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My mission is to provide a structured step by step approach to overcoming anxiety and trauma, through CBT and NLP practices, and to build an honest and trustworthy rapport with those who seek help for their life challenges.Website: https://unpluganxiety.com/

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TAPP #4 - 9 Habits Anxiety Sufferers Do Daily

Do you have health anxiety? Recognizing the habits you do throughout the day can help you figure out whether you suffer from health anxiety.


11 Oct 2018

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TAPP #65 - The Secret to Anxiety Recovery

On episode #65 of The Anxiety Project Podcast, I go over a very powerful tool that is necessary for desensitization. Anxiety sufferers continuously avoid situations that make them feel uneasy. The fear of uncertainty can keep an anxiety sufferer trapped in their safe zone. Then they put bandaids over their anxiety such as: medications, alcohol, junk foods, and reassurance. While they avoid those uncomfortable situations, the dragon grows, and by the time they attempt to confront that chaos, the fear is substantially more intense.  


12 Feb 2020

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TAPP #47 - 5 Ways to Calm Yourself

On episode #47, I dive into 5 powerful relaxation techniques, that not only calms the racing mind, but boosts immune health as well. These techniques are great to have in your tool box. They help you become less reactive towards your negative thoughts, confront challenges affectively, increase dopamine levels, and reduces the risk of becoming ill. The 5 techniques are: sit with a soothing beverage and listen to calming music, read a book you are actually interested in, take a walk in nature, pay attention to your breathing, and meditate. These techniques will have a massive impact over your mental health and overall immune health. Start them now and witness the power they hold.


9 Oct 2019

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TAPP #3 - Breathing and Posture

These two skills, yes I said skills, are important to implement daily. When you start controlling your physiology, you control your psychology. These are the keys to help you stay grounded and in tune with the present moment. If you want to be a warrior, act like one, then you will start to believe you are one. An important and powerful podcast.


9 Oct 2018

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TAPP #56 - A Technique For Anxiety

On episode #56, I talk about a technique that lessons your sensitivity to high panic and high anxious situations. The technique is flooding. Flooding is when you place yourself in a high anxiety situation and you ride the wave (give in and surrender to the sensations) of panic. It is important to not avoid the places that make you feel iffy because you are only strengthening your fear to that situation. By flooding, you are desensitizing your fear of the situation and thus strengthening and stimulating a new neuro pathway that now promotes safety rather than dread. You have to activate to generate. 


11 Dec 2019

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TAPP #58 - Anxiety Recovery in 2020

2020 is the year to prove your old self wrong. On this podcast episode I talk about the challenges you need to confront in order to overcome anxiety. Recovery is a long term game, and it requires facing situations that you do not want to face. Pain is necessary for growth and strengthening the mind. The challenges I talk about in this episode are: avoiding negative friends and add positive models, meditate daily, stop reassurance seeking, and seek out challenges for growth. These are very important because they shift your character, your identity, and make you stronger mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 


25 Dec 2019

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TAPP #16 - Starting Your Anxiety Recovery

Anxiety recovery is not an easy journey, but it is the most rewarding journey you will ever take. In this podcast I go over the first things you need to do right now in order to overcome your anxiety. Do it for your family, your loved ones, your children, and follow the path to enlightenment. Remember, you can't change your external world until you change your internal world. 


26 Jan 2019

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TAPP #49 - Anxiety and the Power of Habits

On episode #49, I break down habits and how they can be used effectively to improve our anxiety and overall lifestyle. I used to engage in multiple bad habits that kept me in an anxious limited state. I go over the many negative habits anxiety sufferers do daily so that you can relate and become conscious of them. Once we recognize the habits that keep us back from living a fulfilling life, we then can work on new powerful habits to replace the old limiting ones. Like a computer, if we do not update our software, we end up crashing. Pay attention to your habits, they run us unconsciously and they create who we are. We are what we repeatedly do.  


23 Oct 2019

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TAPP #5 - Be the Warrior, Not the Victim

Tap into your warrior side and stop being the victim. 


15 Oct 2018

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TAPP #24 - 6 Habits Of A Health Anxiety Sufferer

On this episode of The Anxiety Project Podcast I go over the six habits of a health anxiety sufferer. The six habits are: too much time in your safe space, leaving the event early, calling a loved one for reassurance, touching parts of your body, urinating frequently, and one word answers. Knowing the habits you unconsciously run on a daily basis can be a major breakthrough because you will start to shift your perceptions over them. Remember, do not let anxiety define who you are.  


9 Apr 2019

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TAPP #54 - Depersonalization & Anxiety

On episode #54, I talk about depersonalization and the reason why we experience it when going through anxiety and trauma. Depersonalization can make you fearful over your state of mind (the thought of going crazy) because it can make you feel detached from yourself, like you are in 3rd person. Also, you may feel like you cannot get a grip over your thoughts and physical actions. When I experienced depersonalization, I felt like I had no balance and I was extremely light headed. In this podcast, I go over the causes of depersonalization and what you can do to get rid of it. 


