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Welcome to City Harvest! Here you will find the audio version of the messages from the weekend services at CHC. We hope you will be blessed and encouraged by the message from God’s Word. If you have a testimony to share, write to us at info@chc.org.sg.

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Kong Hee: Entering God's Rest (Part 1)

The concept of REST is big in the Bible. At the end of the creation week, God rested. He then created man to live and work in His rest. Jesus says, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matt. 11:28). Yet, in this fast-paced, highly stressful world that we live in today, we find ourselves restlessly trapped on the treadmill of life, worn out by never-ending worry, anxiety and stress. In this 3-part series, adapting from the works of authors like E.W. Kenyon, Kenneth E. Hagin and Bill Winston, Pastor Kong Hee will teach you how to turn a life of overwhelming worry, stress and anxiety into a life of overcoming faith, victory and total rest in God.


21 Feb 2018

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Paul Scanlon: The Adjustment Bureau

You believe God is sovereign, but do you sometimes think He gets the little things mixed up? Paul Scanlon preaches this eye-opening message based out of Genesis 48:8-20, where Jacob gives the firstborn’s blessing to Joseph’s second-born, Ephraim. Scanlon teaches that it is a mistake to think you need deliverance before you can be fruitful. It is when you are fruitful that your deliverance comes.


18 Jun 2018

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Kong Hee: God Empowers the Consecrated

If you have ever felt that you’re good enough, not smart enough, not brave enough, not gifted enough—the good news is this: You are the perfect candidate for God’s purpose! You don’t have to be qualified for God’s call, but when He does call, how should we respond? Find out what it takes to consecrate yourself for the call of God.

1hr 15mins

17 May 2018

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Sun Ho: Seeing God's Face (Heaven's Culture in CHC Part 1)

What is the DNA of CHC? What culture do we want to build in CHC? As co-founder of the church, Sun Ho distills CHC's mission statement into 4 core values: Encounter God; Cultivate Purpose; Experience Family; Make A Difference (E.C.E.M.). In this sermon, Sun focuses on how to "Encounter God" and how to embrace heaven's culture of seeing God's face. As you contend for your face-to-face moments with God, you will experience His transformative presence and power in your life!

1hr 16mins

24 Sep 2018

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Kong Hee & Sun Ho: Relationship Builders (Part 4) – Gridlock to Dialogue

Are you experiencing a gridlock situation where you and your spouse seem to be stuck in a frutrating situation going nowhere? The way to cope with an unsolvable problem is to move the gridlock to a dialogue. Learn how you can solve issues with your spouse without criticism and sarcasm, and dialogue your way to a fulfilling marriage.


24 May 2018

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Derek Dunn: Sifting For Shifting

God will sift a Christian before He shifts him into position for His call. In this sermon, Derek Dunn, senior pastor of City Harvest Church US in Orange County, explains the "wilderness" period that every believer will encounter in his life. It is a time to renew one's mind—one can only level up when one's thinking changes, then one can come up to a new level of authority and anointing. When a believer's mind moves from darkness into light, the Holy Spirit brings illumination, revelation and transformation to him It's not good enough to come out of Egypt—the important thing is to enter the Promised Land.


31 Jul 2018

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Kong Hee: The Secret Place

The Bible says that he who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty (Ps 91:1-2). A secret place experience is where you can spend time in His presence, free from interruption to connect heart to heart with Him. Do you have a secret place with the God? Find out how to discover your secret place and what experiences await you when you take time to enter into communion with the Almighty God.

1hr 17mins

26 Jul 2018

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Sun Ho: The Kingdom Is Within Us

Where is the Kingdom of God? The Kingdom of God is within you, the believer (Luke 17:21). In this sermon, Sun Ho focuses on this astounding, life-changing truth. As we contend for more of the kingdom, the kingdom that is within us will overflow out of us to permeate, affect and change our circumstances.

1hr 27mins

27 Aug 2018

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Phil Pringle: Hope

How can we have hope, in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations? Phil Pringle breaks down Roman 8:28 to show us that God doesn’t promise us that the Christian life will be a bed of roses. Rather, despite the circumstances, we can have hope that “all things work together for good”. God has a destiny for every believer, but the mind is the battlefield for this destiny. What is our defense? Put on the helmet of hope!


