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Discussing everything gaming news related and more with DukeKC (Keith) and Arieyse (Bryan)

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Ep 3: PS5 Logo | Apple Gaming Mac? | League of Legends 2020 Season | Rise of Skywalker & The Mandalorian

SPOILERS FOR RISE OF SKYWALKER AND THE MANDALORIAN Apologies on the poor audio on Bryan's end. He was not recording at his typical location, and was also recording at a fairly low gain, hence the below average audio quality. We will fix this next episode TIMESTAMPS: The start/small talk: 0:00 PS5 logo and PS4 sales figures released: 3:16 Asus and Nvidia announce 360hz monitor: 9:51 FF7 Remake release date & potential leak?: 14:43 Rumors that Apple is working on a $5000 gaming Mac: 24:41 Ryzen 4000 series and 'NVIDIA' killer GPU: 36:12 Riot Games Korea's chief passed away: 45:11 LoL 2020 season and new "Warriors" Cinematic: 47:04 Rise of Skywalker talk: 53:04 The Mandalorian talk: 1:17:40

1hr 44mins

12 Jan 2020

Rank #1

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Ep 2: The Game Awards | New Xbox | Frozen 2 | Our Favourite Childhood games

Apologies for some of the background noise, Bryan's dad was in his room so there was a little noise on his end. This week we discuss Frozen 2, The Game Awards, our thoughts on the new Xbox and consoles in general, and some of our favourite games we played as children. We kinda drift off topic a lot this episode but hey, its our podcast lul. The start/small talk 00:00 Mata retires 4:58 TWT Finals Results 8:52 Toast moving to Facebook 16:58 Frozen 2 general talk 27:56 MPC Vancouver shut down 41:04 The Game Awards 48:44 Eckbok X Series 1:02:15 Favourite Childhood game general talk 1:14:44

1hr 41mins

16 Dec 2019

Rank #2

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Ep 1: FPX Wins Worlds | Jedi Fallen Order | Sleightlymusical & Lilypichu drama

This week we talk about the League of Legends Worlds results, whether Jedi Fallen Order is finally a good Star Wars game in years, and Albert cheating on Lily Timestamps: The start/small talk 00:00 Worlds discussion 02:55 Worlds will not have double elimination 12:40 Zikz joins 100T 15:22 LoL All-stars voting is open 17:28 Hearthstone Battlegrounds open beta 20:28 Death Stranding is... weird 25:40 Echo Fox is no more 30:52 Netflix's The Witcher renewed for second season 35:56 Sonic has been redesigned 39:34 Jedi Fallen Order discussion/review 45:07 Sleightlymusical and Lilypichu scandal 01:05:14

1hr 28mins

18 Nov 2019

Rank #3