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Episode 5

In this week's episode, we talk to Scott Siepker about his Catch DSM videos, Des Moines: The S's are Silent.


6 Sep 2019

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Episode 6

In this week's episode we talk with Bob Swanson, Regional Manager for Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC). CSC handles security for Iowa Events Center facility and events, Iowa State and Iowa Athletics, and many Central Iowa festivals and events.


19 Sep 2019

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Episode 4


29 Aug 2019

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Episode 3


29 Aug 2019

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Episode 17

On episode 17 of the Iowa Entertainment Conversation we have special guest Chris Cuellar! Chris is the Communications Director for the Iowa High School Athletic Association. We discuss wrestling and basketball state tournaments and get an inside look on what goes on this week at Wells Fargo Arena. 


19 Feb 2020

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Episode 15

Episode 15 of the Iowa Entertainment Conversation. In this episode, we discuss KXNO layoffs, Drake University's new basketball uniforms, and a very special concert announcement! UPDATE: After recording today's episode, iHeart Media announced that they have re-hired all on-air talent that was let go earlier this week. We applaud iHeart Media for this decision and look forward to hearing everybody back on the air.


16 Jan 2020

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Episode 12

In episode 12, we talk to Todd Frederickson, President of the Iowa Wild, about hockey, concerts, and a new taco place.


21 Nov 2019

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Episode 11

In this weeks episode, we talk to Barb Preuss from Des Moines Performing Arts about their winter events coming up, what they do with Cowles Commons in the summer, and even her experience at the Beer, Wine and Food Expo 


15 Nov 2019

Rank #8

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Episode 10

In this weeks episode, we talk to Andrea AceBey about the Des Moines Holiday Boutique thats here this weekend.  Hear about what you can expect to find, where to park, and our favorite gifts available this weekend.


31 Oct 2019

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Episode 9

In this episode, we talk to Brian Hixenbaugh, General Manager of Xtream Arena and GreenState Family Field House.  He talks about where they're at in the project, what restaurants they're going to have, and how excited they are!


25 Oct 2019

Rank #10