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This is the place where we talk about authenticity, anxiety, and what happens when we decide to stop acting. With Lisa Jakub - author, mental health advocate, mindfulness educator, and former child actor from some movies you might still have on VHS in your basement.

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Anxiety and depression and how to make life just a little easier

This is the topic that so many people have been asking me for. In this episode, I talk about my experience with anxiety and a panic disorder, and I also cover some of the most helpful tools that I have for managing anxiety and depression.  Here are some of the links: Insight Timer - download this free app and search for my name for guided meditations My workshops on anxiety management Doctor’s letter for starting the conversation about anxiety/depression Sun Salutation A - description of a simple practice you can do anytime. My YouTube yoga class The theme song is called “Beautiful” from the band Red Bird. Check them out live in Portland, Oregon, or online at RedBirdBand.com


18 Sep 2018

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