27 Nov 2019

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TAPP #34 - Anxiety and the Fear of Uncertainty

On this episode I talk about why anxiety sufferers fear uncertainty and how to properly prepare yourself to face the chaos of the day. If you don't properly arm yourself with the right tools to face the day, then you will be confronting the dragon of chaos without a sword. When you confront the dragon ill-prepared, you'll get completely overwhelmed which will result in you staying at home avoiding the places that make you fearful.


4 Jul 2019

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TAPP #26 - Night Anxiety

On episode 26 of The Anxiety Project Podcast I dive into Night Anxiety. What can you do so you can start enjoying a good nice sleep? I go over the four energetic bodies that make up human beings and go over what you can do specifically in each energetic body so you can better your day to day life. Improving on these bodies will result in better rest and digestion. I then talk about important habits I do before sleep that really improved my life. Some habits include: having a better diet, meditation, exercise, and spending time in nature. These habits will result in a better night sleep and a happier and healthier you. 


24 Apr 2019

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TAPP #51 - My Worst Anxiety Symptoms

On this episode, I go over my top 5 worst anxiety symptoms from when I used to suffer from an anxiety disorder. People who suffer from anxiety all experience similar symptoms, but everyone tends to react more strongly to certain symptoms than others. The objective of this podcast episode is to get you familiar with the many symptoms and sensations caused by anxiety, so that you can begin perceiving them differently. When you perceive that dizziness, heart palpitation, or body zap as been life threatening, you snowball that anxiety into full blown panic. If you look at your sensations as being natural and common, then your anxiety will not snowball out of control.  

6 Nov 2019

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TAPP #35 - Childhood Trauma

On episode #35, I talk about how trauma is formed within us. We all have a certain threshold (level of tolerance) and the more significant the emotional event, the more it gets stored within your unconscious. Do you ever find when you are going about your day an event that was embarrassing or traumatic popping into your head out of the blue? Its no coincidence, thats your unconscious telling you that you haven't dealt with this event yet and that you need to. Your unconscious always wants the best for you.


10 Jul 2019

Rank #15

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TAPP #27 - 3 Reasons Why You Remain In Constant Misery

Our subconscious mind runs on habits and it loves familiarity. Breaking bad habits that keep you running the same anxious patterns daily in your life is crucial for overcoming anxiety. In this episode I go over the 3 reasons why you remain in constant misery. The first is that you constantly point out what you DON'T want in life. The second reason is you continuously magnify the BAD and not the GOOD. The third reason is that you are NOT updating your checklist. I go into all three of these reasons and break them down so that you have a better understanding of why you feel stuck in anxiety. It's time to start breaking down the walls that keep holding you back from living a fulfilling life.


1 May 2019

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TAPP #22 - Anxious Patterns

On episode 22 of The Anxiety Project Podcast I talk about the anxious patterns anxiety sufferers run as well as why you are experiencing the sensations anxiety brings about. I also go into the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies of what make us who we are. If any of these bodies are neglected, then that throws off all the other bodies and we lose rapport with our unconscious. 


25 Mar 2019

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TAPP #72 - Your Self-Talk is Holding You Back

On episode #72 of The Anxiety Project Podcast, I talk about a very fearful experience of mine and how my self talk pushed me through that anxious event. The self talk you provide yourself can alter the overall outcome of the fearful challenge are you about to face. When your anxiety systems become active, it takes over all other brain processes, and so now every part of you wants to avoid that perceived threat. I talk about what you can do to push through this extreme resistance and overcome the challenge you are about to face. 


1 Apr 2020

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TAPP #55 - The Anxiety Response (The Amygdala)

On this episode of The Anxiety Project Podcast, I go over the part of the brain that initiates the anxiety response, the amygdala. The amygdala, when activated, prepares the body to flight, fight, or freeze. When doing so, there is an increase in cortisol and adrenaline within the body, which then creates a wide range of anxiety symptoms. Some symptoms include: shallow depth of field, racing heart, perspiration, and shallow breathing. These symptoms of anxiety can be misinterpreted as being life threatening, which then makes your anxiety spiral out of control. When we look at these symptoms as being a natural defensive response produced from the amygdala, we then lesson the impact of the anxiety we experience. In this episode, I go over the amygdala and its response to perceived threats, as well as how we can use the amygdala to better control our anxiety. 


4 Dec 2019

Rank #19

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TAPP #73 - Is Anxiety Permanent?

On episode #73 of The Anxiety Project Podcast, I break apart and answer the powerful question - is anxiety permanent? This common question that I get comes from others who feel continuously stuck in chaos, their anxiety response, and see no way out. This belief that I held close to me, the belief I would never change, added more fuel to the fire that is my anxiety disorder. What can I do to eliminate this belief and move forward? Can I actually overcome anxiety fully and live the life that I want? All this and more will be answered in this weeks episode. 


8 Apr 2020

Rank #20