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Ep. 6 Gelato & Election Day!

Hello and welcome to the show notes! This week I write about us talking about Ohio, and a new proposal to use Medical Cannabis to help patients suffering from opiode addiction.  Considering the abuse of one drug, should another be involved? The Medical community doesn’t have a consensus, but some doctors are keeping an open mind regardless of their stance.  Keeping it blunt we switch over to Michigan’s prop. 18-1 which could potential legalize the growth, sale, and (responsible) consumption of cannabis in the state! Next on the ballot is North Dakota which is considering an even more free market approach to cultivation and sale. Finally Missouri had a trio of proposed cannabis laws on the ballot this election: what are they, which one do would you want? Also, what it’s in our new and improved stash box? All the answers to these very specific questions and our 2 cents worth as well. All on Ep. 6 of MJ Review the Potcast. Tune in and thanks for listening! Gelato, also known as Larry Bird is a nice indica dominant hybrid strain and is sunset sherbet and thin mint girl scout cookies sweet lovechild. originally from california it made its way to illinois thanks to gold leaf! Method of consumption: FlowerLook: these dense buds harbor beautiful [burnt] orange hairs spread across beautiful spread of green and purple buds [beautiful spread of verdant green and indigo buds]. This heavy hitter blanketed with [beautiful, crystalline (/tons/)] tons of trichomes as well.Aroma: Its like walking into an italian gelato Gelateria with a skunk walking around the back…Its got a wonderful sweet citrusy mint like aroma with a touch of skunky notes. Flavor profile: This one has an awesome sweet sherbet like taste to it, it has a minty cooling effect that meshes extremely well with a sweet citrus berry flavor.  medical: if you’re feeling like you just can’t relax or your feeling depressed this strain is a fantastic option. From our experience this one eliminated stress all together and really uplifted our moods, back pain was curbed dramatically and after about an hour put us right to sleep! its great for pain and insomnia on top of the heavy stress and depression reduction. Recreational: Gelatos heavy euphoria inducing effects bring on a super relaxed mathew mcconaughey dazed and confused type of cool. It will keep you calm as a cucumber and happy as a clam with its uplifting effects, not to mention the artist in you may come out with this highly creative strain. you will also notice a nice laser like focus effect!Negative effects: indulging in to much of this tasty dessert will bring on extremely dry mouth and eyes which does not pair well with the anxious, paranoid effects that could possibly occur if you have to much so be careful as always and know your limits.  I give this strain a 5 out of 5 leaves. As an artist I noticed the mind agile, creative effects of this strain as well as the delicious aroma and flavor profile. And who doesn’t like to feel uplifted and happy all the while reducing pain, stress and The post Ep. 6 Gelato & Election Day! appeared first on MJ Review Potcast.


9 Nov 2018

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