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The Balanced, Beautiful and Abundant Show- Rebecca Whitman

My name is Rebecca Whitman, and I am a Success Mentor. I believe there are SEVEN pillars of success; Your spirituality, fitness, emotions, romance, mental, social, and finally your financial life. When you get all seven areas in alignment, you are Balanced, Beautiful and Abundant! This show covers all of these areas with interviews with key experts. My mission is to support you in achieving work/life BALANCE so you can have more FUN and FREEDOM! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @rebeccaewhitman DM me for a FREE Balance Assessment Quiz. To join the FB group, Balanced, Beautiful, Abundant, click here...https://www.facebook.com/groups/1246033455784845/?ref=share

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How to heal your Blind Spots with Tiffany Cano

Many empathic, sensitive, and spiritual souls hire Tiffany to help them discover their blind spots and heal their deep core wounds because most are subconsciously guarded, overwhelmed, soak up other people’s negativity which affects their health, finances, and relationships. So she helps you to be more clear and trust your intuition, feel safe to take confident and empowered action, and own your sense of Self. Bottom line, Tiffany gets you aligned and congruent so that you feel more loved, seen, heard, understood, safe, and like you belong! For more information go to...https://www.rebeccaelizabethwhitman.com/https://linktr.ee/rebeccaewhitmanTop 5% ranked podcast globally is https://balancedbeautifulabundant.buzzsprout.com/To learn where you are in/out of BALANCE, take this FREE quiz:https://newyearnewyousummit.com/quiz​​My Instagram is https://instagram.com/rebeccaEwhitman​​My Twitter is https://twitter.com/rebeccaewhitman


20 May 2021

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How to Become an EMOTIONAL NINJA in Business with Micaela Passeri

MICAELA PASSERI is an Award-Winning Emotional Intelligence and Business Performance Coach, International Speaker, Author.With over 20 years of experience building 6 and 7 figure businesses, Micaela puts her business degree, experience, and many certifications to use reprogramming purpose-driven entrepreneurs' emotional money story, so they can open their heart to more financial abundance with strategic monetization and sales structure implementation.  She uses her proprietary technique of marrying business ROI planning with emotional subconscious release work. In essence, her clients transform into #EmotionalNinjas from stuck, stagnant, and unfulfilled to happy, liberated, hopeful, and healed.Micaela firmly believes that business success is directly tied to an individual's ability to free themselves from the emotional ties of the past.  Their emotional intelligence level and their ability to manage their emotions in all areas of life is the predictor of their income, success, and expansion.Her work has helped hundreds of clients boost self-confidence, tap into inner wisdom, increase productivity, banish anxiety, demotivation, and crippled momentum, cure business stagnation and monetize their business to six figures and beyond.  She is also the Global Woman Club Director for Los Angeles and sits on the Board of the Ocean Conservancy Daana Blue.What we discussed:How to become an emotional Ninja.What are some common limiting beliefs around money?Can you be wealthy and not emotionally healed?How you can overcome burn out by celebrating the wins and time managementEvent Link: www.TheMoneyBreakthough.comwww.facebook.com/bubolawww.linkedin.com/in/micaelapasserihttp://www.instagram.com/micaelapasseri1For more information go to...https://linktr.ee/rebeccaewhitman


20 May 2021

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How to not Fear Rejection with Brionne Davis

Brionne Davis (Davel) is an actor, director, speaker, and transformational mentor. He is best known for his leading role in the Oscar-Nominated Feature from Colombia  EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT (Amazon Prime, Hulu) for best foreign-language film. The film captured audiences across the globe in 2016-2017 winning the Sundance Alfred Sloan Award and Cannes Directors Fortnight among other international accolades. You can see him in CastleRock season 1, Ray Donavan, Narcos Mexico, and various films across streaming platforms.  Brionne's unpredictable character-based career has led him to stages, panels, and sets across the globe. Hearing the call to inspire audiences and to mentor artists into the bold committed action and into "possibility". With a life full of epic stories as evidence he is grateful to be utilizing the gift of his platform to continue the movement forward into progress, possibility, global unity, and empowerment for all. For more information on Brionne Davis please visit the link below:www.brionnedavisglobal.comInstagram @brionnedavisTwitter @brionnedavisFaceBook https://www.facebook.com/BrionneDavisActorDirectorSpeakerWhat we discussed:How he got into actingWhy story telling is so important to himHow to handle rejectionHow he got a role in an Oscar nominated filmWhat it was like to grow up gay in Paris, TexasHow teaching acting has made him a better transformational coachWhat he learned from hosting "Unleash the Creative Beast Within" Summithttps://linktr.ee/rebeccaewhitman


14 May 2021

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How to Achieve More by Doing Less with Jackie Palfi

Jackie Palfi is a Danish-Hungarian Psychologist, Mindset Trainer, and Podcaster. She is the founder and CEO of Palfi Vision, a personal development company guiding people to design and build a full-spectrum life that they are absolutely in love with. Through her speaking and coaching, she has helped hundreds of people to do more, be more, and have more in all areas of life.What we discussed in this podcast;What does a full spectrum life look like?Does hard work equal success?How to make a bigger impact by doing less.Working with masculine or feminine energy.Feeling expanded vs contractedHer evening ritualHow to stay calm95% of our behavior is habitual https://www.jackiepalfi.com/dreambuilderPodcast: https://www.jackiepalfi.com/podcastFB Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/184360436879974Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackiepalfi/Website: https://www.jackiepalfi.com/https://linktr.ee/rebeccaewhitman


14 May 2021

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Overcome Limiting Beliefs with Janeen Vosper

