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Welcome to The Soulful Self-Love podcast. I'm your host, Karli. I'm a Business & Mindset Coach, Master in NLP and Breakthrough expert. I help everyday women step into their new business with unshakeable clarity and alignment. I help them to totally focus on being their authentic selves, crush their mindset blocks and move through imposter syndrome and fear.Each week on the podcast, we’ll talk about all things self-love, energy, confidence, business, the universe and heaps more - nothing is off-limits. We’ll explore practical ways to overcome challenges, dive into practices and tools to strengthen your mindset, build your confidence and help you take inspired and aligned action towards your wildest dreams.So if you’re ready to go from surviving to thriving, and to truly embrace yourself, then join me on this journey of growth and discovery, nourishing our mind, body and soul, and feeling super inspired along the way.

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Episode 047//Prioritising Yourself Without Guilt & Valuing Yourself Enough Not to Settle

In today’s episode, I chat about: My conscious parenting approach and why this is important to me Recognising and listening to the universal nudges and deciding how to respond How I’ve been prioritising myself and taking some much needed time out How to do this without feeling the guilt and needing to justify Filling your cup has a far greater impact than just on you and those around you Allowing the day to run you vs running the day on your own terms Valuing yourself enough to set boundaries and not settle for mediocrity The Woman ∆ Inspired - Starting June 14 It’s up to us to rise and go after our dreams, and empower other women to do the same Connecting with what lights us up, following what feels good and going after our purpose Ushering in the new paradigm, because the world is changing and we get to lead the way We are all meant for more - it’s time to explore what that might be See your fear and honour your fear, but do it anyway Feel inspired, more fulfilled & more on purpose than ever Prioritising your dreams and yourself over your fears Curious? Reach out for a chat @karliheinjus on IG - let’s see if it’s the right fit for you. Check out the details here. Want more? Limited 1:1 spots open. More here. PS: sorry about the slight echo in this episode! 


4 May 2021

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Episode 046//How to Find the Courage to Follow Your Dreams & Find Your Purpose

Today is a really heart-felt episode, and I chat to you all about finding the courage to follow your dreams. How we distract ourselves from our dreams and what lights us up Unlocking your purpose Connecting to your heart to finding what's true for you Facing your two futures The ego and how it stops us from taking action - exploring excuses and fears that come up Failure - how taking action is never failure! Coming back to impact and bringing an idea to life Energy, attracting what you're a match for and creating a life you want to live How we can change the world when we step into our purpose If you want to know more about my upcoming group program -everything I've done has led me to this program - as talked about in this episode, send me a DM for early bird pricing @karliheinjus If you'd like to know more about working 1:1 with me, there are limited spots open to begin at the end of April. Apply here.


20 Apr 2021

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Episode 045//Mindset & How to Learn When it All Comes Crumbling Down, + Social Media Boundaries

In today's episode, I chat about: My recent social media break and new boundaries How children can be our greatest teachers What we can learn from falling Lego towers - about life, business, motherhood, health, everything! Rebuilding your tower to be stronger, better and greater We only ever fail if we quit Share with me your biggest takeaway - tag me in your story @karliheinjus My DM's are open - if you'd like to know more about how I can support you in rebuilding what's fallen down in front of you, some guidance doing the inner work to become more resilient or to have someone keep you accountable as you transform.  I have two spots left for late-April, check out the info here.


15 Apr 2021

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Episode 044//QUICK ♡ FIX: Procrastination, Alignment & Stepping into the Role of a Leader

In todays QUICK ♡ FIX episode, I talk about how I was stuck in procrastination and how I made my way out of it. I also share with you what my take on being a leader is and stepping into that role. This episode is straight FIRE, so enjoy it! Reach out to me @karliheinjus on IG. To learn more about how you can work with me, check out the details on my website here.


25 Mar 2021

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Episode 043//Julia Allison + Giving Back to your Mind and Your Body, Mindset Changes that Last!

