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S1E3 - E03 - A Bun in the (Dutch) Oven

Description Here we document the 40 week journey and mostly what Debbie went through. Things like mood swings, blown-up butts and cravings (and farts). Want to hear more? Check us out on instagram @therealseonsetYou can find us on Spotify, Google and iTunes


7 Jul 2019

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Description Short mini episode about our crazy weekend and why we have dark circles. Stay tuned for Episode 3 coming later this week! Check us out on IG @therealseonset


25 Jun 2019

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S1E4 - E04 - T-minus 8 crazy weeks

Description In this episode, we talk about the final weeks before going in to push the little guy out. It was a little crazy and hectic, but good times (some not good times). Also for those listening with little ones, we have to put this parental advisory notice. Some explicit language (a**hole and $h!t). They'll get over it. As always, check us out on IG @therealseonset and please do not hesitate to leave a comment! We'd love to hear from you guys!


1 Aug 2019

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S2E2 - Newborn Phase - say bye to sleep.

Did I just go 5 days without brushing my teeth? When was the last time I stepped out of the house? Legit questions you ask yourself when entering the first phase of out of the belly parenthood. Check us out on IG @therealseonset and drop a like!

5 Feb 2020

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S1E6 - A Little Sumpin Sumpin

Description Listen in as we take some time to catch up on what's been going on these past few months. Life is crazy! Check us out on IG @therealseonset This podcast is powered by Pinecast.

20 Oct 2019

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S1E5 - E05 - I Definitely Saw Everything

Description The day is finally here! Listen in as we reminisce about our time in the Labor and Delivery room - anxiously waiting the arrival of our little guy!Wanna know more? Leave us a comment or question on our Instagram @therealseonset


3 Sep 2019

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S2E4 - Baby numero dos(eon)

Description This baby needs to come out. ASAP. Curious what we're talking about? Press play NOW!

12 Apr 2020

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S2E1 - We're BACK!!!

Description We finally decided to record again after taking a little break. Join us as we catch up on how the end of 2019 was for us as well as new adventures we are starting! Also check us out on IG @therealseonset This podcast is powered by Pinecast.

21 Jan 2020

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S2E3 - Chocolate?!? That ain't chocolate! That's DOODOO Baby!!!

Description Pee, poo and more poo. Also, SIP and quarantine life.

5 Apr 2020

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S1E2 - E02 - The Starter

Description Join in on us reminiscing about the very beginning of parenthood starting with the decision to "do it" for real upto when and how we find out! Plus a new segment!


12 Jun 2019

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