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Do you feel like you’re working so hard in your MomLife + BizLife? Do you struggle with balancing it all and seek ways to survive and thrive?Your A-Game Podcast provides weekly inspiration, encouragement and contagious energy for mompreneurs looking to be ignited.Your host, Susan Vernicek, is a certified coach, mindset igniter and achieve expert who helps women discover balance between MomLife and BizLife without guilt or comparison. Through her own experience and years of igniting the lives of women, Susan created her “Get All A’s” formula which empowers women to transform through Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Achievement.Each week, Susan will be authentically and enthusiastically sharing what it takes to discover your confidence as a woman, as a conscious mother, and as a badass business owner.If you are ready to get out of your own way and find the harmony you desire between MomLife and BizLife, you are in the right place! To find out more visit www.susanvernicek.com.

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19: 5 Books to Get Your MomLife + BizLife Ignited

Do you like to read your books or listen to them? Either way, I’ve got five books to share with you to get your MomLife + BizLife ignited.  These books were game changers for me at the start of my business. They helped me get in the right mindset and scratch the surface of the entrepreneurial world.  I believe that reading is so valuable because it’s a way for us to learn from other people’s experiences. Other people provide knowledge and perspectives that we don’t have, and books give us the opportunity to access that.  These books will help you start out on the right foot if you are just getting your business started, but if you’ve already been running your business for a while, it’s never too late to expand your learning!  Tune in to find out my top five book recommendations.  Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at www.susanvernicek.com/19


2 Aug 2021

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18: Get Your Branding A-Game on with Mallika Malhotra

Do you bring your personality into your branding? Should you? We are answering this question and more in this episode all about branding. I’m excited to be joined by the best branding expert around, Mallika Malhotra.  We’re covering how to niche down, why you should niche down, and whether or not your personal identity should shine through your professional brand.  Mallika Malhotra of MikiFoto + Co is an award-winning brand builder, professional photographer, business mentor, and author of The Brand Photography Playbook. After years of working in corporate advertising, she now helps women entrepreneurs master their stories, show up as the face of their business and create their brand empires. It's her mission to empower women to stop hiding and to start emerging as leaders.  She is a strong believer in getting out of her comfort zone, taking action, and implementing ideas. Her friends and clients call her the brand energizer! When she's not taking pictures or building brands, she's at home with her three sons and husband, drinking coffee or red wine and dreaming about their next global adventure. If you’re trying to build your brand image, this is a really helpful episode!  Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at www.susanvernicek.com/18


26 Jul 2021

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17: A Celebration + Motivation Lesson from My Twins

Do you need some motivation?  In this episode, I am sharing an inspiring lesson from my seven-year-old twins that will leave you with an A-game plan for more celebration and motivation.  As adults, we forget to celebrate our wins the way little kids do. Why is that?  Celebrating our wins is so important to keep us motivated for the next one. Plus, we all deserve a little more celebration!  I’m getting into why taking time to celebrate is so important, how to recognize and celebrate every stage of your wins, and how to use that to stay motivated. If you could use a little (or a lot!) more celebration and motivation in your life, I’ve got you covered.  Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at www.susanvernicek.com/17


19 Jul 2021

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16: Ignite Your Awareness Game with Thoughts, Opinions and Experiences

Are you projecting your own thoughts and feelings onto other people?  In today's episode, I'm going to invite you to ignite your awareness around your conversations.  What does that mean?  We’re going to take a look at how you are possibly projecting thoughts, opinions, and experiences onto people before they have the opportunity to create their own thoughts, opinions, and experiences. This is so important when it comes to the situations, interactions, connections, and collaborations we have as moms and as business owners.  We all need the chance to make our own judgments based on our own experiences, but we can be so easily influenced by the judgments of others. That’s why I want to talk about how to know when you are projecting something onto someone else, and when they are projecting something onto you.  Tune in to find out whether you are really thinking for yourself or not and what to do about it.  Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at www.susanvernicek.com/16


12 Jul 2021

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15: The Becoming of a Mompreneur with Clara Wang

What’s your favorite thing about being a mompreneur?  I know it comes with a lot of challenges, but there’s a lot to be celebrated too! In this episode, Clara Wang and I are discussing the becoming of a mompreneur and all that is expected of us moms. We’re talking about all the shifting and adjusting it takes, and then we are sharing and celebrating our successes.  Clara Wang is a product and branding photographer of Clara Wang Photography. She’s spent over 12 years as a specialist in the hospitality industry, managing consistent excellence, product quality, and people skills. She strongly believes it’s the little things that create a flawless experience. Today, she weaves her love of photography, branding, and product styling together to deliver the highest-quality photos for her clients to use in all of their marketing efforts.  Clara uses her visual storytelling expertise to help women business owners create a powerful connection with their customers— branded images that beautifully set their products apart from the crowd and build trust with their audience. When not shooting in her studio, you’ll find Clara savoring delicious foods in restaurants or her own kitchen, watching rom coms on Netflix with a glass of wine in hand, or traveling on another global excursion with her husband and 2 boys. If you need a little help celebrating yourself as a mompreneur or you want to learn how Clara survived and thrived as a mompreneur through the pandemic, this episode is for you.  Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at www.susanvernicek.com/15