In today's episode, I chat to the INCREDIBLE Julia Allison. Julia is a Health Mindset & Lifestyle Coach, who has been in the health and fitness industry for 12 years and is studying a Bachelors of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. She's a powerhouse! We talk about: The path to self-love Triggers and how they show us what's going on within How you can give back to yourself, and the signs to look for that you need to take time out The mind-body connection, listening to your body and building a healthy relationship with your body and mind The conscious mind and the unconscious mind, and how to make mindset changes that last Trust! How can you give back to your body and mind? See how we are all each other's mirrors - we are all one and the same <3  ------------------ Enjoy the episode! You can find Julia on Instagram @julia.allison.coaching Reach out to me on Instagram @karliheinjus


16 Mar 2021

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Episode 042//BUSINESS BABES: Are You Made For More? Making a Choice When You Feel Stuck

Are You Made for More? (YES!!!) In today’s episode, I share with you guys a little of my story, feeling stuck in the corporate world, working a 9-5 job that was so unfulfilling and out of alignment for me. I stayed in this job because it’s what I thought I had to do. But I want you to know that you’re allowed to challenge the status quo and break the mould if you want to. How I knew I was made for more and making the decision to leave my 9-5 Moving through the fear, uncertainty and all the mindset blocks that came up How I allowed myself the time and space to get clear on my passion and do what lights me up Being totally supported to be able to invest $20k in my own personal development to make my business work When you jump, the universe will catch you and support you every single time. It was scary. But it was more scary for me to live a life out of alignment and spend time in a job I didn’t love. My heart wanted more. Journal Prompts What lights you up that you’re ignoring? Where do you want to spend more time and energy, but you’re not allowing yourself to? What are the nudges from the Universe that you’re ignoring? How much more time are you willing to waste before you step into your truth? We’re only ever guaranteed this now moment. Nothing else is ever assured.  >>If you’re ready to start calling in your first paying clients into your business, make sure you listen to the last 5 minutes for a special “Podcast Listener Only” offer!  Hit me up on Instagram @karliheinjus to chat and find out if this could be for you!


11 Mar 2021

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Episode 041//QUICK ♡ FIX: EXCUSES! How to Take Radical Responsibility & Reclaim Your Power

In today's QUICK ♡ FIX episode, I chat about: EXCUSES! Getting real about how our excuses are keeping us safe, and small.  How excuses have been a ‘get out of jail free card’ for me in the past. Where I felt unsafe to take action and how the excuses served me. Taking responsibility and focusing on what we want. What I’m doing differently to move past excuses and how you can chuck them in the bin too! How you can identify where you're making excuses and giving your power away - and how you can take it back. ☼ Learn more about 1:1 Coaching with Karli HERE ☼ Connect with me on Instagram @karliheinjus ☼ Join The Soulful Self-Love Squad Facebook Group HERE


1 Mar 2021

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Episode 040//How Your Emotions Help You to Manifest Anything You Want

In today's episode, I share with you: How a breakthrough session helped save my marriage Everything is energy, and everything is vibrating What this means for your emotions and how they help you manifest anything you want A simple and EFFECTIVE process to manifest more money, a car, more clients or anything your little heart desires I also shared a special offer for podcast listeners - if you are ready to transform your life and experience QUICK mindset shifts, just like I did, you can get $500 off a Breakthrough Session with me!  Check out the details here. Find me on Instagram here - share with me your top takeaways from this episode! Join The Soulful Self-Love Squad free Facebook group here.


22 Feb 2021

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Episode 039//QUICK ♡ FIX: How to Turn Your Day Around by Embracing the Duality of Life

In today's QUICK ♡ FIX episode, I chat about: - There are always two sides to a coin (in people, life, business, money, health, EVERYTHING) - Healing our relationship with ourselves begins with embracing this and acknowledging the balance - You can always choose to introduce a new energy in your day - What you filter for you’ll find - filter for opportunities, learnings and growth - Journal prompts or questions to ponder to get your day back on track if it hasn’t started as well as you’d hoped: ♡ What can I do to introduce a new energy, and make a choice to get into a new state for the rest of that day? ♡ What learning opportunity or an opportunity I haven’t yet identified is there for me to discover? ♡ How can I look at this differently? ♡ When something has not gone well, what DID go well? << (embrace the duality) ☼ Get the FREE Confident & Empowered Masterclass HERE ☼ Learn more about 1:1 Coaching with Karli HERE ☼ Connect with me on Instagram @karliheinjus ☼ Join The Soulful Self-Love Squad Facebook Group HERE


7 Feb 2021

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Episode 038//Getting Perfectly REAL + My Lessons After One Month Alcohol Free

In today's episode, I chat about: Embracing the perfection in imperfection (what even is perfect anyway?) My top 5 lessons I've learned from one month alcohol free, which include How much time there really is in a day There are better ways to relax I can have fun and be confident without drinking I think more critically and have a clearer mind I have everything I need within me ☼ Get the FREE Confident & Empowered Masterclass HERE ☼ Learn more about 1:1 Coaching with Karli HERE ☼ Connect with me on Instagram @karliheinjus ☼ Join The Soulful Self-Love Squad Facebook Group HERE


1 Feb 2021

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