jun 2017

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The Season Of Teshuvah: Turning Back To The Father In Obedience

In this video we will unpack what the Bible really says about repentance (Teshuvah) and how repentance and OBEDIENCE go hand in hand. The Torah explicitly teaches that to repent is to wholeheartedly turn to YAH in obedience to His Word. It is NOT just saying I'm sorry as many religious doctrines imply. It is engaging in restitution (making the wrong right), completely turning to Elohim, AND being OBEDIENT.

1hr 11mins

9 Sep 2017

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A Tale Of Two Interpretations

The Torah is the foundation of all Scripture interpretation. Without a working knowledge of the Torah, when challenging texts present themselves, the untrained and unstable reader ends up "making stuff up." In this video we reveal just how different the modern religious interpretation and the Hebraic/Torah interpretation can be.

1hr 7mins

13 Oct 2018

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Romans Revealed

Scripture warns that untaught and unstable men will twist Paul's (Sha'ul's) writings to their own destruction. This video series endeavors to restore the Hebraic context of the letter to Romans and deal with some of the false doctrines that surround two thousand years of twisted Scripture.


5 May 2018

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To Eat Or Not To Eat // Part One

Did Yeshua really make all meats clean? In this video we reveal how religion uses " opportunistic interpretation" to pervert what Yeshua said in Matthew 15 and Mark 7 to make it appear that HE abolished the dietary laws of Torah. Discover what Yeshua really taught about eating with unwashed hands You may be surprised!Thank you for watching Triumph In Truth. We hope you enjoyed this video! If you like our message, help us spread the word by sharing these videos on social media!If you feel led to give to help support our media ministry, click on the link below.Giving Link: https://secure.subsplash.com/ui/access/CX334VOnce again, thank you for your support and don't forget to subscribe to our channel to view more videos like this!We read from the The Scriptures Version (ISR2009)

1hr 13mins

24 Jun 2017

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Is The Torah Too Hard To Do?

You've probably heard by those in religion that the Torah is just too hard to do. That only Messiah could obey it and once He did, He then abolished it. Do you really believe that Yeshua is a party to lawlessness or could it be something dramatically different? This video reveals the truth about whether the Torah is really too hard to do.

1hr 5mins

14 Apr 2018

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In Defense Of Bible Obedience

In this video we reveal what the Bible really says about the necessity of obedience for salvation. Find out what Yeshua and Sha'ul (Paul) really taught. Discover that Paul and James really do agree on this subject. This is a most important teaching!

1hr 11mins

3 Nov 2018

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Is Tithing Really A Part of The New Covenant

What is the one thing that the adversary would love to do to damage the work of YAH in the earth today? Make people feel justified in not supporting financially the work of local congregations all over the world. If he can do that, he can paralyze the work and hinder the blessing from flowing to the people. In this video, we endeavor to silence the hiss of the serpent and preach the TRUTH about the role tithing has in the New Covenant. You may be surprised!


3 Feb 2018

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Be Being Filled With The Set-Apart Spirit

The ultimate definitive dynamic of the New Covenant is that the Indwelling Set-apart Spirit places Elohim's Torah in the believer's mind and writes it on his heart! You cannot be a New Covenant, Torah-followig, believer in Yeshua without the Set-apart Spirit dwelling within you. In this video we reveal what the "Promise of the Father" really is and how scripture commands believers to Be-Being Filled! A serious video for serious disciples of Yeshua!

1hr 1min

14 Jan 2018

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Yeshua Our Amazing High Priest // Part One

The Scripture is replete with many wonderful descriptions of Yeshua as our Great High Priest. In this video we explore His role as High Priest and marvel at the awesome plan of Elohim to redeem humanity through the selfless sacrifice of our Faithful High Priest Yeshua!


18 May 2019

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Romans Revealed // Part Nine

In this final video of Romans Revealed we emphasize that Sha'ul (Paul) began his letter to the Romans with the concept of belief-obedience and he ends his letter with belief-obedience. This is vital in understanding that Sha'ul never promoted a"mental ascension" in Messiah only, but a belief that produces obedience to the Scriptures. We also discuss Sha'ul's promotion and support of women in ministry roles in the body of Messiah.

1hr 6mins

28 Jul 2018

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And Such WERE Some Of You // Part One

This is a strong, uncompromising message that exposes many of the modern lies about grace and charges the believer to forsake sin and live a lifestyle of set-apart obedience to the Scripture. This video is not for the quasi-believer, but for those who are serious about living in such a way that pleases the Master in righteousness and set-apartness!


20 Jan 2018

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Romans Revealed // Part Two

Does our belief in Yeshua Messiah abolish the Torah as many in religion say? In this video we reveal the undeniable truth of the place that Torah has in the lives of believers.


12 May 2018

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To Eat Or Not To Eat // Part Two

Was Peter's vision really about making unclean meat clean as many in religion say? When Peter received the vision, did he go with non-Jewish men to the home of a non-Jew to preach the Good News or did he go to the local deli for a ham sandwich? In this video we reveal the TRUTH behind Peter's vision and expose the flagrant lies of religion. This teaching will be delicious to those HUNGRY for the TRUTH!


1 Jul 2017

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Worshiping What You Do Not Know

The Samaritans said they worshiped the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but they did so with a form of worship that was mixed with foreign ways and practices. They had their own temple, their own priesthood, their own traditions, and had even abolished all of the original Hebrew Scriptures except for the five Books of Moses. Does this sound familiar? Yeshua said, "You worship what you do not know..." This video will open the eyes of the TRUTH-seeker to what religion has done and challenge believers to worship Abba in a pure form of worship as defined by Torah and demonstrated by Yeshua!

1hr 4mins

16 Sep 2017

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And Such WERE Some Of You // Part Three

Some in religion believe that Paul (Sha'ul) and James (Ya'acob) disagree in Scripture on the means of salvation. Is it true? In this video we prove by Scripture that Paul and James did not disagree but taught the same thing from different perspectives. This is an eye-opening video!

1hr 1min

3 Feb 2018

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The Song Of Moses AND The Song Of The Lamb

Some say that the “New Testament” is against the “Old Testament” and Law is against Grace, and Jesus abolished Moses. In this video, we reveal that the Bible is one, continuous, agreeing revelation. It never has been one or the other it’s been both all along. The end time believers obey the commands of Elohim AND possess belief in Yeshua (Revelation 14:12). A fascinating study!

1hr 5mins

5 Jan 2019

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The Modern Consumer Doctrine: Truth or Error

Elohim is NOT a cosmic bell hop who comes running whenever someone rings the bell to give them whatever they want. He doesn't exist to serve man. Man exists to worship and serve Him. This video refutes one of the most popular, fleshly, man-pleasing doctrines in modern Christianity today - the Modern Consumer Doctrine.


18 Feb 2017

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Romans Revealed // Part Seven

Many in religion use Romans 14 as a text to say that Sabbath observance is OPTIONAL - just make up your own mind. However, that is an egregious abuse of the context. In this video we reveal what Sha'ul (Paul) really meant when he spoke of judging one day above another or every day alike. An eye-opening video!

1hr 5mins

23 Jun 2018

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