20 Aug 2018

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Phil Pringle: Love God

What does it mean to be "the called"? Every believer is called by God but as the Bible says, few are chosen. Phil Pringle continues his deep dive into Romans 8:28, in this second and last part of his message. Our lives are designed for a specific purpose, so don't waste your life doing what you are not called to do.


21 Aug 2018

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Sun Ho: Favor Gained, Favor Lost, Favor Regained


6 Feb 2018

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Bobby Chaw: Numbers 8 – The Golden Lampstand


29 Jan 2018

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Bobby Chaw: Numbers 12 – Honor vs Grumbling

Bobby Chaw continues his study of Numbers in this sermon, which looks at the story of Moses and his siblings Aaron, the high priest, and Miriam, a prophetess in Numbers 12. His older brother and sister began to compare themselves to their little brother, who had a special calling from the Lord and was the one the Israelites saw as their leader. Envy downplays everything that is positive about oneself and others, even one's God-given gifts and talents; envy is destructive because it prevents a believer from seeing the truth. The cure for envy is honor: to honor someone is to esteem him better than oneself (Phil. 2:3).

1hr 6mins

30 Jul 2018

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Kong Hee: Enlarging Your Capacity (Part 1)

God wants to bless us and anoint us to lead successful lives. But do we have the inner capacity to receive, contain, withstand and produce all that God wants to give us? Do we have the capability to deal with issues in life that come our way? Kong Hee takes us through five keys to increasing our inner capacity and seeing increase and multiplication in our lives.


28 Jun 2018

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Kong Hee: Fireproof Your Faith (Part 4) – Holy Spirit

When you are going through a crisis, your faith in God is hit the hardest. The devil wants to shipwreck your faith and cause you to lose faith in Jesus. How can you and I fireproof our faith in God? The key is in the Holy Spirit. He is our Helper. Find out how the Holy Spirit can help you to tide through the storm, give you hope and energize you in the midst of your crisis, and how you can emerge victorious in Christ!

1hr 7mins

16 Aug 2018

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Kong Hee: Transformed by Worship

The goal of worship is to be transformed into the image of the One who is being worshipped. Just as Jesus was transformed on the Mount of Transfiguration after spending time with His heavenly Father, we too can take on the nature and likeness of God as we spend time in His presence, permeated in His fragrance. Find out what it takes to experience this transformational worship.


21 Jun 2018

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Aries Zulkarnain: Hezekiah Syndrome

Our God is a transgenerational God—He rules and reigns over generations that come after us. In this sermon, Aries Zulkarnain establishes the important roles that parents and children have to play in ensuring that faith and anointing are carried down from generation to generation. The greatness of a family, a church, a culture is determined by longevity, sustainability and continuity. Zulkarnain lists three key ways to continue the revival for generations.


9 Jul 2018

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Kong Hee: Holy Spirit Without Measure

As believers, we need the Holy Spirit in all His fullness, without measure. We relate to God as our Father, and Jesus as our Lord and Savior. How do we relate to the Holy Spirit?Discover symbols/emblems throughout the Bible that reveal the person of the Holy Spirit—who He is and what He is like—and encounter the Holy Spirit in your life today!

1hr 29mins

4 Oct 2018

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Kong Hee: Your Presence is Heaven

We’ve often wondered, what is heaven like? The Bible says that heaven is real, but it cannot be defined only as a physical place. We can experience heaven right here on earth because heaven is really the presence of Jesus; wherever Jesus is, that’s where heaven is. Kong Hee shares how we can enter right into Jesus’ glorious presence.

1hr 1min

6 Sep 2018

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Bobby Chaw: Numbers 10 – Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines get us to the place where divine change can happen. In his message, Bobby Chaw teaches that two elements work together toward this transformation: God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. He draws from Numbers 10 to discuss four key spiritual disciplines that help Christians finish their race well.


4 Jun 2018

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