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Our Mental Wellness is a seminar series organised by the Experimental Psychology Department. The series aims to inform, dispel myths and generate discussion on a range of mental health topics. This is a great opportunity for students, staff and alumni to hear world-leading researchers from the University of Oxford share their expertise about mental health conditions and effective evidence-based treatments. It is a chance to have your questions answered about how we can look after each other’s mental wellness in our community.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – too careful, too nice, and trying too hard

In this practical, myth-busting webinar for staff and students, Paul Salkovskis from the Department of Experimental Psychology explains how OCD works and what needs to happen to overcome it. A Q&A follows, chaired by Cathy Creswell. Speaker: Paul Salkovskis https://www.psy.ox.ac.uk/people/paul-salkovskisQ&A Chair: Cathy Creswell https://www.psy.ox.ac.uk/people/catharine-creswell


18 Feb 2022

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Coping with grief after a bereavement

In this practical, myth-busting webinar, Department of Experimental Psychology researcher Dr Kirsten Smith discusses the processes that can block the natural resolution of grief as well as some evidence-based suggestions for managing them. This webinar is primarily intended for University staff and students but will be of value to many others. A Q&A follows, chaired by Professor Cathy Creswell. Speakers:Kirsten Smith https://www.psy.ox.ac.uk/people/kirsten-smithCathy Creswell https://www.psy.ox.ac.uk/people/catharine-creswell


25 Jan 2022

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Bullying and Anxiety

Eleanor Leigh with panellists Lucy Bowes and Robert Hepach (chaired by Cathy Creswell) give a seminar on bullying and anxiety on Thursday 3rd June 2021. Bullying can make us susceptible to anxiety and depression, and conversely anxiety and depression make us more vulnerable to being victimised. This webinar, from the Experimental Psychology Department, will focus on understanding the thinking and behaviour traps that underlie this association and how to break it.


7 Jun 2021

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Overcoming Mistrust and Paranoia

Talk and panel discussion with Daniel Freeman and panel members Elizabeth Tunbridge and Kam Bhui. Introduced by Professor Cathy Creswell.


24 May 2021

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Understanding and Managing Eating Disorders

This webinar provides useful information about eating disorders and breaks down common myths. Evidence-based treatments will be provided and as well as guidance on what you can do if you, or someone you know, is struggling with eating problems. Speakers: Rebecca Murphy (main presentation), with Robin Murphy and Deborah Waller GP on the Q and A panel (chaired by Cathy Creswell)


12 May 2021

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Coping with Trauma

Most of us will experience a traumatic event at some point in our lives. Our sense of self and the world may change and we may experience unwanted distressing memories and feel a wide range of negative emotions. This talk will discuss research findings on helpful and unhelpful ways of coping with trauma.Speakers: Anke Ehlers (main presentation), plus Mina Fazel and Morten Kringelbach on the panel (chaired by Cathy Creswell)


12 May 2021

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Managing Depression and Low Mood

Sadness and low mood are normal parts of human experience. But what happens when they become more pervasive and disabling? The November talk in Experimental Psychology’s Our Mental Wellness Series is on Managing Depression and Low Mood, delivered by Willem Kuyken and followed by a Q and A with Catherine Harmer and Andrea Cipriani. Tags:


24 Nov 2020

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Overcoming Sleep Problems

What sleep is for, how does it work and how can we deal with tricky sleep problems? This is the second talk in the Department of Experimental Psychology’s Our Mental Wellness series. Colin Espie, Professor of Sleep Medicine, gives the presentation, while the panel members are Felicity Waite (Research Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatry Dept), Dimitri Gavriloff (Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Course Tutor in Sleep Medicine, NDCN). The panel chair is Catharine Creswell (Professor of Developmental Clinical Psychology, Experimental Psychology Dept)


10 Nov 2020

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Managing Stress and Overcoming Anxiety

Managing Stress and Overcoming Anxiety is the first talk in the Department of Experimental Psychology’s Our Mental Wellness Series. Associate Professor Jennifer Wild explores how certain people overcome enormous stress while others struggle. And presents seven key tools to help us manage stress and anxiety in our own lives and the science of why they work. A Q and A Panel Discussion (chaired by Professor Catharine Creswell) follows with Professor Jennifer Wild, Emeritus Professor Robin Dunbar (evolutionary psychology) and Dr Polly Waite (adolescent clinical psychology).


8 Jun 2020

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History of Oxford's Experimental Psychology Department

Professors Oliver Braddick and Larry Weiskrantz give a talk on the history of Oxford University's Experimental Psychology Department as part the department's 113th anniversary.


13 Jul 2011

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