For over 20 years, Janeen Vosper worked as the General Manager of Sales for a successful multi-million-dollar business, coaching high-performing commission-based sales teams.She established her coaching business, Speech Perfect in 2007 to provide the tools to empower people to possess the confident voice of self-belief.Keynote speaker, host of the We Are Women Podcast, and author of two books, Janeen’s coaching includes online training programs, private coaching, and group seminars. Having presented workshops in many countries around the world, Janeen has also represented her country at International speaking contests. https://janeenvosper.com/♦️How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs♦️How to Create an Authentic Brand Online♦️How to Shift your Sales Paradigm ♦️3 Steps to Customer Engagement ♦️What is her SPEAK Method of Coaching https://linktr.ee/rebeccaewhitmanRebecca Whitman www.rebeccaElizabethwhitman.com


28 Apr 2021

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High-Performance Habits of a former Kansas City Chief Justice Shelton Mosley

Justice is a Harvard Class of 2019 graduate who became one of the university’s greatest kick returners and wide receivers.He continued his football career at Vanderbilt before playing for the Kansas City Chiefs.He currently works in investment banking for Goldman Sachs.Show notes:-He wanted to be a professional bass fisherman, not an NFL player when he grew up.-He knows that failure is a part of success and loves what he learns from mistakes.-He is motivated to live each day to the fullest and do the best he can.-The reality of racism in the United States and how he deals with it.-He maintains the same workouts he did while he playing professional football.-He mixes up weight lifting with HIIT training and running.-He prioritizes his exercise despite his hectic work schedule.You can stay in touch with him on Linked In, Instagram, or watch the podcast he co-hosts.For more information go to his Instagram:@justice_sheltonmosley and the podcast is @momentumtruck on IG.


17 Apr 2021

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Keelin Siobhán Clark is the owner of Liberty Empowerment, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by getting them confident and profitable, in front of the camera.Keelin is also the host of two live online shows, Planet Liberty and Mystical Mornings. Keelin is committed to liberating humanities creativity, via powerful coaching and short videos focused on Business, Empowerment, and Equal OpportunitiesFor her FREE confident on camera guide:https://keesio.kartra.com/page/creatingvideosthatsell


10 Apr 2021

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How to be Happy No Matter What with Dannie De Novo

Dannie De Novo is the internationally bestselling author of the book Get in a Good Mood & Stay There. Her next book, Stripping Down Happy (launching March 20, 2021), is co-authored along with MMA Gold Medal Champion Jenae Noonan, with whom Dannie co-hosts the successful podcast FireFight. Dannie is a happiness and success coach who regularly appears on ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS TV as an expert on creating happiness, combating loneliness, and managing children’s, adolescents', and adults' fear and anxiety. She has successfully helped students, athletes, entrepreneurs, consultants, designers, political candidates, lost souls, and even parents attain the success and happiness they had been so doggedly trying to achieve but continually failed to do so without the help of Dannie’s strategic coaching.Show notes-How to go through tough times and still be happyHow to process negative emotionsHer new podcast FirefightHow to manage anxietyHer new book "Stripping Down Happy"Happiness is a decisionFor more info go to www.danniedenovo.com


16 Mar 2021

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Morgyn Danae : How to Dance Away Your Pain!

My story and studies began as a “wounded healer” whosetraining and experience also included the necessity of self-love and self-healing which I teach to others. My original vision in 1997 was to offer dance as a healing art and bodywork to support women to heal themselves and their centers in the divine feminine way. My commitment as a practitioner, conscious performer, and choreographer, is to model and embody this healing with the intention to support and encourage others. My personal healing journey began in earnest at 23-years old, in 1991. I sought help from holistic practitioners and then a spiritual guide to heal personal trauma (spiritually and physically), a dysfunctional relationship, and serious spiritual, emotional, and low back pain. At 27, I began professional healing studies. At 28-years-old, I started performing belly dance and teaching it as a healing art for women.I was studying and practicing Chi Nei Tsang (aka CNT or Integrated Internal Organ Massage), a Chinese Taoist healing art, and “Unwinding the Belly” with Allison Post. This included belly massage, breath, and energy work. I worked with family and friends helping them heal trauma and abuse, scar tissue, and digestive issues. I then went on to continue my recovery and professional journey/studies/practice for the next 25+ years in dance, functional & corrective exercise, bodywork, and overcoming mental illness. I have come full circle with a complimentary, interdisciplinary approach to support my original vision in 2021 and beyond.Show notes;What does the Divine Feminine have to do with healing someone from trauma?How dance, music and percussion are healing arts?What self-love, self-care and trauma recovery look like.How nature has the power to heal.What are mental health lifestyle and holistic recovery?


16 Mar 2021

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How to Sing your way to Happiness : Rush Dorsett

Rush Dorsett is a Voice Coach, Sound Healer, and Performing Artist who supports ambitious creatives in awakening their authentic voice, embodying their power and freeing their self-expression through her EmbodiedVoice method. What lights her up is seeing her clients connect with the power of their authentic voice, release fears around self-expression, and find freedom and joy in their voice! She received her Master's degree in Voice Science and Performance from New England Conservatory, her B.A. in Psychology and Music from Washington University in St. Louis, sound healing certifications from the Divine Resonance Center in Asheville, NC, and she is also a certified YogaVoice® facilitator. She is passionate about sharing sound healing, music and voice work as tools for self-realization.Rush's Free Gift Link: Vocal Vinyasa practice for aligning the chakras https://rushdorsett.com/vocal-toning-for-aligning-the-chakrasYou can email Rush at rush@rushdorsett.com to receive a free Vocal Alignment session


15 Mar 2021

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