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Join Natalie as she talks with Creatrix’s, Light Leaders, and Soulpreneurs - inviting them to speak up and share the intimate truths on how to ignite intuition, navigate the unknown and create your own Soul Revolution.

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Cosmic Soul Sessions with Soul & Spirt Magazine

Cosmic Soul Sessions Exclusive: Join Natalie who is joined by Soul and Spirit Magazine Deputy Editor Priya Kantaria to talk all about the 2021 Soul Awards: Soul and Spirit magazine is the No.1 Spiritual Life Coach magazine. In this exclusive interview find out all about what the Soul Awards are about and who they are for. Discover the diverse categories and pay close attention to how you can nominate your favourite guru within the industry and win prizes. If you nominate you are in the chance to winning a luxury crystal sauna blanket, EMF energydots and a mindfulness retreat for two are all up for grabs! Now that's Cosmic! Also there are 6 categories for the trade awards...so if you are wishing to to shout about something amazing you are doing and reap the rewards for the incredible work go and enter. The deadline for nomination is the 23rd July and then the voting begins. So excited to discover our very own Trish McKinnley from Wellbeing Radio won the Rising Star category last year. It was such a pleasure chatting with Priya and discovering some beautiful insights to how the team at Soul and Spirit use their intuition to guide them. https://www.soulandspiritmagazine.com/awards/categories/ https://www.facebook.com/SSmagazine/ https://www.soulandspiritmagazine.com/find-fairies-in-nature-this-summer/ https://www.instagram.com/soulandspiritmag/ https://twitter.com/soulspiritmagThank you so much to the wonderful Siri Akal for your beautiful song Sat Narayan. Find out more about Siri Akal's beautiful mantra artist at https://www.siriakal.com


16 Jul 2021

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Cosmic Soul Sessions S2 EP5

Becoming the creator of your own life - Join Natalie as she talks with Debra Kilby. Debra is a channel, healer, spirit baby medium, and author of the book, Rosa’s Choice: Healing the Wounds of the Mother. A journey into the world of the spirit baby and how we can build a New Earth, together. In this open and heartfelt interview. Debra talks to Natalie about how she guides women to understand themselves and their own soul’s journey through the challenges that life events and their journey to motherhood brings up in order to open up their remembering of who they are, their power, purpose and gifts. She also shares information on what channeling is and offers us tools to be able to connect more with ourselves as portals of love and become channels to find solutions in our everyday life. Natalie has experienced the work of Debra personally after her miscarriage journey she decided to heal with her in her 21 days From here to maternity course. Her work is phenomenal Natalie especially loves how Debra is able to access the realms of life before life and supports women who have experienced baby loss or who are struggling to conceive to meet their babies in spirit and here in person.Debra’s Website is debrakilby.com and ordering a copy of Rosa's Choice but also available on all Online book sellers.


8 Jul 2021

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Cosmic Soul Sessions S2 EP4

Natalie is joined by fellow Creatrix and author Sarah Small (@theuncensoredempath). Sarah is the founder of Illuminated Training - where she holds space for illuminators on the planet to rise into their highest potential. Sarah shares her top 3 tools on how to reclaim your voice as a leader, how to create boundaries so you can stop sacrificing your energy and step into the ability to not say yes and realign into what you really want to be a part of. Discover also why Sarah is done with over mothering and playing the care taker role as she sees us as leaders moving away from the language of the wounded healer and moving into our roles as healers, medicine women and men to active the new paradigm and bring a more blended energetic approach to the divine masculine and feminine.Stay tuned for Sarah’s Advice From The Cosmos - intuitive messages bought straight to your ear to light you up to living a life fuelled by your soul.


8 Jun 2021

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Cosmic Soul Sessions S2 EP3

Ever feel like you are in a cloud of confusion? That your energy is being laden by other's feelings, thoughts and judgements? Clear those clouds throughout this conversation as you discover how to ditch the doubt and create clarity in all your decision-making as well as building deep trust in yourself. Plus discover 3 easy ways to cultivate divine me time as a non- negotiable in your modern day lives. Natalie chats with Rebecca Anuwen https://www.instagram.com/yoursherosjourney/ & https://www.instagram.com/themodernwitchway/


27 May 2021

Rank #4

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Cosmic Soul Sessions S2 EP2

"How can you be unapologetically powerful and abundant in a world that has taught you not to be?" Drink in the divine learnings of Dr Sarah Coxon - Sacred activist and Author of The Way Of The Priestess. In this chat you learn how to reclaim your power by transcending limitations and discover what a Priestess is. Plus Dr Sarah shares with Natalie how she personally accepted her path as a Priestess and a divine feminine leader, illuminating the path for fellow women to live a life beyond their wildest dreams. https://www.instagram.com/drsarahcoxon/


8 May 2021

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Cosmic Soul Sessions S2 EP1

Natalie is smiling from ear to ear to be back here in Cosmic Soul Sessions...Come and join her for 20 minutes of divine me time as you settle into her first show of the year and discover what she has in store for you as 2021 unfolds...news on exciting guests and as ever intriguing intuitive messages for you to dive deeper in to trusting your intuition to discover what lights you up.


31 Mar 2021

Rank #6