5 Jul 2021

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14: Habits + Trigger Tracking 101

Do you ever think about your habits and triggers? Habits and triggers are key behaviors behind your mompreneur success. They have definitely saved my life over the past decade, so I’m getting into habit and trigger tracking 101 in this episode. Think about it this way: We all have habits, and we all have triggers. Are we ignoring them, or are we actively learning about them and improving them? I bet you have so many amazing habits that are worth celebrating if you really think about it, but there are probably also a few that you could work on.  I am showing you how to identify them either way so you can learn to replace the triggers for the habits that you want to change. I am also getting into why they’re so important and how to start working on them now. Don't miss this chance to learn how to ignite your own habit and trigger awareness game. Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at www.susanvernicek.com/14


28 Jun 2021

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13: Regain Control + Balance: Success Interview with Hadi Diallo

Do you ever feel out of control of your own life?  I feel like we have all experienced this at some point. In this episode, we are hearing from someone who went from feeling out of control to totally in control of her life. Believe me when I say that this is so inspiring to hear about! Hadi Diallo is bringing us another success story. She is one of my mindset achievers, a mother of two, a wife, and a senior director in the finance world. I've had the honor of working with her and helping her transform her crazy life. Now, she is thriving in her Momlife and killing it in her Bizlife! You’ll hear Hadi talk about what her life looked like before, why she needed help, how she was able to regain control and balance, and how she created the life she really wanted with her family at the center of it all.  We are sharing her transformation story together so that you can be inspired to transform your own life too. If you are ready to take control of your life and find the balance that you’ve been searching for, this episode is for you.  Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at www.susanvernicek.com/13


21 Jun 2021

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12: Resourceful and Creative Ways to Get More Clients and Cash

How are you showing up in your business? How do you get creative and resourceful?  In this episode, we are talking about creative ways that you can create clients and cash, and this starts with looking at your resources!  How you show up impacts the world around you, so it is important that you are thinking about how you can be as resourceful as possible in your Momlife and Bizlife. We are covering how to tap into resources like finances, time, and energy, and we are covering how others tap into those resources when they choose to work with you.  I am encouraging you to get creative, show up, create value for others and trust the process because when you do that, you build up your brand awareness and create more opportunities. This is the perfect episode for you if you’re looking for creative and straightforward ways to create clients and cash! Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at www.susanvernicek.com/12


14 Jun 2021

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11: Uplevel Your Parenting A-Game with Lisa DiSciullo

Are you ready to uplevel your parenting A-game?  Today’s special guest, Lisa DiSciullo, knows exactly how it feels to be frustrated with your kids and tired of yelling all the time. She works with parents every day to help them improve relationships inside their homes, so I thought it would be great to get her on the podcast to share some of her best advice with us.  Lisa DiSciullo of Parenting Matters NJ is a Parenting Coach and Parent Educator. After years of studying parenting to help her own family get along, take responsibility, and gain independence while reducing frustration, Lisa now helps parents create harmony in families that work and grow together through private coaching, classes, and workshops, for individuals and couples. Lisa is on a mission to build confidence in parents and resilience in their children. When she is not working with clients or speaking, she is spending time with her husband, walking, cooking, drinking wine, and visiting her 3 adult children and their families. I am all about building confidence in my mompreneur life, and I know you feel the same! Lucky for us, Lisa is serving up tangible takeaways that we can implement right away, so tune in! Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at www.susanvernicek.com/11


7 Jun 2021

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10: My Story to Becoming a 6-Figure Paid Speaker and How You Can Do It Too

I know that there are so many of you that think about what it would be like to speak, but have you ever thought about making a living doing it? We are lucky to have easy access to the digital space where we can speak and teach, so there is so much opportunity to do this! In this episode, I am sharing my story and how I went from not speaking or having a business background to earning 6-figures from speaking alone. I am getting into what my biggest takeaways were from that experience, and how it is possible for you too! If earning a living from speaking sounds like something you want to know more about, this is definitely the episode for you! Follow along with me on Facebook and Instagram! Show notes are available at www.susanvernicek.com/10


31 May 2021

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