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Journey Back, presented by Cliff Aguirre CH (certified hypnotist), is a podcast that will include discussions about past-life regression, ghosts, alternative realities, UFO's and much more. In some shows, Cliff will include actual recordings of the past-life regressions used in his book Journey Back - The Amazing Memories of Individuals Through Past-Life Regression. There will also be interviews with world-wide experts and researchers in the area of past lives, ghosts and all of the topics of this podcast.

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Gender, Race and Nationality – Episode 8

I talk about the discoveries made when clients and volunteers, under hypnosis remembered their past lives, in order to deal with their present life issues. They talked about living in different races, and as men and also women and how they lived in different nationalities around the world.  These discoveries play an important part in how we understand our existence as people within the world.


13 Aug 2021

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Leave It To The Future Generation – Episode 7

We hear people say, "let the next generation deal with it."  What the people who speak those words do not realize is that they are the next generation!  This episode was originally uploaded to my Journey Back podcast about my book by the same name and the stories of all of the volunteers who went into past lives under my hypnosis.  It's okay if you don't believe in past lives 100%; just have an open mind.  After listening to the experiences of the volunteers, I firmly believe that we live many lives and that we will return as a generation in the future.I felt that the message was so important that I wanted to post it on Navigating Life, because our continuous existence is a part of navigating life now an in the future.


7 Feb 2021

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Jon Flight Talking About Hypnosis & His Past Life Experience – Episode 6

Jon Flight is a client and volunteer who came to me for hypnosis and for past life regression. Jon appeared in my promo video for Journey Back.  In this podcast, Jon talks about his experience with hypnosis and his past life experience in my office.  As a Christian he also talks about balancing his beliefs with his past life experience.


24 Nov 2019

Rank #3

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Recording of Volunteer Remembering Her Life In London In World War 2 – Episode 5

An actual past life recording of a volunteer for my book Journey Back.  The volunteer is remembering her life in London in World War 2, German bombings and the underground bomb shelters.


12 Sep 2019

Rank #4

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Interview with Jim Harold of the Paranormal Podcast Episode 4

This is an interview with Jim Harold, the host of the Paranormal Podcast.  Jim will be talking about his own experiences with the paranormal, UFO's and much more.  The Paranormal Podcast can be found at Jimharold.com


12 Sep 2019

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Simon Bown Of The UK Podcast Past Life Hypnosis Episode 3

In this episode of Journey Back I interview Simon Bown of the UK podcast Past Life Hypnosis.  In my interview I will ask Simon about his own experiences with past-life regressions, psychic experiences, UFO's and more.


12 Sep 2019

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What I Learned From Journey Back Past-Life Regressions Episode 2

In this episode I will be discussing what I learned from listening to the past-life stories of the 27 volunteers who went through past-life regressions for my book Journey Back. In this episode I will also play three audio clips of actual regressions by three of the volunteers.


12 Sep 2019

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Introduction to Journey Back Podcast Episode 1

In this first episode of Journey Back, I will talk about how I came to write my book Journey Back - The Amazing Memories of Individuals Through Past-Life Regression.  I'll also talk about the topics I'll be covering on the Journey Back podcast, including past-lives, ghosts, other realities and more.


12 Sep 2019

Rank #8